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Simple Sunday with Caprese Quinoa Salad

Sunday Repeat
So today started much similar to last Sunday. It was a bit chilly so I wanted a warm breakfast. So I opted for PB&J&B Oatmeal. Just like last Sunday, I have some serious DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) happening from yesterday's workout. Today was leg day. I really dread leg workouts to be honest. Once I get going, it's not so bad, it's just getting started. I did 4 sets of each exercise (except calves) starting with 12 reps and dropping 2 reps each set.

Alternating front lunges
Alternating rear lunges
Alternating plie squats
Step ups
Calf raises - 3 sets of 25 turned out, parallel, turned out

After my workout, I did just half of Shock Cardio HIIT Pyramid and stretched.

Slow Sunday
I spent most of the day trying to get laundry done. I'm always amazed at how much laundry just two people can produce. Of course, half of it is workout clothes. Jason bathed the dogs, long overdue chore there. Basically, we just got stuff done that needed getting done. It was sort of gloomy out, and a bit chilly, super windy. So it was a good day to take it slow and wade through chores here and there.

We had a very late lunch so wanted a lighter dinner. I made what I'll call a Caprese Quinoa Salad.

Caprese Quinoa Salad
1 cup quinoa
2 cups water or vegetable stock
1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
Cherry tomatoes, halved (I bought in a mesh sack, so I don't know how many)
1/2 can quartered artichoke hearts (patted dried)
Fresh buffalo mozzarella (optional)
To taste: basil, salt, tomato & basil herb spice mix, lemon juice

Cook quinoa according to package directions.

In large bowl, combine all ingredients. Serve at room temperature or cold.

This is an easy salad to put together and works well as a main dish or side. Another option would be to add capers if you like a salty kick.


  1. Your Sunday sounds a lot like mine. And ... that quinoa looks really good! Definitely my favorite kind of dish.

    talk to you later,

  2. oh how i love caprese salads, but basically i never card much for the cheese, just the tomatoes, basil and good. nothing better in the summer!
    thx for your layout love and your FB comment, i was LOL!

  3. Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean I hope that means you took it relatively easy today! This salad would likely be really good with your "mozzarella" that you posted recently, which I must try. I have all the ingredients too.

    Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga you know, the cheese really does take a back seat in this and wouldn't be missed one bit.

  4. That recipe is perfection! I love caprese and, as you know, am now having an affair with Quinoa. This is a must try & bookmarked for me :)

  5. Mmmmmm...I love all things caprese! Great spin on a classic!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I love quinoa but have been obsessed with caprese sandwiches all week (seriously, 3 days in a row). Now I can make it a little healthier!

  7. I love you kick your own butt! I have seen you post about Cathe before..what do you like so much about her DVD's??

  8. YUM I love caprese salads!! there is nothing better than fresh mozz and tomatoes and basil all in one dish!!! this looks SO GOOD and healthy !

  9. Alyson @ Nourished Fitness let me know how it turns out. Super easy to throw together too!

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg don't you just love taking something familiar and changing it up just enough.

    Naomi @ The Tao of Me glad I could give you another option! There's something so right about caprese salads or sandwiches this time of year.

    Kristina @ Freestyle Fitness Addiction I love Cathe's DVDs for so many reasons. She's not annoying to watch, her DVDs are really advanced (so many are not at all), they almost all have a ton of premix options so that keeps it fresh. Seriously, she's tops in my book, especially if you need advanced workouts (weights or cardio).

    Naomi @ One Fit Foodie you're so right, such a hard (and easy) flavor combination to pass up. Just shouts light and spring.

  10. Lovely idea here. Chickpeas and artichokes really beef it up doesn't it? I think I'd definitely opt for the salty and add the capers too. Well done!

  11. MM I've just been wondering what to do with my artichoke hearts!! :)

  12. Im not a fan of legs days either---hate them actually :)

  13. YUM! This recipe looks fab. I am so going to try it!!

  14. WOW this looks and sound yummy It has all of my favorite ingredients in it :)

  15. Quinoa is my favourite!! All I need to get is some tomatoes and artichokes and I can make this delicious dish!

    Thanks for sharing it!! I hope you are having a great Monday!

  16. Sarah @ The Ordinary Vegetarian I really liked the addition of the chickpeas and artichokes. I am definitely going to try capers the next time I make this.

    Hey Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty let me know how it turns out if you make it!

    Lisa @ I'm an Okie I guess legs are a necessary evil! Some people really love them. I'm not really one of them though.

    Jolene @ To Be Determined I hope you do try it out. Using the veg stock will add more flavor to the quinoa as well.

    Gelareh @ Nutritious Foodie hard to dislike a dish with all your faves right!

    Hope you're having a great Monday too Kris @ iheartwellness ! Let me know how it turns out. I love quinoa as well, still trying to get hubby totally on board with it.

  17. YUM that salad looks so good, def gonna try it too! And PS - had to laugh, I feel the same way about the laundry sitch in our household idea how two people create so much laundry...and of course most of it is workout gear too ;)

  18. Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat it's amazing how the workout clothes pile up. Since Jason and I both workout (and he does multiple things like swim, bike, run) the pile is insane. And then the towels from all the showers!

  19. I just tried this recipe tonight. So Yummy!

  20. Naomi @ The Tao of Me Oh sooo glad you liked it!! Thank you so much for letting me know that you tried it out by the way.


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