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Personal Record Run and More Grilling

2 on Tuesday
Last night I set the alarm for 5:22 am (I have an issue with setting it at odd times like 2 mins extra sleep makes a difference) so that I could get up and do 30 minutes of kickboxing and abs. For once, I only woke up one time during the night and was snoozing hard when the alarm started going off. I thought I could quickly reset it and go right back to sleep. The stupid thing would shut off though. At first I thought I was hitting the wrong buttons, but I wasn't. I simply would not turn off. It does really quirky things from time-to-time when I try to set it (it was a cheapo purchase). But it's never not turned off. So, needless to say, I did indeed get up after all. I ended up doing 35 minutes of Kick, Punch, and Crunch plus stability balls abs.

Jason and I had planned on a lunchtime run today as the weather was supposed to be nice. He was complaining about a bad crick in his neck though, so I wasn't sure the run was going to happen. But, he said he'd give it a shot. I assumed we'd end up doing a slower, easy run. Instead we rocked out 3.1 miles in 23:45. That's more than 30 seconds off my PR of 24:18 at a race in May last year. I know for some that's not anything to write home about, but for me, that's huge. As an asthmatic, there was a time when I couldn't even run 1/2 a mile let alone 3 miles period. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to shave off just a wee bit more time at the race in a few weeks. We'll see. I have a bad habit of starting off way too fast then freaking out and overcompensating and slowing down too much by the 3rd mile.

Are you good at pacing yourself or do you get caught up in the race hype?

More Grilling
Tonight was a perfect night for grilling. Jason bought some gigantic portobello mushrooms and they were calling to be used. Dinner had sort of a Greek flair in terms of flavors: Grilled Stuffed Portobellos with Sundried Tomato Chickpea Quinoa.

There really isn't much of a recipe for the mushrooms. I marinated them in balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, and rosemary. Grill them inside down first then flipped them over and filled them with fresh spinach, roasted red bell peppers, and goat cheese.

Sundried Tomato Chickpea Quinoa
1 cup dried quinoa
2 cups water or vegetable broth
2 tbsp dried shallots (or fresh)
Sundried tomatoes, however much you like (reconstituted)
1 can chickpeas, rinsed, drained
To taste: salt, pepper, parsley, lemon juice

Cook quinoa according to package seasoning with salt, pepper, shallots during cooking. Once cooked, stir in remaining ingredients re-seasoning as needed.
 The Sundried Tomato Chickpea Quinoa turned out really great. It would be a great, light salad if you added in spinach as well, artichokes would be great too. 


  1. Holy speed demon!!! Congrats on the super run!

    That quinoa salad sounds delicious...perfectly fresh for summer!

  2. Seriously, I'm still in awe at how fast you ran that 5k, I would be WAY behind you!! Remind me never to run with you, mmk? ;)

  3. Okay, wow, I'm so not worthy. that 5K pace is amazing. Just wow. And um, the recipes, well, they continue to amaze me. I, my blog friend, am NOT WORTHY ;-)

  4. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Thanks for the congrats! I think I may have gotten Jason into quinoa finally! This recipe definitely worked well at room temp, would be great cold or hot too.

    Thanks Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat ! It was definitely fast for me! I know that for some that'd be their pace for a 10k though. Not sure I could hang that long. I'm definitely a sprinter not a long distance gal!!

  5. Congrats on shaving time off your best. I get caught up in the moment during races too. Something tells me we have the competitive thing in common. ;-)

    I almost missed the mushrooms you went by them so quickly. Your dinner sounds great!


  6. Jolene @ To Be Determined Girl, you're sooo worthy!!! Maybe I'll eventually entice you and Jessica to come here for a visit - I promise to cook for you guys!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean Competitive? Me? Nooooo ;-) LOL Sorry, perhaps I should have separated the mushrooms out as a recipe. I guess I assumed that everyone grills mushrooms and would be "bored" with that one. I should know better after being the one to request the "boring" dishes you make ;-)

  7. I'd totally visit - but I just may not be able to run with you, how bout that? ;-P OR, I attempt to keep up, and we teach you Kick! ha!

  8. Hmm, you're a fast poster! In case you didn't see my second follow-up comment on the post below, I wanted to draw your attention to it. :)

  9. Jolene @ To Be Determined I'd totally let you guys teach a Kick class for me. Who could pass up a personal Kick class?????

    Blessedmama I did see the 2nd comment. Thank you!

  10. YAY! congratulations girl!!! ur endorphins must have been going crazy hehe :D

  11. Thanks Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel Not sure if it was endorphins or delirium! LOL ;-)

  12. Sundried anything is great! and I know you're a sunscreen lover, duly noted :)

    I have a bad habit of starting off way too fast then freaking out and overcompensating and slowing down too much by the 3rd mile.

    That's my hubs.
    I am the "pace car".. I almost do the oppo of you and start toooo slow, but it's easier to sprint than it is to recover if you start too fast i think!

  13. You and I must be in the kitchen to cook together. Or maybe not, because it will explode from fanasticality. (I just made up that word).

    anyway, about pacing. See, that is the reason why I do not like races, or timing my just makes me depressed haha. Every day is different, my body is different...some runs are better than others, and I run just for the enjoyment of it. No fun when it gets turned into a competition, you know? That's my two cents.

  14. This quinoa sounds delicious-

  15. congrats on that time! That is awesome! I can always use more quinoa recipes! Keep them coming! ;)

  16. Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga Funny - my husband is the pace car LOL!!

    Sophia @ Burp and Slurp I'd love to cook with you girl! I totally agree about the competitiveness taking away from the fun. That's why I very rarely sign up for a race.

    Esme @ Chocolate and Croissants Thanks so much for stopping by. It was a very simple, but tasty dish!

    Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete Thank you ma'am! Let me know if you ever try the recipes and how you like them!!

  17. you are so motivated and have such great workouts in your day.....i just recently starting reading so maybe i don't this but how do you get out and run at lunch with your husband?

  18. Wow that's awesome time! Nice :)

    I'm pretty good at pacing myself , but that may have something to do with me not being able to run all that fast in the first place haha.

  19. That sounds like a very fast run to me! Awesome job.

  20. Oh wow that sounds like a perfect meal... after two days of walking around like a zombie.. I am not finally functional enough to read blogs again... I have my weekend recap coming up tonight... its great catching up with your blog :)

  21. Fit and Forty Something hubby and I live super close to our offices and work across the street from each other. Terribly convenient! Some days the motivation levels are higher than others I will admit LOL.

    Eunice @ rainbwsnkittns I read your post about running - kudos to you girl!

    Thanks Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fitness and Fun !!


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