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Tofu Tuesday

Tuesday Run
Last night I woke up several times. While I fell back to sleep easily, I sure didn't feel like I had a good night's rest, so I opted to stay in bed rather than get up to do cardio. That and I really had no desire at all to do another step workout. I had thought about taking today as a rest day. I have some major DOMS going on from my weight workouts. However, the sunshine was calling my name. Jason and I managed another lunchtime run. It's definitely what the doctor ordered. We did go just a tad slower than yesterday, but not much. It was a good, comfortable pace.

Tofu on Tuesday
Jason was riding his bike with a group after work, so I had the house to myself (well, besides the pups). I wanted an easy dinner. No frills or fuss. I opted for Chipotle Raspberry BBQ Tofu with sweet potato topped with steamed broccoli.

Basically, I mixed together a BBQ sauce with a raspberry chipotle sauce and marinated extra-firm tofu with the sauce for about 1 hour. I baked at 375 for approximately 50 minutes, flipping once. For the sweet potato, I microwaved approximately 6 minutes and spiced up with cumin, red pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper and topped with the steamed broccoli.
The edges of the tofu did get a tad bit crispy, but the rest of the darkness is from the sauce. Sorry, the pics don't look terribly appetizing. Let's say it tasted better than it looked. If you don't have a raspberry chipotle sauce, it would be so easy to make by mixing up a sugar-free raspberry jam with chipotle in adobo and mix that in with your favorite (or homemade) BBQ sauce.


  1. I am so intimidated by of these days I am going to have to bite the bullet and make it for myself! It looks so good and I ALWAYS order it out but am just too nervous to make it myself!

  2. Mmmmm, great idea to mix jam with bbq sauce! I'll have to try that!

  3. Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly tofu used to sort of scare me too. I never could get it right. I found a few tips like freezing it (not the silken tofu mind you) then thawing. Totally changes the texture. I like to bake mine b/c I like it firm. It's great grilled as well. Let me know if you find a recipe you want to try and need advice.

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg it really was a good combo b/c it sort of took that tang out of the BBQ (not that that's always a bad thing mind you). And the BBQ sauce kept the raspberry from being too sweet.

  4. You know I haven't made tofu at home in a long time... time to remedy that

  5. You are making me crave tofu now! Thanks. ;-) I love your idea of combining two sauces to get a different taste.

    Glad you had a nice lunchtime run. Sorry you didn't sleep well though. I hope tonight is better.

    talk to you later,

  6. Oh my gosh! I never thought of Rasberry chipotle sauce on Tofu! Heather you are a GENIUS!!!
    I am making this almost immediately!

  7. jam with anything pretty much makes me happy :) it looks awesome!

  8. i loooove doms! was it the chipotle raspberry sauce from whole foods? if so.. LOVE that sauce!

  9. raspberry chipotle?! Must recreate that somehow!

  10. Gelarah @ Nutritious Foodie Can't wait to see what you make! Hope your knees is doing better today.

    Hi Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean ! I know that the sugars were probably rather high and that I can easily make my own. But this sure was easy!! LOL. It's fun to mix and match and come up with new combos. The lunch run was such an energy boost.

    Vivacious Vegan Thanks! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm enjoying reading your blog BTW.

    Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga you're fairly easy to please aren't you? As long as it has a sweetness to it? LOL. I've got your sweet tooth number! teehee

    Janetha @ Meals and Moves Only a handful of us crazies will say things like "I love DOMS"! ;-) Makes me feel like I worked super hard. No, we found it at some gourmet specialty shop, but I am certain WF would have something very similar.

    Sophia @ Burp and Slurp I'm sure you will come up with something splendid. You are so incredibly creative in the kitchen!

  11. You are the tofu queen!! I always love the way your tofu dishes look. This one is really unique!

  12. I've still never made tofu, I'll have to try one of these days!

  13. LOL Sarah @ The Ordinary Vegetarian ! Got to try to do something to make it seem fancier than it is right! ;-)

    Lisa @ I'm an Okie you have to give it a shot at least once.


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