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Honest Abe Kind of Day

Let There Be Rest
Today was officially a rest day for me. It was hard not to go run at lunch I'll admit. It was even warmer today and the co-worker lunch thing was canceled. It's also supposed to be raining tomorrow then 45 degrees on Sunday. But, I really did need to take the rest day as hard as it was.

Pizza or Taco Salad?
I'm really not sure what dinner will be. I think a taco salad sounds really good, but it is Pizza Friday. Decisions Decisions. I don't mind eating a little later on Fridays because I just try to relax and stop thinking about schedules and when I must get to bed and all of that. So, as has become typical, I'll post my Friday dinner tomorrow.

To Err is to be Heather (Human)
But, you won't get off so easy with a 2-paragraph post! I recently read a post that really spoke to me on many levels. Pure Food Life posted "Let's be Honest Here" and talks about hiding behind words and how easy it is, especially as bloggers, to just tell the readers what we want them to think, or not so much think as in lying, but as in what we truly want for ourselves more than anything. It's like making up our own persona but not divulging the humanity of ourselves, the quirks, errs, slips.

I'm not asking for your personal history, I just want honesty especially for health, fitness, food bloggers. I mean, are they really that healthy ALL the time. They never slip up, ever? Never have a glass too many at happy hour or over indulge in chocolate cake? Never skip a workout? Get my point? I'm not calling anyone a liar by any means so please don't get me wrong there. It just raises the question of how honest are people, including me? I want to believe in people. I want to trust them. I also want to really know who they are. So, I try to be honest with my blog posts. I don't consider myself a food blogger exactly so I don't post all of my eats. If I did, you'd know that I love to snack on carb-laden goodies after dinner. I try to at least make them healthier snacks like caramel whole-grain rice cakes. But I really want a cookie (or 3).

I try very hard to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and never profess to be perfect. I wish I were. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not. I'll readily admit that I enjoy happy hour, pizza, wine, and beer. Does that disqualify me from being healthy? I mostly eat clean, almost to an annoyance for my husband, family, and friends. I love what eating clean has done for me in regards to weight training and how I feel overall. But I still indulge. One thing I've noticed is a creeping guilt that used to not exist. Since blogging, I'll admit that I have often had twinges of guilt for my many Friday Pizza nights and then having pizza again on Saturday. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to order cheese dip because I know that I'll be admitting to it on my next post. I could choose to omit the fact that I ate half a bowl of cheese dip by myself, but I won't. I'll own up. However, I feel guilty because I feel like I'm somehow letting my readers down. Does that make sense? But, I won't lie about it at least or try to hide it. It's who I am love it or leave it (as my dad would say).

I've probably done more rambling than anything. So I apologize if I made no real sense; I haven't even been to happy hour yet! Please read the article for the articulate version LOL. I'll be curious to hear what you think. 


  1. I LOVE this post! It's so true. I think people CAN hide behind their words just to "look" or "act" the fitness blogger part (or whatever kind of blogger you're trying to be). But, like you, I agree - why not be honest, and yourself? This is, um, YOUR blog, so why hide behind a fake persona?? You know me - I'm always honest about indulgences! I mean, I do try to find balance and for the MOST part stick to a healthy diet, but I do give in to cravings, because life is more important than a carrot stick if you ask me. ;) And I heart wine and chocolate and pizza WAY too much to cut it out entirely. ;)
    Awesome post!!

  2. This is a great post!!! Truly! I have actually REFUSED to be one of those bloggers who posts every meal. Mainly because there is a lot more to me than just what goes into my mouth. (I am not knocking those who works for some bloggers just not for others) I am most definitely not perfect! I enjoy my carbs and my sweets but I guess I don't really think about it because I am so active that it doesn't matter. It doesn't make me unhealthy! I eat so good 90% of the time and the other 10% of the time...anything goes! :)

  3. I agree with the others that this is a great post. For the last few days I have been trying to blog all my meals since a new vegan asked me what we eat for breakfast lunch and dinner and it is hard. I find myself thinking it is so tedious and who really cares.

