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About Me

So what's up with the title?

My husband jokes with me about my biceps since I started working out. I protest saying you can't see them unless I flex. His response: Where's the Beach [flex] The Beach is This Way.

About the me and the blog:

I am a late-30 something year old living in the South - the land of meat and potatoes. I have both a BA and MA in Professional and Technical Writing. I am also an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and RRCA Certified Running Coach and owner of Where's the Beach Fitness, LLC.

I have always had a passion for writing and it is indeed my career. This blog allows me to indulge in a few of my passions like writing, exercising, and cooking. My blog is about getting fit, staying fit, eating right, and hitting the beach! Since I can't hit the beach as often as I'd like, it's mostly about fitness, food, and my life

I never thought of myself as particularly athletic. I also never recognized how active I truly was until I realized how inactive some are. I guess I have always taken activity for granted. I started off in gymnastics, which was definitely not my talent. In the 5th grade, my dear friend took ballet and convinced me to take a class. From the moment I placed my hand on that ballet barre I was in love with ballet.

I simply loved ever single thing about ballet. I loved that it was very scheduled and uniform. I loved the way I felt when the music filled the room and moved. I was no longer shy and reserved and scared. I took ballet, and even taught, for well over 20 years. Eventually, it started to become more and more difficult to find advanced adult classes that could fit into a full-time work schedule.

Not dancing meant that I needed to find another outlet. I was never an athlete; I have asthma and could never run more than half a mile. But I started to take medication daily and was able to build up my endurance. I started walking on the treadmill then incorporated run/walk intervals until I was able to easily run 3 miles. My sister also introduced me to workout DVDs. I bought myself an aerobic step and some hand weights.

Now I run - 8 half marathons down - bike, do kickboxing, and lift weights. I love how empowering running can be and how lifting weights can totally reshape the body. My goal is to share my passion for fitness and hopefully inspire others.

I am passionate about food. I am vegetarian and love to cook and try out new recipes. I know that there are so many misconceptions out there about what being vegetarian or vegan means. One goal is to show that just because a recipe is vegetarian or vegan, doesn't mean that a meat-eater won't enjoy it. I take pride in trying to eat as healthy as possible to fuel my body for my workouts, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a nice slice of pizza. Balance is key.

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Plantar Fasciitis Woes & Way to Go Wednesday Shout Outs

I wanted to thank everyone again for your many congratulations on completing and getting a PR at my recent half marathon. The support and words mean so much to me.

My legs feel absolutely fine after the race. I could have run yesterday if it weren't for my left foot. So right now I'm trying to heal my left foot. I mentioned that I've been having problems with plantar fasciitis in that foot and that it was the cause of much pain during the race. Since the race, I've been unable to walk on it very well. Lots of hobbling going on.

I've been icing it and trying to keep it elevated. But, I noticed that it's started to get some bruising, not horrible, but worrisome. Not sure if it's better or worse for it to be discolored vs red and swollen. However, this could be indicitive of a tear.
But, my bigger concern with the bruising is that indication that there's been bleeding. Being on Xarelto for the blood clot means my blood doesn't clot very well these days…

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What Happened Last Night?
This morning I woke up first at 6:20 when Maddie decided she wanted out of her kennel and to be downstairs. The second time was 8:09 when Heath decided he wanted out of his kennel and downstairs to eat. I won't like, I would like to (needed to) have slept another two hours. It was a little slow going after last night.

Sign of a good party would be my first tweet of the day:  I'm thinking there is a bird in the house...what the hell happened last night???

Yep, found bird poop where bird poop most definitely should not be. Still have not found said bird however.

It should go without saying that last night was a total blast. It was so fun having everyone just be relaxed and comfy in jammies. I am not known for letting loose often, but I definitely went with it last night. There was a bit (lot) of wine consumed, pizza devoured and even some dancing.

Let's Have Coffee

If you're a regular blog reader, I'm sure you've seen similar posts, scenarios if you will, about what we might chat about or what I might say if we sat down and had coffee together.

I think these can be fun. Maybe fun isn't the right word choice exactly. But maybe it is? They're transparent, showing who the blogger really is ... if they're being honest of course. It's not often you truly get to sit down with the person behind the blog.

If we were to have coffee together ...

I would first let you know that I'm not a super fan of coffee. I drink mine with hot cocoa and it's mostly out of habit rather than the need for caffeine. I could forgo it on the weekends entirely.

Since we're talking coffee, I would also let you know that I've never ordered coffee from Starbucks and only once from a true coffee shop. I've only been into 2 Starbucks shops - the original in Seattle and one in town where I ordered a bottle of tea when meeting a friend. …