Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kicking Into Hump Day and Stir Fry

This morning I opted for kickboxing over a step workout. I chose Cathe's Kick, Punch and Crunch because it also has a really good ab workout at the end using the stability ball (think wood chops with dumbbell and pikes on the ball, ouchie). This is a fun workout, but never a huge calorie burner. I must have been more motivated to kick, punch, and crunch this morning because my heart rate got up there. It was a great workout and fun way to kick and punch into Hump Day. I definitely needed the cardio switch up.

You Know It's Spring...
Unfortunately the streak of warm sunny days has come to an end today. We had a front coming through with rain, storms, and cooler temps. The only good thing is that the rain washed away some of the pollen that has been piling up. As an example of how bad the pollen is, when I was trying to park in the parking deck at the mall after work yesterday, I could see no lines. They were almost completely hidden by the pollen. Ick. Sort of makes you feel like you need a surgical mask to be outside. Those few weeks when everything has a yellow-green tinge is definitely one of those "You know it's spring when..." type of things.

Stir-fry Kind of Night
There was definitely not going to be any grilling tonight and the fresh veggie stock is getting embarrassingly low.  I am almost out of frozen veggies even. It's becoming dire around here. So I decided to make an easy stir fry with the remaining frozen veggies, oyster mushrooms, and brown rice. I failed to pull the tofu out of the freezer, so I used a large chunk TVP (texturized vegetable protein) for the protein. It's supposed to be a beef flavor. Basically it just means it's brown. Since it will soak up pretty much any flavor when rehydrating, I added soy sauce, garlic, and hoisin while it was simmering. As for the sauce for the stir-fry itself, it was sort of a concoction of the the following: vegetarian tom-yum, hoisin, soy sauce, sriracha, garlic powder, and water.

Do you ever use TVP?

While this isn't exactly a creative dinner, it's fast, easy, and tasty.

Now here's another question for you. Averie at Loves Veggies and Yoga commented that she'd like to see more people pictures. It's a good point really as I do enjoy seeming pics of fellow bloggers myself. I will confess to you something I confessed to Lisa at I'm an Okie on a recent post, I am super self-conscious and self-critical. I really don't like to post pictures that include me in them. But, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't post pics that show my workout results or more pictures of me and Jason perhaps. Thoughts? Would you like to see more than just food pics?