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Friday - My Weekly Reward

Mandatory Rest Day
Today was my rest day. I'll admit, however, that if the temps had been just a wee bit warmer, I would have snuck in a run at lunch just for the fresh air and sunshine factor. I know, I'm ill-behaved at times.

Curb the Craving
So, I have mentioned that I crave carby snacks after dinner, like graham crackers. I keep whole-grain caramel rice cakes (Mother's is the brand) on hand because they offer just a hint of sweetness, crunch, and are low in calories (these are actually low in sugar and carbs as well so I'm trying to trick myself). However, I could eat the whole bag. I started trying to re-assess my diet, thinking that perhaps I just wasn't eating enough carbs earlier in the day. However, I read an article last week (I am digging around trying to find where on earth I read this, online, blog, or magazine) that mentioned that carb cravings can stem from a diet too low in healthy fats. It all boils down to insulin levels being stabilized (and remember, I am saying all of this and do not have the article to quote or share, I really apologize).

Hmmm...interesting. I started to think about my diet and realized quite quickly, that it is indeed fairly low in fats period. It was never anything intentional, it's just my diet. I use very little olive oil in cooking, having cut out almost all dairy, I lose the fat there, I don't eat fried foods, almost all of my protein would be considered lean (beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh). So I started a little test to see if that might indeed be the problem. I started putting just a smear of almond or peanut butter on my rice cake. Healthy fat plus protein. It has seriously made a tremendous difference in my evening snacking habit. I no longer feel compelled to eat multiple rice cakes or graham crackers just as long as I put that smear of almond or peanut butter on it.

I mention this simply because we all fall into cravings and indulgences. Rather than beat ourselves up, maybe there's a reason why we're prone to that particular compulsion.  Are there any cravings that you're particularly prone to? Like sweets or perhaps salty foods? There just may be a very valid reason.

Freed up Friday

Per my typical Friday post, dinner has yet to be determined. I try to make myself be more free on Fridays and roll with the punches. My husband is likely laughing. I try, seriously. So, I have no menu planned. I have no recipes rolling around in my head. I have nothing marinating, cut up, prepped, etc. We may try to grill out veggie burgers (I have several options lurking in the freezer) with grilled sweet potato "fries." I may opt for Pizza Friday or go way out on a limb and have Thai Friday. But, I'm not stressing about dinner, what it'll be or when it'll be. My plan is to just enjoy the evening and the fact that I can sleep in just a tad bit later tomorrow. Friday is my weekly reward.

Do you reward yourself during the week? Do you have a day or something special you always allow for yourself?


  1. I really struggle with rest days. Do you? I have to force myself to rest at least 1 or 2 days a week. But even on rest days I end up walking a lot. I just have to move!

    My "something special" I do for myself about once a week is zoning out with some Netflix. :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Lisa Eirene @ 110 Pounds and Counting ! I struggle with taking a rest day if I'm not feeling like I need the rest. If I'm super worn out or sore, then the rest day is a blessing. I have to remind myself that the break is necessary and beneficial. Ah, movie day! Nice treat.

  3. I reward myself...every night! Lol...I have something sweet basically every night. I should probably work on that ;-)

    Have a great weekend, girl!

  4. YES, healthy fats are good and almond butter, well, that's just divine, isn't it? NO dairy, really? I couldn't do without my greek yogurt and cottage cheese and stuff! Happy Friday :)

  5. hey pretty chica!! I soooo agree with you on the carb cravings stemming from low fat intake! I have bumped up my fat intake quite a bit to counteract too much weightloss, and it has resulted in my not craving or even being interested in delicious carbs like I was before the fat increase! the human body and it's cravings fascinates me! YA YA for taking a rest will feel great tomorrow during your run! and I hope you and hubby have a great night~! xoxo!

  6. healthy fats are awesome!! increasing my intake has helped a lot!

  7. I had the same problem of carb cravings after dinner when I wasn't eating enough nuts and seeds. Now that make so many nut cheeses that isn't a problem any more. ;-)

    I reward myself regularly but it is normally with non-food things. A new exercise DVD, workout clothes, cookbook that sort of thing. Other than the infrequent pasta or bread desire I don't have foods that I miss. Wish I knew why so that I could pass on the secret.

    talk to you later,

  8. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg I think a daily treat isn't always a bad thing!

    Jolene @ To Be Determined Hope you have an awesome weekend! I haven't totally cut out dairy, but cut back tremendously since Jason found out he was allergic to dairy.

    Lizzy Thanks Chica - hope you have a great weekend too! I know tomorrow I'll feel really good with my workouts. I was really surprised at how the fat intake affected my cravings. I really had not realized how low the intake was. Note to self - pay more attention to eats.

    Hey Fit Lizzio I was really unaware apparently! Huge difference in a very good way. I was never trying to cut out fats either and thought I was being really balanced.

  9. Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean I definitely need to start making more of the nut cheeses to incorporate with salads. I think non-food rewards are great too! Um - shoes!! ;-)

  10. i also have such a sweet/carby cravings after dinner, sometimes an apple can satisfy that craving - other times i have to get some chocolate =)

  11. hehe oh the irony of 'planning' to be relaxed :) Hope you had a great one!

  12. Jasmine @ Sweet and Fit I saw your post about sweet cravings. I actually don't crave chocolate or super sweet, which is probably good, but I want something just a little sweet which is bad b/c it's more like cookies mmmmmm.

    LOL Alyson @ Nourished Fitness I hadn't even thought about it like that. Geez, sad huh?!

  13. yes yes, I agree. I did not incorporate fat into my diet for a few days, then one night I found myself eating 5 or more tbsn of PB fromm a jar. I seriously could not stop! Then I would restrict myself of carbs and go on a carb overload. It's always at night time, sheesh. But yes, I need to incorpate those things throughout too. :)

  14. rest days, what are those? :)
    I dont do them just b/c life is full and exercise is my outlet but i really need to rest more!

    and fat. i made a conscious effort about 3 mos ago to up the intake, coconut oil is my new friend!

  15. today is my rest day from exercise and also my day where i have a treat or whatever my little heart desires. have a great weekend!

  16. Thanks for stopping Angela @ Angela Loves Food ! Why is it always at night??? LOL

    Averie @ Loves Yoga and Veggies I found that once I started lifting a lot heavier and doing really intense cardio, I needed to schedule in those rest days. I need to learn to incorporate a few lower-intensity days! I have not tried coconut oil yet as a fat source, but really need to take a look into that.

    Janetha @ Meals and Moves Hope you enjoyed your rest day and treats too!

  17. I have to make a mindful effort to incorporate more healthy fats into my meals as well. I just don't prefer them to other things. But I agree they are super important.

  18. Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fun and Fitness isn't it amazing how much things like that can affect us without realizing it? Balance Balance Balance!

  19. I'm not a nutritionist/professional/doctor/miscellaneous (well, maybe I'm miscellaneous), but I find that I have fewer cravings in general after eating more higher-fat (but healthy fat) foods. Favorites include coconut butter, tahnini (raw rocks my world), and whipped cream cheese and 2% cottage cheese (if you do dairy, that is).

  20. Hi Betherann I still have not tried coconut butter! I have started trying to consciously add in more healthy fats and agree with you on fewer cravings.


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