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Hill Repeats, Let's Chat, and Stir Fry

Holy Hill Repeats
Ah, another sunny, warm day here. I think I could get used to this! It certainly makes for better moods. This morning I woke up to Jason's alarm repeatedly going off for swim (which he skipped). I was too much awake to try to fall back asleep for an hour, so I got up and did an easier step from Cathe's Low Impact Circuit DVD. There is a cardio only premix that includes 4 step combos. I just did the first 3 then abs from the same disc and stretched. I wanted to keep the intensity on the lower side as Jason and I were planning on hill repeats at lunch. Also, It was nice to do something to get myself moving this morning rather than roll out of bed and rush straight to work. I seriously roll out of bed and am able to be at work within 30 minutes. I eat my breakfast when I get to my desk.

Do you allow yourself time to wake up in the morning before getting ready and rushing of to work? Like enjoy reading the paper over breakfast?

While the weather was sunny and it was warm, it was fairly windy today. Hill repeats sounded better than running into a wall of wind for 3 miles. Plus, I need to amp up my endurance and work on speed as well. It was sort of at HIIT workout in a way. Short but intense. I love to power up hills. I know, I'm not right in the head most days.

Here's what we did: ran for 10 minutes as a warm up, then ran all out, up hill for 20 seconds then jogged or walked back down for 1 min 10 seconds. We did that 8 times then jogged another 5+ minutes as a cool down.

All I can say is - Leg Workout.

Let's Chat
Well, I don't know how you all feel, but I noticed something yesterday after I submitted my post. It (to me) felt rushed. It was all about the workout, the weather, and quick dinner. Not much fun to read I'm sure. For that, I do apologized. The post was not a representation of the day either, rushed. Perhaps I'm over thinking, that's most certainly not out of character for me. I hope that you, as my readers and friends, know how much I appreciate the time you take to read my blog and to post comments (for those who feel the urge). I see the comments as a conversation and I make a very conscious effort to reply to everyone. I don't have so many readers that I can't.

Do you ever stop back and read the comments and my replies? Do you appreciate it when a blogger replies back to your comment or do you see it only necessary if you're posting a question?

Just curious. Again, I love reading your comments and appreciate every one of them. It makes it feel less one-sided. Me: writing; You: reading.

Hot Debate Ends in Stir Fry
Dinner was a much-debated event this evening. Quite frankly, I did not want to cook this evening. We tossed around many ideas. Jason tends to throw out things like potato salad with grilled veggie dogs while I try to go along a healthier alternative. In the end, we settled on Spicy Veggie Stir Fry. We had a spicy stir fry sauce that we used. In a wok we cooked carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, purple cabbage, peas, edamame, zucchini, and Quorn Chik'n Tenders and served over soba noodles. The one thing I love about our wok is that it's completely non-stick so you use virtually no oil to cook the veggies.  


  1. I read back through other people's blogs about 75% of the time...the other times I'm just too rushed!!

    But I always check and really appreciate it if I've asked a question personally.

  2. TOTALLY agree on the comment thing - I think it's important to respond, even with a quick note of thanks for reading, if there isn't much more to say. And I have had points where I've rushed through a post here and there too, it happens. We still love ya ;-) And I still wish I could be the recipe queen you are!!

  3. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg thanks for the reply. I'm just curious what people think about commenting and such.

  4. Yes, Heather, agree - comments and replying back or almost MORE important than the blog post itself. That's the engagement piece of blogging that I LOVE The most - getting to know my blog friends, and having that two-way convo. I love that. And for the record, I enjoy ALL of your posts so don't worry if you felt "off" yesterday ;)

  5. Thanks Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat ! I know that those who have a tone of comments can't possibly comment on every single one. I do like the conversational aspect of commenting though. And I used to be a total lurker!

  6. I did some hills today too. Weather makes my mood so much better also!

  7. I love that you reply to comments! I am trying to get better about that myself. I agree with others that comments are the best part of blogging. I love the comments that you leave on my blog - they always make my day!!

    By the way, I think your post is great. We can't always spend all the time we want, and for me a rushed post is better than no post!

  8. Lurker here! I've come out of hiding to say that I really like your blog style - I find it more conversational from top to bottom than those who just post a question to readers at the end. And I also like how you split it up into workout, eats, rest of day - that's kinda how I think of things, so it works well for me!

    Maybe I'll stay out in the open and comment more often now...

    Alison :)

  9. Oh, and so you know where I came from(!) - via Vegan Epicurean :)

  10. I wake up an hour and 15 minutes before my morning workout (4:45 am) to eat breakfast and let myself "wake up". My workout and ultimately day goes by so much better.

    And I love and appreciate it when people comment on my blog (and other blogs too)!

  11. i never ever come back to read comments on blogs b/c i comment on a good 50 blogs a day and have 200+ in my reader. I am trying to reduce this and so the last thing i ever do is read the replies. That's why i love my commenting system b/c i can indeed email ppl directly and for those that do read the replies, i post a handful on my site but other than that, i use email. Or gasp. Don't reply. It's just too time consuming for me! But great qustions, heather!

