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Perfect Chili & Cornbread Weather

Today I got up and did Shock Cardio Athletic Step. I'm enjoying that one. It's not terribly long, but it's a good, fun cardio workout.

The ice prevented mom and sister from being able to make it to my house today. The baby shower I was supposed to go to also got canceled. Today was a regularly scheduled grocery store day, of all times of course. The roads were slushy and passable. Of course, there are still the a$$holes hauling butt like nobody's business. We didn't make all stops, but did make it by Whole Foods.

I should have been more productive around the house. It's not like I don't have plenty of chores (and doggy tumbleweeds) staring me in the face. I did eek out a few loads of laundry at least and played around in the kitchen. I made up some Eggplant Patties using my Japanese eggplants. I made up the thick cashew cream for the free-form ravioli that I had planned on making tonight. Unfortunately, since we didn't make it to all of our intended grocery stops, I didn't have the fresh basil that I needed for the ravioli. So it was on to Plan B. Chili and cornbread. My blogger buddy Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean had posted about making chili on cold, snowy days and mentioned a cornbread recipe that uses quinoa. She found it in the latest flyer from Whole Foods. I actually picked up that flyer today, so decided to try that recipe myself. Plus, chili really did sound so perfect for this cold, icy evening. The Quinoa Cornbread from Whole Foods made 16 servings. I not only halved, but used a buttermilk substitution. I did, however, use an egg as I am not really comfortable with baking substitutions for eggs just yet. Here's my version.

Quinoa Cornbread
3 cups corn flour
1/2 cups cooked quinoa
1 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup rice milk plus 1 tsp white vinegar or lemon juice
1 large egg
1/8 cup cooked quinoa (for topping)

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a large bowl, stir together flour, 1/2 cup cooked quinoa, baking soda and salt until combined, breaking up any lumps of quinoa, if needed. In a second bowl, whisk together rice milk and vinegar and eggs, add to flour mixture. Add in diced jalapenos and chili powder and stir just until combined. Transfer batter to baking dish sprayed with non-stick spay, spread out evenly and then scatter remaining 1/8cup quinoa over the top. Bake until cooked through and golden brown around the edges, about 30 minutes.
 I will admit that is was not my favorite cornbread. I am used to a slightly sweeter cornbread, and this was anything but. It had a nice denseness and the texture was fine. It was a little on the bland side, however, even after my addition of jalapenos and chili powder. If I do make this again, I will cook the quinoa in vegetable stock. I will also add either agave nectar or unsweetened applesauce. Never the less, it never hurts to try something new.


  1. Quinoa cornbread!? You are on a roll with these recipes, Heather!!

    I made a pumpkin cornbread over Thanksgiving and it disappeared WAY too fast. I'm sort of hesitant to make cornbread of any kind now. HOWEVER that chili pairing is making my snowy booty crave some!

  2. Heather,

    Glad your cornbread was more successful than mine. Learned my lesson not to change half the recipe all at one time. I was clearly a little too cocky tonight.

    Sorry your weekend plans got trashed by the weather.

    I have cat tumbleweeds rolling by at my house as I type this. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. And those cats will continue to shed so the tumbleweeds will be here for another decade or so. ;)


  3. Wow, quinoa cornbread sounds interesting! I don't think I ever would have thought of that! I, like you, like sweeeeet cornbread though. ;)'

    What all goes in to your eggplant patties?

  4. Wow, that cornbread is really intriguing with the cooked quinoa....but too bad it was bland. Perhaps if you've toasted the quinoa first?

  5. I was so in the mood for chili and cornbread last night but you posted this way after I went to bed! Stupid time zones! haha

    Well, I'm making Quinoa for the first time tonight with some salmon and spinach. I think that I will take your advice and make it with veggie stock instead of water.

    Stay warm!

  6. Allie @ Live Laugh Eat pumpkin cornbread sounds yummy! Maybe a little pumpkin in this one would have added just the hint of sweetness it was missing. Stay warm!

  7. Hey Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg it was definitely interesting. Alicia had said where she found the recipe and I had the same flyer so why not right?

    Hi Carrie Nyden ! Thanks for stopping by. I'll post on the eggplants when I actually eat them LOL. I just made them up yesterday since I had the time. Basically it was eggplant, onion, walnuts, spelt flour and spices. Not complicated. I probably should have posted my recipe. LOL. I'm a tease ;-)

  8. Sophia toasting the quinoa is actually a good suggestion. I also should have spiced up the quinoa according to the flavors I expected to get from the cornbread. It's not a total toss-out recipe.

    Hi Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete don't you just hate it when you read an idea after you needed it! LOL. I almost always cook grains in stock so last night was just being lazy I guess. Can't wait to see how your dish turned out.

  9. Hey Alicia maybe we can figure out how to make this cornbread work one way or another! With our two cocker spaniels, I have no grandiose vision that the house will ever be tumbleweed free! I LOVE my Swiffer Vac is all I can say.


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