    That being said I think that there is a lot of dishonesty in the blog world just as there is the real world. Not everyone is good or honest, and they never will be. I love your love it or leave it attitude that is mine as well. This is who and I good or bad. I wish more people were that way.

    Your post really gives me something to think about. I may incorporate it into my post tonight. Thanks for making me think about this.

    have a great evening,

  4. Yes, it makes so much sense! I'm been struggling a bit with it myself lately. I never know what to post or not post because I don't want people to judge my workouts or what I eat, whether they think I'm doing too little or too much. So I find myself moving away from posting most of my meals to perhaps only posting interesting recipes or new finds.

  5. I think being healthy means so many different things to different people. I think having pizza and enjoying happy hour sometimes MAKES you healthy. You eat great most of the time, but know how to enjoy yourself too and that's ultimate health in my opinion.

  6. To me, it's healthIER to indulge and enjoy food/drinks. I guess living in an environment where restricting and over exercising is abundant, I have a great deal of respect for people who eat freely and enjoy food. I actually see that as the healthiest lifestyle.

    I think I'm very honest on my blog...about how I feel and how I eat. I mean, sometimes I keep my negative attitude/emotions (or even curse words) to myself but that's just to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. I don't think I could lie on my blog though--it would be awkward!

  7. I really love this honesty...I get so sick of reading about the purists and the dogmatic ones. I am a high raw vegan. I do eat cooked food, i do eat sugar, and i dont hide it. And i dont give a flip if anyone else does, either! I dont care what anyone eats and have blogged about it blogging has become about the friends ive made, not what they do or dont eat.

    And i am so sick of the holier than thou types. I hope I never come across that way; in fact many ppl tell me they feel i am really openminded, which is a good thing for me...whew :)

    Great post!

  8. Thanks Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat ! Your blog title says it all!! I think balance is key for everything.

    Hey Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly I don't want to post all of my eats for that reason either. I don't necessarily see myself as a true food blogger nor a true exercise/fit blogger so I don't really see that it's necessary (or that anyone would care perhaps). I think sometimes the value would be to get ideas about great breakfast, lunch, or snacks though. Maybe I can find an idea for a healthier alternative or better post-workout meal, etc. For that reason I do appreciate (really appreciate) those who post all meals.

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean I completely agree with you that there is dishonesty everywhere. Yep, I couldn't log every meal b/c of how long it'd take me. I think it's great though when I see what you post for inspiration. You're obviously helping some people and that's great!

    Alyson @ Nourished Fitness I can see how people would start judging. I've seen some comments made on other fitness blogs about what the person is eating, how much, etc. in a judging manner, not a positive one. That would be very frustrating and annoying. We are hard enough on ourselves without being judged or feeling judged by others right?!

    Lisa @ I'm and Okie It all goes back to balance doesn't it? Being both healthy AND happy.

    Allie @ Live Laugh Eat I agree with it being healthier to not be so restrictive. Life is too short isn't it?! I totally understand what you mean about keeping or choosing to keep your blog pleasant. It' not done in any sort of underhanded manner. I love your breath of fresh air!

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga It's totally about being open minded and I think that so many people aren't and that's where the problem starts perhaps. I don't eat raw or completely vegan, but I can find some amazing recipes and ideas and you still come to visit my blog. We can still share and become friends. No judging period. That's exactly what it should all be about!

  9. I find myself feeling guilty sometimes. Especially when I eat pizza couple of times in one week or lots of sweets or whatever! But there are always days to get back on track and this is real life. We aren't always going to eat the healthiest things but it's all about moderation. And not every meal is cooked by ourselves. You have dinners with friends, over to friends houses, church, other functions. We can't be in control of everything in life so just go with the flow and make the smartest choice you can out of the options in front of you. But don't beat yourself up over it. Life goes on and there's always tomorrow.

