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Staying Light, Running and Finding Motivation

Let's All Lighten Up
I must say that I am happy to hear that some of you took my "lighten up" challenge. It's one that I am going to continue to take each day. Just pick something that might be stressing me out unnecessarily and finding a way to lighten up about it. For example, normally had I forgotten to make my oatmeal, that would have sent me over the edge the next morning when I discovered my MUST HAVE breakfast was MIA. Instead, I opted for an alternative: low-sugar instant oatmeal with the addition of bananas and peanut butter.

And now a confession, I actually took the easy option again this morning and added in peanut butter and apples with cinnamon. The world seriously didn't stop because I did not have my steel cut oats with protein powder, cinnamon and blueberries. In fact, it was sort of nice having a little change up. Hmmm, who'd have thunk it?

Running on Friday
Speaking of this morning, I set the alarm again for a morning run. When I stood up, however, I knew that really wasn't going to happen. Can someone say DOMS? Holy deadlifts. My hamstrings are officially fried, along with my chest, and triceps. My arms don't want to bend the right direction in order to wash or fix my hair. Those high reps totally got me I do believe.

Anyway, Jason and I had really planned on doing 4 miles today. So, I went ahead and went into work extra early (6:30 am - ouch early) so that we could try for a longer run at lunch. We managed 4.2 miles at an easy pace so it felt good, almost enjoyable, almost. My legs could not have moved too much faster to be honest. The run did help loosen them up, but they tightened up again fairly quickly after we were done. I finished out the day smelling of "eau d'athlete" (aka Tiger Balm).

Finding Motivation (In Lieu of Dinner/Recipe)
On Fridays I almost always get my post out early, long before dinner. Today, nothing new. So dinner will be recapped tomorrow. It'll likely be pizza. I mean, it is Pizza Friday and all. Why fix what ain't broke right? But who knows, maybe I'll shock everyone and post that we made something else. Guess you'll just have to check back huh? ;-)

Since I won't be posting about dinner or a new fantastic recipe, I thought I'd address a question I get a lot. How do you stay so motivated? I can imagine, from reading my blog, that I am the most motivated person in the world. In all honesty, I have no idea what keeps me going other than the fact that working out is purely part of what I do. It's just as routine as waking up and going to work. Seriously, it's just what I do. I don't typically have to give myself pep talks or focus on inspirational quotes, songs, stories, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Do what you must is what I say. 

Now, with that being said, there are days when I just flat out don't feel like working out just as one might flat out not want to go to work. But I suck it up, and do it knowing that 9 times out of 10 I'll feel sooo much better just getting started on the workout. I do try to listen to my body now and recognize the difference between "must take a break" and "just stop whining and do it." 

While I wish I could say that I just get uber excited about working out every single time, I'm not going to lie. I don't just get school girl giddy about it. There are definitely days that I look forward to workouts and days I don't. But when I don't really want to do it, I think about how ticked I'm going to be with myself for being lazy (unless of course it's a must take a break kind of day). 

I always feel so much stronger and empowered after I get it done. I'm constantly amazed at what the body is capable of to be honest. Maybe part of my motivation is the internal drive I have to always do better too. So perhaps it's a motivator I just don't recognize out loud. 

How do you feel about exercise? Do you have to constantly find a source of motivation or is it just what you do?


  1. Exercise is as central to me as brushing my teeth. I just do it and I never second guess it! haha...happy pizza Friday lovely lady!

  2. im pretty good at self motivating myself to exercise but i do admit that sometimes its like pulling teeth. when this happens i try to figure out why im feeling this way (mood, weather, energy, food, balance, stress, etc). but overall i dont feel i have a love/hate relationship with exercise, im happy its love/love (as long as i switch up my routines and keep it interesting)


  3. finally for me exercise is part of my life. i have had 2 days of no exercise and i am so cranky about it.

  4. I wish I could get motivated... I mean I do stuff, but not enough to drop the 20ish pounds I need to drop (especially before the wedding) uggg...

    good on you though for keeping up with it!! :)

  5. i feel the same way about exercise as you do. it is just something i do. i love it and sometimes i DO get that giddy-school girl feeling on my way to workout(maybe i'm a little crazy haha) but there are definitely times where it's the last thing i want to do...but like you..i just do it, because you are right, i know i will feel better afterwards.

  6. Happy Friday my love!

    I love that you have your little set rituals and keep Friday's as your pizza day! Too much fun!

    I am glad to hear your run loosened up those legs a bit for you. Wow is it hard when muscles are so sore, huh? I love that you are always so great with your working out. You keep us all motivated!

    I do enjoy working out, but some days i just wish I didn't have too.....I wish I enjoyed cardio more :|

    have a great night!!


  7. You were at work at 6:30am, ouch! That is ridiculously early!

    Enjoy your pizza Friday.


  8. I feel the same (shocker, yes?) - I can't quite describe WHY I love to workout as much as I do, I just love it. I love how I feel after, I love how I feel during (MOST of the time anyway) and I love feeling like I accomplished something new, pushed my body in another way and did something just for me out of my day. And it's true, it is more often than not that you feel MUCH better after a workout than if you'd skipped it, 99.999% of the time anyway. I ask myself this: when was the last time I went to the gym and actually regretted that workout? Um, never??? And yes, part of it is just SO ingrained in who I am that I am lost without it. Like Kelly said, it's the same thing as brushing my teeth, innate.

  9. Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly Happy Friday to you too girl!

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel Switching it up certainly helps! I totally agree with you about assessing why you might not to be wanting to workout. So important to listen to your body.

    Triing to be Fit Mom Thanks so much for stopping by! I am with you on the cranky thing if I have to take more than one day off!

    Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty So do you feel like you need specific motivation to get you going? I just wondered what other people did to get going. Everyone asks me and I have no real answer.

    Lizzy @ Fit Lizzio I think it's so much easier when it's just a part of what you do each day.

    Kris @ iheartwellness I think it's sort of fun having a set food day. Certainly takes the guess work out of dinner! I am glad I can motivate someone ;-) Hugs to you girl.

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean Sadly, the building was not as desolate as one might think for that time!!!! I hope you're enjoying your Friday too!!!

  10. Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat So glad I'm not the only one who can't exactly explain the motivation. I mean, I know motivation is there my own competitiveness. But other than that, I have no clue how to explain it. I guess that's just because it's habit. Hope you're enjoying your "light" evening ;-)

  11. I'm like you-- there are definitely days that I feel like working out and days that I don't. To me, the most motivating thing to think about is how good I know I'm going to feel afterwards. And how sluggish I'll feel if I do in fact skip the workout :-)

  12. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg I'm with you on knowing how great you feel after a workout. Well, sometimes you're sore and hurt, but somehow that's still a great feeling isn't it?!

  13. Hey pretty chica!
    I loveee your lighten up challenge! stress is nooooo fun and not good for the bod! :)
    working out is a way of life for me, I have to UNmotivate myself to move I love it so much and thrive on the daily challenge to be faster or stronger! reading your posts I feel like you are a motivated MOVER too! :)
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. lately i have been just doing it....i find when i do not over think the process it goes so smoothly. i imagine you are like that too-you just do it like putting on your underwear. if you think about it you may not want to do it!

  15. Lizzy @ Healthy Bites Conquer Athlete Appetite You are sooo right about stress and the body. Not a good combo at all. You are one bundle of energy girl! Take care and have a great one!

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something Love the analogy of exercise being like putting on underwear! Too funny. Yep - just something you do, part of the day, don't give it another thought!


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