Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Birthday Story and Wednesday Indulging

Step and Weights
Jason got up at 5 am to go swim. While it was tempting to just stay in bed, I got my lazy self up and did 3 step combos from Low Impact Circuit's cardio premix plus abs. It was a nice wake-up workout. Not too high in intensity, not too complex in choreography - ideal for 5:30 am.

I ended up doing my weights at lunch. I had planned on running some errands then doing weights after work, but changed my mind. Today is the last day of Week 7 from the 8-week rotation. It was 3 sets of 12:

Biceps - Zottoman curls
Triceps - Weighted dips
Quads - Squats
Inner thighs - Plie squats
Chest - Flat bench dumbbell press
Back - Underhand rows
Legs - Alternating lunges with pulse
Calves - Calf raises (theses I did 3 sets of 20)
Shoulders - Upright row
Shoulders - Rear delt raise

Also added Deadlifts for hamstrings.

Next week I get to do it all again, only as a superset!

Wednesday Rewind
Today happens to be my nephew's birthday (my sister's son). He turns four. It's so hard to believe that much time has passed since we met the little man. It's really a fun story that I want to share (if you'll indulge me in some sappiness).

My sister knew she would have to have a C-section. She told me what date it "should" be so that we could go ahead and schedule our annual beach vacation. Well, I'm sure you know what happened - it ended up being scheduled for the Friday we were leaving for FL.

Talk about sinking heart. Crushed. Both of us. She kept saying it was fine, to go. We really couldn't change the condo reservation at that point. The only option was to go down a day late. She said not to do that of course. We paid for a week, take the week. So, the Thursday evening before the the C-section, I talked to her on the phone. We both cried of course. However, I was crying in part because it breaks my heart when she's sad and also because I was so happy about a secret I had managed to keep. I was actually heading to our hometown and staying the night with a friend rather than getting ready to head to FL. Rather than leave in the wee hours of the morning, we would leave directly from the hospital and just arrive late in the evening.

I called my sis from the cell phone when we arrived at the hospital telling her we were on the road and asking how she was (more crying). When in actuality, I was walking to her room. I rounded the corner and she just kept talking on the cell while staring at me. The heart rate monitor was going nuts, and I thought the baby was going to be born right then and there. I finally had to hang up and tell her to hang up. Of course there were more tears! I would never have missed meeting my nephew on his birthday. I would never have chosen the beach over my sister. Needless to say, this day brings back a lot of memories.

Wednesday Grilling
Since we have rain in the forecast for the next few days, I thought I'd take advantage of the weather and grill out. We had some giant portobellos that Jason had wanted to do portobello "burgers" with goat cheese, spinach, and bell pepper. Since they were so big, I decided to just grill one and sliced it up as a topping for a Grilled Tofu with Portobellos, Red Bell Peppers and Goat Cheese sandwiches along with grilled sweet potatoes. 

There really isn't much of a recipe. I marinated the tofu and portobello in a balsamic vinaigrette then grilled. I had roasted red bell peppers in a jar (was out of fresh) so I used those along with spinach and tomato basil goat cheese for a slightly indulgent Wednesday meal. We don't do much cheese anymore, so that's why I say indulgent, and goat cheese has a decadent quality. Maybe it's the creamy texture.

So it might like look too pretty, but it tasted good!