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Destination: Branson

Friday = Workout Fail
Well, this morning was a Workout Fail. I had every intention of getting up and doing Shock Cardio Athletic Step. I had my step set up, alarm set, ready to go. Unfortunately, insomnia struck along with an achy back. Yesterday my back felt a little tweaked. Not sure if if twas from weights or the way I had slept. It worked itself out throughout the day, and I completely forgot about it. However, at 3:15 am when my eyes popped open and I rolled over, ouch. Then my mind started working over time planning what needed to be done for today to get ready for our trip to Branson, MO.

I finally dozed off around 4:40 only to wake again at 5:07. I started to go ahead and get up, but my back was really not feeling right. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the back I think. So I just tried to lie flat on my back (I'm a stomach sleeper so this was not easy) until I finally got up just after 6. I tried though. The condo we're staying at does have a gym, so I can get in runs on Saturday and Sunday. I haven't run in about two weeks, so this probably works out better in the long run (no pun intended).

Friday = Frenzied Planning

So, Branson... Anyone been there? It's the mecca of outlet malls and campy shows. I'll be hitting the malls, not the shows. This will only be my second trip up there actually. My dad and step-mother have a time share, so the condo is free for us and really nice. They'll be joining us tomorrow. Since we will have a full kitchen, we'll bring food for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. I'm sure we'll end up eating out at least once, but will be prepared to eat in if we choose. I had thought about making dinner for everyone Saturday night. But, they may wish to go out to eat instead. Either way, we'll be prepared.

I'm not sure if I'll have Internet access. That kind of stresses me out. I don't want to be MIA! Though, unplugging would probably not hurt one bit. So, in the event that I have no way to blog, I wanted to post about what I am thinking of taking up for meals (dinner at least).

I had plenty of leftover Red Lentil and Tomato Soup that I froze for a quick, easy meal at a later date. I may take that along with Ciabatta Bread and the makings for a salad. I also have some White Cheeseless Queso to bring along. So I was thinking that fajitas would go nicely with that. We may end up having fajitas tonight and soup tomorrow night or for lunch.

I know it sounds like a lot of planning and extra packing, but I really prefer to try to stay on track with my eating even when out of town. I do want to go out and enjoy at least one meal, but it's so much cheaper and healthier to eat in. Plus, being vegetarian has it's limitations often. So, for me, eating in is always going to be a safe bet.

When you go out of town, do you try to find places that have gyms so you can stay on track with your workouts? What about meals? Do you prefer to cook in or go out?


  1. Ooh, I LOVE a good outlet mall :-)

    Enjoy Branson-- I've never been!

  2. Wanted to say hey to a fellow Cathe lover and thanks for stopping by my blog. Have fun on your trip :)

  3. Have an awesome time this weekend! I vote you disconnect for the weekend and write up a recap afterwards, sometimes its good to get out of the "always connected" habit, ya know? I'm gonna TRY to do that too, we'll see if I succeed ;)

  4. Have fun shopping. I love a good outlet mall too!

    When we travel it normally means dinner out, which stresses me out a little since it is never as healthy as my food.

    Gyms are not always an option when traveling abroad so I take my exercise bands and yoga mat and run outside for cardio. I find exercise is easier than food when I am traveling.

    Have fun,

  5. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg I think the outlet mall shopping is definitely the ideal getaway! LOL. Hope you guys are thawing out your way.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Tina @ faithfitnessfun ! You need to check out Jessica at eatdrinkbreathesweat, another Cathelete!

    Jessica @ eatdrinkbreathesweat they do have wifi so I'm not totally disconnected. But, I know I wont't be online all night at least. Let me know how your disconnect goes!! My guess - you'll be about as successful as me! ;-)

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean as my hubby just pointed out as I was typing my reply - I brought one of my ab DVDs. On longer trips, I do bring my resistance bands as well. Always try to be prepared!!! Healthy snacks, ab dvds, resistance bands, I'm set! ;-) (or crazy one!)

  6. When we go on trips we try to find places with kitchens so we can cook in for breakfast and lunch and then have nice dinners. It saves money and it healthier! :)

  7. Hi Kelly we've gotten so used to doing that too. It makes such a difference being able to maintain some sort of normalcy. And the health and money factors are certainly a bonus!

  8. I always look up where I'm going to plan workouts accordingly. Sometimes it works (Seattle), sometimes it doesn't (Baltimore). And naturally I always try to bring my own food but then also enjoy at least one meal out.

  9. Alyson I figured you'd likely try to find a place to workout. I've never gone and tried other gyms, just try to find condos with cardio equipment at the very least and then bring resistance bands. We also bring our own snacks. This weekend wasn't as good for us as it usually is.


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