    P.S. Just want you to know, in typing this, I'm preaching to myself too!! We all need reminding. Some days are harder than others. ;-) Have a great weekend. And if it makes you feel any better, I had pizza last night and enjoyed every bite! ;-)

  10. Lauren @ A Fit Foodie I try not to beat myself up about it. I used to not feel terribly guilty until I started blogging. I mean, I don't feel guilty enough to skip the pizza or not admit it obviously LOL! But I do wonder how many bloggers do. You know?

  11. no no this isnt rambling:) i know what you mean bout the "annoying family members" its hard when my idea of "indulging" isnt theres. also they dont see the gigantic salads that i make for myself and all the toppings (leftover bbq tofu, casserole, leftover rice and beans,the "guts" of a deli sandwich, half an avocado, the kitchen sink etc!!!) they only see my polite eating:)

    in fact go on with this post if you want to, its good, all of us face these exact problems

    i guess i dont know any of the fake perfect food people yet on i know i cant be one!!!

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by Dirty Duck ! I love the phrase "polite eating"! By the way, your site reminded me of hatching ducks and chicken as a child with my grandmother. SOOO much fun.

  13. Great post Heather! I think this was very well said, actually.

    I love reading blogs like yours (and another one that comes to mind is Lara at Thinspired) because you know you're seeing the person's real life. As a blog reader, I want to see that people aren't perfect, and it inspires me to know that people can have a healthy balance of being healthy, as well as indulging. I enjoy blogs much more when the blogger talks about their struggles as well as their triumphs, and I try to do that on my blog as well.

    This post is a great reminder to me to not avoid blogging about my slip ups or those times that I choose to eat something that isn't 100% healthy. Thanks for this:)

  14. Candace @ ChiaSeedMe I totally agree about enjoying reading about the slip ups or the indulgences, etc. It's refreshing in a way. It's like, hey, they're human; they're just like me. I love the idea of finding a balance in life. I love to workout and I strive to eat healthy, but I also don't want it to ever overcome my life, if that makes sense. I mean, not every workout is perfect, running sometimes sucks, and sometimes a plate of nachos is all that's going to make the day right!

  15. Today is my rest day :)

    Here's my honesty, i'm a pretty clean eater unless I have my "trigger foods" in the house. I go out for pizza and get salads. When i'm prepping for a show nothing bad crosses these lips...typically. THEN after a show I undo all the clean eating i've done within 2's a cycle I REALLY need to break.

  16. BTW...i'm not a food blogger either :)

    I'm totally adding you to my google reader now. Ugh...i've been so busy lately!

  17. Hey April @ The Weigh I Am thanks for adding me to your reader! If I were doing a competition, then I'd likely stick to the super clean eats. It'd be for a specific reason. I don't have any notions of doing comps though. I just workout and lift for myself. I know that clean eats make a HUGE difference when it comes to results for lifting. I really admire the dedication and self-control it takes to maintain that sort of diet. I think it's great you know your triggers and just keep them out or have found healthy subs!

  18. This is such a GREAT post!!! It is so easy to feel guilty about how you eat if it doesn't compare to how "healthy" these other people eat. Then, it hit me. Having balance and enjoying how you eat is the healthiest combo out there. So treats are healthy if they are part of an eating style that also incorporates many wholesome foods. And it's healthy to do what makes you happy. I do think some people don't post everything they eat and that is a problem when trying to be an example to readers. Personally, I always LOVE reading blogs (like yours) that aren't all about the stupid FOOD! I don't think that is particularly healthy to be so focused on it all the time. Sure, reviews, recipes, a day of eats here and there is fun to read. But to me, I much prefer knowing the person behind the blog is real and that I can relate to them. Great post!

  19. Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fun and Fitness I really do think it's about balance. My unhealthy eats are generally fairly healthy by most standards too. Like pizza being made with whole-wheat crust and loaded with veggies. I think that if we are sooo restrictive that when we do binge it's a big one! I totally agree with you about wanting to get to know the person behind the blog. Your blog is a great example of that too!

  20. I am so happy that my post on has inspired so much thoughtful contemplation! Thank you Heather and everyone else.

  21. Thanks so much for stopping by Maren @ Pure Food Life ! Thanks so much for your inspiring post.


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