Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why All the Pressure?

Required Rest Day
Today I had every intention of getting up and doing a low-impact step workout to start the day then get my weight workout done at lunch. At about 4:30 am, I decided that wasn't going to happen. I'm still rather sore from weights on Monday, and my legs are actually feeling a tad heavy from yesterday's run. So, as hard as it was for me to do, I took today as my rest day (thought I was planning on taking the rest day tomorrow). I knew my workouts would suffer. My sinuses are also draining and causing me to have a nice little sinus headache. As much has I don't want it to rain, we desperately need the rain to wash away this pollen. People who never have allergy issues are even sick right now.

Lighten Up
For some reason, today's rest day was much harder for me to take, even though I absolutely knew I needed it. I seriously could have put my head down at any given point during the day and been asleep in minutes. Important thing to know about me: I am not a nap taker, I am not a good sleeper period. Anyway, for some reason I was having one of those days of stressing out over not being able to be perfect is pretty much the only way to sum it up. I push myself very hard all the time to be what I think everyone wants me to be, to be how they expect me to be, as well as what I want and expect out of myself. I try my darndest to be the one who can work full time, get in all my workouts, keep my house spotless, keep the dogs brushed and clean, always cook a great meal, be a good wife, sister, daughter, and friend, and the list goes on. I want to be perfect at everything, and end up perfect at nothing. I get so caught up in all of this that I often forget to just live and enjoy the little things in life.

Where does all of this pressure come from? Partly from within of course. I'm a super Type A personality obviously. I'm a perfectionist and I am a pleaser. I want to please everyone; I want to help everyone, and sometimes I forget to please and help myself. As an overachiever, I have set unachievable standards for myself. Where do these standards come from even? I find that I compare myself to others a lot. How well they are able to keep house, cook fantastic meals, how fast and far they run, how much weight they lift, how happy they seem in their jobs, in their marriages, in their lives in general. I want to be the one who just LOVES waking up in the morning. I want to LOVE every run, every weight session. I want to LOVE my job so much that I can't wait to get there. Actually, I just want to be happy happy happy period.

How many of you feel the same pressures? Do you often think the grass is greener...? My sister just happened to send me this great article today that I wanted to share: The Key to a Well-Lived Life: Lighten Up! by By Elizabeth Gilbert

Will it change everything immediately? Of course not. But maybe it'll help me keep things in perspective just a wee bit more. What do you do to keep yourself in check? Or do you feel out of control trying to stay on top of it all?

Sorry for the serious post today. I just feel like it may be something that more and more of us experience and never let on to others that this is how we are all feeling. We're all walking around trying to be perfect rather than leaning on one another for support and reassurance.

Making it Easier on Myself
Now on to dinner. After reading the article and writing this post, I decided to take some pressure off of myself today and not stress out about dinner. So, no new recipes here tonight. Just a good old veggie bean burger (homemade stashed in freezer of course) reheated on the grill, topped with spinach and roasted red bell peppers with grilled sweet potato "fries." And to make it even easier, no pictures tonight (written with a twinge of guilt I must add).

My challenge for you is to do yourself a favor either today or tomorrow and lighten up. Do something to take a little pressure off of yourself. I'd love to hear what you did by the way!