  12. Candice @ ChiaSeedMe You're too sweet. Glad to know that my comments can make your day. I love reading your posts.

    April @ The Weight I Am I guess it was just a hill repeat kind of day huh? Is it crazy that I really enjoy them???!!!

    Hi Alison Thanks so much for coming out of hiding ;-) I really appreciate your kind words. Hope to "talk" to you more often!

    Naomi @ The Tao of Me Holy cow - 4:45 AM not PM???? LOL. I totally agree that my morning workouts would be so much better if I woke up early enough to actually wake up rather than dive right in in a daze.

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga I like that you do actually email people though. You have such a huge following there's no way you could reply to everyone. It'd be a full-time job!

  13. To answer both of your questions, NO I don't give myself any time at all in the morning. It's kind of sad! I hope I can break this habit and not be so rushy rushy all the time.

    Also, I always come back to see your replies to my comments. It's not something that I ever started doing on my own blog but I do enjoy it on blogs that do it. :) Keep it up!

  14. I always go back to see if someone responds. I try to respond to my readers as well. I want people to know that I appreciate them!

  15. If I asked a question or something, I go back and read again. I'm unconsistent on my blog - I always reply to comments, but I haven't decided if it's better to email the commenter, or reply in the comments...

  16. I'm up a full 4 1/2 hours before I have to be at work - crazy right? I realized it the other day, I can't believe I spend that much time to make bfast, workout, have a post-workout shake, and get ready for/commute to work. And I still manage to be late!

  17. What a workout!
    I always love reading your blog! It never seems rushed to me. I always take time to read comments. I get so excited that I get any!!
    I am definitely not a morning person. I can snooze up to 3 times. In the morning, I am all about being quick. I get my breakfast ready and clothes laid out the night before.

  18. Sarah @ The Ordinary Vegetarian I too need to learn to stop rushing. Period. Glad to know that you stop back by to read my replies. :-)

    Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly I think it's easy to see that you do care about your readers whether you are responding to each one or just a few. Sometimes you can just tell those sorts of things - like with Averie, if you ever read her blog.

    Allison @ Eat Clean Live Green that's a good question about emailing directly. Sometimes I like to see the replies to what others have asked - if that helps.

    Kelly (sorry there isn't a link to your blog so I can check it out) Sounds like a full morning before you ever even start your work day!!

    Thanks Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian ! I'm with you on the getting excited that someone even commented. Makes my day to see what others have to say. I too get everything ready the night before. Shoes, accessories, outfit, food that I'll be taking, everything. I even set up my workout - like the step or set up the weights if I think I'll get up and get it done.

  19. As an asian...I LOOOOVE stir-fry's!!! Teriyaki is my favorite sauce ever, and even though I hate to fit into the stereotype...*sigh* what can i do, my taste buds don't lie! Your combo looks so awesome!!!

  20. Great post love!!

    When I was working at the j.o.b. I would get up a tad earlier to journal or read. I think it is important to start your day relaxed like that.

    These are great questions! If I have time I will go back to a blog I ask a question on. I am so busy right now, it is hard for me to spend a lot of time with responding to my commenters =....eeek!


  21. Thanks so much for stopping by Michelle @ Lucky Taste Buds ! Do you have a favorite teriyaki sauce recipe? I'd love to know it if you do.

  22. i always read my comments, they get sent traight to my email (which is to my phone) I have it set up that I can individually email the person if they havea Q!

  23. i wish i allowed myself some time in the morning, but i hit snooze like 18 times and then am always late! oh and i never go back to see if the blogger replied to my comment. i am like naomi and if there is a Q i write them back via email!

  24. Kris @ iheartwellness I really need to start the day off slower. Even if I don't enjoy the morning, I should appreciate that I woke up!

    Naomi @ One Fit Foodie Wow, to your phone? Busy lady I bet LOL!

    Janetha @ Meals and Moves My hubby is all about the snooze button. I get up right away, but only because I have not allowed any wiggle room!

  25. I have been seeing alot of soba noodle recipes lately and they are all very different!

  26. Joy @ R3FitShow I really like soba noodles. They have a nutty flavor to them, more of a "bite" than regular pasta.

  27. I don't ever really go back and read the comments sections of blogs. I guess that is why I always communicate either by getting a reply out that comes to the person's email (or at least I hope they do) and also commenting on their blogs. I like the communication and relationship aspect of blogs as well, so I like to give back the love I receive. I always appreciate your comments which is why I enjoy following your blog and commenting often as well. It feels like an actual relationship then. Not one sided. :)

    And that hill repeat workout sounds tough!!!! I love hearing all of these intense workout ideas. Although boo for not being able to do them right now. One day.

  28. Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fun and Fitness the workout was definitely a tough one but sort of fun if you like intervals. Time went quickly that's for sure.

    I appreciate your comments, love reading them just as I really enjoy your blog posts. So glad you you feel like it's more of a relationship than one-sided!

  29. (checking back to see if you responded :) )

    No worries, I don't have a blog, can you imagine how early I'd have to get up to fit that in?!

  30. LOL Kelly. Yep, I responded! It's sort of a habit. You'd just have to stay awake all night at that point I suppose. ;-)


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