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Berry Great Thursday

More Running and Kicking 
Since we're on tap for bad weather starting tomorrow through Sunday, I really wanted to get a run in today if at all possible. Jason was on board with that, so we took advantage of the storm-free day for a lunchtime run. We did a fairly easy 3+ miles, though we did speed up on the 2nd half of the run. It was soooo humid I must say. It would have been the perfect time to jump in the pool to cool down.

After work I did a short kickboxing workout from 4 Day Split. This isn't one of my favorite Cathe compilations, but it's still a good one. Well worth the money. It's 4 DVDs giving you a 4-day split of weights and cardio. Cardio includes step, kickboxing, and boot camp. What's even better is that there are a seemingly endless number of premixes on this one - 23 to be exact. I also stretched for a bit after the workout.

Since I didn't take it today, tomorrow will likely be my much-needed rest day. Actually, this is one of those weeks when I could easily skip my rest day because I'm feeling really good in terms of not being terribly fatigued from workouts (maybe I wasn't working hard enough LOL).

Strawberries for Dinner
Dinner tonight was almost a grilled salad. However, we had a bunch of strawberries that needed to be used or frozen. I have been wanting to make a strawberry salsa, so....Quorn Patty with Strawberry Salsa, Green Bean Bell Pepper Salad, and Roasted Sweet and Baking Potatoes seasoned with rosemary, thyme, and sea salt.

Strawberry Salsa
Fresh strawberries, small dice
Roma tomatoes, cored, seeded, small dice
1/2 green bell pepper, small dice
1-2 jalapenos, minced
1/4-1/2 red onion, minced
splash of fresh orange juice
Agave nectar (to taste)
Salt, to taste

Combine all ingredients and allow to set for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer.

Green Bean Bell Pepper Salad
Fresh green beans, cleaned and trimmed
1/2 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
1/2 yellow bell pepper thinly sliced
Balsamic vinaigrette of your choice

Steam green beans for no more than 2 minutes then shock in ice bath. In large bowl, combine green beans, bell peppers, and vinaigrette.

As for the salsa, I didn't have as many tomatoes as I would have liked, but I think it still turned out fantastic - slightly more of a pico de gallo style salsa. If you added cinnamon and extra agave nectar, it would be great with cinnamon tortillas as well as a dessert. The Green Bean Bell Pepper Salad was a nice, fresh change from sauteing them.


  1. Take that rest day tomorrow! Even if you don't feel like you need it, your body will still appreciate it. :)

    4 Day Split is one of my least favorites of Cathe too, but I do like all the premix options.

  2. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    Ooh, strawberry salsa sounds like such a good idea!!

    We're supposed to get rain starting tomorrow through the weekend as well :-(

  3. Mmmm I love sweet salsas

  4. Sorry to hear about the upcoming bad weather. We have gray and/or rainy weather since Tuesday that is suppose to be the same tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. But at least the weekend should be good. Maybe?

    I love fruit salsas, pineapple, mango, kiwi and blueberry. But somehow I don't typically make strawberry. Thanks for sharing this.


  5. I love Cathe, but I do the shows from Fit Tv. I am feeling the same way about my workouts. I have really not exhausted myself. Your eats looks so good and refreshing. I am loving some strawberries right now!

  6. Love the idea of the strawberry salsa. Your dinner looks super colorful and super tasty...yum! Thanks for the idea w/ the strawberries!

  7. oh i know that feeling! haha near where i run theres a pool in this rich homes backyard and im SO tempted to jump in. i think id get attacked tho. .they have a guard dog lol.

    enjoy ur rest day tho! oh and i love the idea of a pico de galla type salsa. extra love for the strawberries tho!

  8. sweet salsas..yum, strawb and peach and mango in salsa always rocks!

  9. Ooh that meal looks fabulous! I love any kind of fruit salsa.....I think fruit salsas ROCK:)

  10. Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fitness and Fun Oh I'm definitely taking the rest day. Tomorrow is a weight day and I know I'll appreciate the rest! The premixes are great at least.

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Oh I hate to hear that you guys are getting the rain too. Maybe it won't be a complete washout.

    Krystina @ Organically Me This was really good. I didn't make it too sweet. The tomatoes helped keeping it more salsa like.

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean I typically do pineapple and have done peach, but never strawberry. They aren't too sweet so it really turned out nice. I guess we can't have perfect weather all the time huh?

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen That's how my sister discovered Cathe - Fit TV. Oh, I've exhausted myself more than I think I have I'm sure. I've been loving your strawberry recipes!

    Thanks Rose @ Dandelion ! I take that as a compliment b/c your dishes always look so incredible.

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel Probably best to avoid that pool huh?! LOL. We just need to get ours in order.

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga I think it would have gone quite nicely with your nut taco "meat" recipe too.

    Simple Daisy It's kind of hard to go wrong with a fruit salsa I do agree!

  11. AnonymousMay 14, 2010

    Nicely done on your workouts (sorry I'm late to the game today, geez I'm so behind on blog reading!! how sad!). I know just what you mean about feeling so good you don't want to take a rest day, hence why it's so hard for me to take one some weeks ;)

  12. AnonymousMay 14, 2010

    heather, great workouts today! would you ever skip the rest day since you feel so good or do you think that is bad in the long run?
    happy friday!

  13. AnonymousMay 14, 2010

    That salsa sounds delish!
    That workout video sounds neat. I might have to pick it up. I am always looking to try new DVD's.

  14. It's been super humid here too! Although nothing compared to how it was in Costa Rica (which is where I vacationed last week!). On top of the humidity, zero breeze! I was forced to spend my whole vacation in the pool sipping on a margarita. Darn. :)

  15. Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat No worries on being behind - it happens to the best of us! I knew you would understand the not wanting to rest thing ;-) Gotta do it though!

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something That is a really great question. I used to think it was ok to keep on keepin' on. Now I always make myself take a rest day. Period. I feel so much better for it.

    Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian You should check that DVD out. If you click on that link, it'll take you to the page and there is a video clip. The premixes are worth it alone honestly.

    Eunice @ rainbwsnkittns Oh so now you're just bragging ;-) Hope it was a great vacation!!


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