Friday, March 19, 2010

Honest Abe Kind of Day

Let There Be Rest
Today was officially a rest day for me. It was hard not to go run at lunch I'll admit. It was even warmer today and the co-worker lunch thing was canceled. It's also supposed to be raining tomorrow then 45 degrees on Sunday. But, I really did need to take the rest day as hard as it was.

Pizza or Taco Salad?
I'm really not sure what dinner will be. I think a taco salad sounds really good, but it is Pizza Friday. Decisions Decisions. I don't mind eating a little later on Fridays because I just try to relax and stop thinking about schedules and when I must get to bed and all of that. So, as has become typical, I'll post my Friday dinner tomorrow.

To Err is to be Heather (Human)
But, you won't get off so easy with a 2-paragraph post! I recently read a post that really spoke to me on many levels. Pure Food Life posted "Let's be Honest Here" and talks about hiding behind words and how easy it is, especially as bloggers, to just tell the readers what we want them to think, or not so much think as in lying, but as in what we truly want for ourselves more than anything. It's like making up our own persona but not divulging the humanity of ourselves, the quirks, errs, slips.

I'm not asking for your personal history, I just want honesty especially for health, fitness, food bloggers. I mean, are they really that healthy ALL the time. They never slip up, ever? Never have a glass too many at happy hour or over indulge in chocolate cake? Never skip a workout? Get my point? I'm not calling anyone a liar by any means so please don't get me wrong there. It just raises the question of how honest are people, including me? I want to believe in people. I want to trust them. I also want to really know who they are. So, I try to be honest with my blog posts. I don't consider myself a food blogger exactly so I don't post all of my eats. If I did, you'd know that I love to snack on carb-laden goodies after dinner. I try to at least make them healthier snacks like caramel whole-grain rice cakes. But I really want a cookie (or 3).

I try very hard to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and never profess to be perfect. I wish I were. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not. I'll readily admit that I enjoy happy hour, pizza, wine, and beer. Does that disqualify me from being healthy? I mostly eat clean, almost to an annoyance for my husband, family, and friends. I love what eating clean has done for me in regards to weight training and how I feel overall. But I still indulge. One thing I've noticed is a creeping guilt that used to not exist. Since blogging, I'll admit that I have often had twinges of guilt for my many Friday Pizza nights and then having pizza again on Saturday. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to order cheese dip because I know that I'll be admitting to it on my next post. I could choose to omit the fact that I ate half a bowl of cheese dip by myself, but I won't. I'll own up. However, I feel guilty because I feel like I'm somehow letting my readers down. Does that make sense? But, I won't lie about it at least or try to hide it. It's who I am love it or leave it (as my dad would say).

I've probably done more rambling than anything. So I apologize if I made no real sense; I haven't even been to happy hour yet! Please read the article for the articulate version LOL. I'll be curious to hear what you think.