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Pre- and Post-Workout Ramblings

Thoughts Pre-Workout
I'm not sure what's going on with me, but my motivation level is waning in a major way. Like today, I want to go do spin, and I also really want to get biceps, triceps, back done. But, I'm sitting here thinking I'd much prefer to do absolutely nothing. Not even mess with turning on the TV. My great grandmother called days like this her "Blue Day." I've been having a few more Blue Days here lately. Shouldn't I be really happy this time of year? I have a great deal to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband, great job, fabulous boss, loving family, roof over my head, my health, and so much more. I keep blogging about being grateful, finding motivation, etc. Apparently my body and mind are not connecting very well. I'm a total hypocrite.

I just keep thinking that I really have no valid reason to not go workout. I know I'll feel better, or that's usually what happens I should say. It's not even that I'm super sleepy. I just don't want to do a darn thing...period. I'm pretty determined though and plan on getting it done. I know that once I get to the gym and get going, it'll all be OK. It's just the getting there that's starting to get to be difficult. I thought part of the problem was boredom with my routine. Maybe it's much more.

Thoughts Post-Workout
Well, as I assumed, once I got going with the workout, I was fine. I pushed myself pretty hard with weights. I did the same Slow & Heavy rep patterns as yesterday for biceps, triceps, and back repeating each exercise 3 times.

  • Assisted pullups 
  • Double arm rows - 6 up, 2 down
  • Dumbbell pullovers - 2 down, 6 up
  • Seated triceps extension - 2 down, 6 up
  • Lying triceps extensions - 2 down, 6 up
  • Double arm kickbacks - 6 up, 2 down
  • Dumbbell curls - 6 up, 2 down
  • Hammer curls - 6 up, 2 down
  • Barbell curls - 6 up, 2 down
  • Wrist curls (over and under handed)
Spin today was with a new instructor, so it was completely different and VERY leg intensive. He had us get off the bike to do static squats for 1 minute (3 times). I probably didn't push quite as hard as I could or should have, but I still pushed myself nonetheless.

So, maybe it's just the winter blues? Maybe it's over training on an intensity scale rather than a time/amount spent scale. I really don't know for sure. Right now I'm feeling pretty good, a little exhausted, but that's to be expected. It's been a long day. Work at 7am, weights, and spin. Haven't been home for more than about 30 minutes all day. Time to eat and relax.


  1. I would guess that you may be a little stressed from trying to get everything done for the holidays. I know many women that get blue this time of year.

    Good for you for going to gym even though you didn't want to!


  2. Alicia you're probably right about the stress part. Even if that isn't all of it, it's a huge part. Family drama, shopping mayhem, getting the house ready/decorated/cleaned, did I mention drama??? LOL. The gym is good "me" time at least. I don't allow much of that.

  3. Heather,

    I get the feeling that we are both perfectionists from some of your posts. I used to get very stressed over the holidays which was why I mentioned it.

    BTW, we all have family drama. It is just part of the holiday. When you sit back and observe it, versus worrying about it, it can actually be pleasant. Now I find it entertaining instead of annoying.

    have a great day,

  4. Ok, I have to say, and I HATE to say it too (because then I feel like a hypocrite!!) - but I think you may be leaning towards overtraining and your body is trying to tell you to rest up. I'm thinking you might not just need one rest day but maybe even *gasp* two rest days?? Can you handle that?? (insert hypocrite here - I know it would be hard for me to do, too).

  5. I definitely get the winter blues too, and I'm also very hesitant to take a break day. I feel like I always freak out a little if I don't exercise for one or two days in a row, but you know, sometimes that's what your body wants.

    I think the pressure can be even harder when you see others exercising super hard every day (ahem, blog world)...but you know, all the experts advise against that! Plus, every time I force myself to take a break for a few days, I can definitely feel the way it affects my body-- I feel so refreshed and ready to GO when I pick my workout back up.

  6. Jessica I may not be able to handle 2 consecutive days off, but I think I may try taking more than 1 rest day a week - huge gasp!!!! I'm glad someone out there understands me! LOL

  7. Anna I know you're right. It's just so hard. Crazy huh? Some people never exercise and others can't seem to allow themselves a break. I think part of my problem is that every workout is really intense. I need to learn steady-state, low intensity rather than all or nothing, balls to the walls. Hope your calves are getting better by the way!

  8. That's so awesome that you got yourself there even when feeling blue. I bore easily and have to keep mixing up my workouts or I'll get into a gym funk myself. Maybe try a completely new type of class, or even something outside the gym like rock climbing or swimming. But absolutely DO NOT feel hypocritical or bad for feeling a little down sometimes. Even if this is suppose to be a "jolly" time of year, it can get overwhelming and it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. The shear fact that you got to the gym despite all of that is impressive and inspiring!

  9. Alyson ( thank you for the kind words. I was just thinking that it'd be nice to get out and go hiking. Maybe that's part of the problem. All summer my husband and I got to run outside, now everything is indoors. I am enjoying spin at least. I've been doing that consistently for a about a month and a half. Of course, that could be a problem too - just get into a routine b/c I enjoy it so much then it turns into an immediate rut. I am trying to do some things differently, like weights sans DVDs. I'll figure it out! Thanks for popping over here.


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