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Pyramid and Shopping on Saturday

Did Someone Say Pyramid? 
Sort of feels weird doing two posts in one day. I hope you all don't mind too much. This morning I got up and did Pyramid Upper Body (changing up the exercises, I'll explain). I started with the warm up from Shock Cardio HIIT Pyramid, hit the weights, and ended up doing the rest of the workout. The plan had been for my sister to come up and go for a run at the river trails. Alas, the weather people were really off (again) and it was cool, windy, and dreary. So, she decided to come up later and just do some shopping cardio.

I wanted to do the Pyramid style workout again today, but decided to shake it up a bit (based on a concept I took away from the Total-Body Training Rotation I recently completed). So I kept the same set up of supersets for each muscle group doing reps of 12, 10, 8, 10, 12 and increasing then decreasing the weight.

Chest - Incline Chest Flyes into Chest Press
Back - Pullover into Underhand Rows
Shoulders - Standing Dumbbell Press into Lateral Raises
Triceps - Lying Dumbbell Extensions into Overhead Extension
Biceps - Hammer Curls into Alternating Curls (with twist at top of move)

Just as an example of how hard this workout ended up being, when I tried to call my sister back, I had to set the phone on the counter to even dial. My arms were shaking like crazy. It was, oddly enough, a great feeling!

Shopping and Supping
The weather just seemed to get more dreary as the day wore on. Sort of made me feel a bit zapped, and apparently it made my sis feel that way too. We did do some shopping, but it wasn't nearly as fun as it usually is. I swear it was the weatherzqx1z because we're usually very good shoppers! We did hit White House Black Market, Ann Taylor Loft, The Limited and New York and Company. Sarah had never been to Whole Foods and was needing some protein powder. I needed some items from there as well so off we went. I behaved myself and didn't stray from my list with the exception of strawberries. I simply couldn't resist.

How well do you do with sticking to your grocery list? 

After Sarah left, I worked on a little bit of laundry and read some of my favorite blogs. Jason had gone on a bike ride so his appetite was in overdrive. I started getting hungry too, but we had not made it to the grocery store for the full two-week load up. We were both really mopey so opted to go out for dinner in hopes that getting out and about would boost our moods. Surprise surprise, we opted for pizza. Not the healthiest of choices, but I did start with a trip to the salad bar (loaded up with carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms) and got a thin crust veggie pizza with added spinach and jalapenos.

So, no dinner recipe or pictures tonight. I feel like I'm somehow slacking. I guess that means I need to do some cooking and picture taking tomorrow huh?!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I do pretty well sticking to my list... But my lists are generous! Don't feel bad about straying from your blogging habits ;). Life happens differently every day!

  2. Hi Lindsay @ Lindsay Runs ! I do fairly well with sticking to a Kroger list, it's always Whole Foods that really gets me! Things just jump in my basket! You're so right about life happening different every day. I need to tattoo that quote some place very visible!

  3. Sticking to my grocery list? Never. I always buy the stuff on the list, and much more. I definitely buy what looks good and then make meals around that. Not too efficient, but it works for us.

    We had the same weather here. If we got any more rain we would have floated away. On the bright side it wasn't cold enough for snow. The rain didn't hamper my shopping. I was out of control. Good thing I have been purging, so I had room for all this stuff.

    talk to you later,

  4. I always stick to my list when it comes to groceries. I make it as the week goes on and usually have to go a few stores to get everything. Grocery shopping is not an easy task around here! haha!

    I hope the weather gets better for you :)


  5. I am always horrible at sticking to my list...wish I was better though.

  6. Kris @ iheartwellness We usually hit at least 2 stores and lately we've also been hitting an Asian market. It's trying to be sunny at least today!

    Lisa @ I'm an Okie I have to work really hard at sticking to lists!

  7. I do well with sticking to my list but I would be lying if I said I didn't deviate too. It always seems like as soon as get there I always find something that I just have to have!! haha!!

  8. Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly That's kind of my problem too, seeing things that I just HAVE to try.

  9. hey thanks for finding my blog!!! i'm excited to read yours :) it is SO hard for me to behave myself at any health food store. Especially if i walk by the supplement section...... haha

  10. Hey Fitlizzio ! Thanks for stopping by. I think it's places like Whole Foods where I have the hardest time sticking to the list. And what is it about the supplement section? Especially all of the super tasty sounding power bars. I just want to try them, just a taste please.

  11. groc list....well i only try to buy fresh produce. everything else is not necessary. really. well, coffee is :) but grains and such we go thru slowly and it's the produce that's a constant replenisher. that said, i only go into WF when i am feeling "strong" so i dont blow a couple hundred bux on impulse buys that are raw, vegan and awesome, but not really "needed".

  12. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga I must agree, it's almost always WF that's my undoing! There are just too many goodies that I MUST try. LOL


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