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Chilly Chili Sunday

Saturday Sandwich Dinner
We started off with White Cheeseless Queso for a snack. We just sat at the table, listened to music, and talked. Dinner ended up being much later than normal. We bantered back and forth over what to make. Jason kept throwing out complicated, time-consuming ideas. Great ideas mind you, just not things to start at 8 pm. We settled on Italian "Beef" Sandwiches that I let him make. We served them open-faced on sandwich thins with sweet potato "fries". I apolgoize for not taking pictures. It was late, and I was starving.

Step on Sunday
This morning I woke up to gray skies and much cooler temps. I think we topped out at 65, if that. I was really slow going. In all honesty, I almost took the day as a rest day. Typically, Sundays are a run day, but the weather was dreary, and Jason's knee was bothering him a bit. He went upstairs to do yoga to try to stretch, and I ended up doing part of Cathe's Step Blast plus abs. Once I got going, I felt so much better and had more energy.

Date Day
We had to make a trip to Whole Foods, otherwise I think I would have just thrown on pjs after cleaning up. Since we were going to be out and about, Jason really wanted to go see a movie. I really am not a big movie watcher to be honest. We go to the movies very rarely. I have issues with the seats and thoughts of germs. I know, silly. Anyway, I decided to just suck it up and enjoy sort of a date afternoon.

Going with the date theme, we opted to watch Date Night. It was really a pretty good, funny movie. I indulged in popcorn, peanut M&M's and diet soda. The soda may as well have been straight vodka upon first sip. WOW. The last time I had a soda was the last time we were at the movies to see Alice in Wonderland months ago. I'll admit, I was feeling a little icky after the fact. I never eat stuff like that so I think my body was in total shock. Oh, and my sinuses are a mess so that certainly didn't help the ick factor.

Chili in May
Jason and I both love chili. But typically we only have it in the fall and winter. Southern summers are just not conducive to chili. Since we had such a cool day today, however, we decided to take advantage of it and make chili for dinner. We made a Chipotle Chili.

Chipotle Chili
1 tsp (or less) canola oil
1/2 yellow onion, diced (or whole if small)
1/2 - whole green bell pepper, diced (depends on size)
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 can red kidney beans, rinsed and drained
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 can no-salt diced tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato paste (approximate)
1/2 cup TVP (I use a "beef" flavored brand I find at a local health store) 
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded, de-veined, minced 
2 chipotles in adobe, minced
1 12 oz. beer (optional)
1 cup vegetable broth or water
Spices to taste: sea salt, black pepper, red pepper, chipotle flakes, cumin, chili powder

In large pot, heat oil and saute onions, bell peppers, and garlic until they begin to soften (approximately 5 minutes). Add in tomatoes, broth or water, beans, jalapeno, chipotles, and spices. Let simmer over low heat approximately 30 minutes. Stir in TVP and paste, let chili continue to simmer and thicken approximately 30 minutes. The longer it cooks, the more the flavors will meld.

I want to wish all of the moms a Happy Mother's Day. I hope it was special (even for moms of furbabies)!!


  1. I kind of wanted to see Date Night! And good call on the peanut m&ms- soo good :)

  2. We love chili here. I am telling you...pintos make the best chili!!! That is a new discovery here! I love chili during the summer too cause it is a perfect topping on lettuce! I hope you have a great evening!

  3. omg i can totally relate. i had pop a month ago after not having it for seriously 2 or 3 years. it was coca cola nonetheless and omg my mouth jumped out from my face. yuckie and WAY too sweet. so intense. and weird tasting too..

  4. Sounds like such a fun date! I know what you mean about the sick feeling, though. I get it every time I eat crappy food that I haven't had in awhile. I hope you're feeling better!!

    The chili looks delicious!

  5. I'm so annoyed with the sudden chilly weather!

    I am not a big soda person. I agree that they are just too sweet. I do occasionally like some soda with pizza though...but that is very rare.

  6. That chilly looks super delicious:)

  7. Ahh I want chili! Unfortunately I'm not sure if I should make it because I'm moving out of my apartment in a couple days and would prefer not to have a bunch of leftovers in the fridge.

  8. so fun that you had date nite! I used to do that with scott back in the day :) we need to do more of it!
    indulging in soda..well, girl. i am not a fan but i would help you polish off your popcorn and peanut m/m's!

  9. Heather,

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. I am glad you took some time to relax.

    I had a sip of soda not long ago I had a similar reaction. My thoughts were along of the lines of shock that I used to enjoy it. Clearly taste buds can change. ;-)

    Today was cold here too. I should have made chili, it would have been perfect.

    talk you later,

  10. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    The chipotle chili sounds so good!

    I have the Timesaver DVD but not the Step Blast series. I may have to splurge and get it.

  11. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries It was really a good movie. Turned out to be a lot different (in a good way) than I had expected.

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen Good call on a chili salad. I need to remember that. It doesn't have to be piping hot!

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel It was the most bizarre sensation after not having had one in months. I was super dehydrated after having some too. No wonder people keep sucking them down though, you feel thirsty.

    Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fitness and Fun This weather is just crazy. We were thinking it was time to get the pool in order, now it's 55 degrees??? I always liked soda and popcorn for some reason, like it's a special treat. Funny how we associate things together.

    Simple Daisy Thank you!

    Krystina @ Organically Me Chile freezes quite well and thaws out for a super fast mid-week meal!

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga We definitely don't do "dates" often enough. Usually if we eat out it's only b/c we're out running errands and hungry. Need to make more of a point to plan dates. Take care!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean Taste buds certainly do change don't they! I can't believe how cool it's gotten. Really enjoyed the chili though!

    April @ The Weigh I Am The DVD that has Step Blast also has Step Punch and Jump. It's well worth the money b/c there are a million different premixes with it.

  12. Candice @ ChiaSeedMe It didn't help that I had taken a Zyrtec D also. That sort of makes me feel a little off. It was fun day and worth the minor indulgence. I love chili and like to make several different types. Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Chili is one of my favorite foods! This looks delicious.

    I LOVED "Date Night." I had low expectations because the previews didn't look very funny to me, but I adore Tina Fey so I thought I'd give it a chance. So glad I did! I laughed throughout the entire thing.

  14. You and Jason seem like such a wonderful, down to earth couple! Too bad we live so far from one another! :(

  15. I want to see Date Night! It's cold here toda--that chili would be wonderful!

  16. It was SO COLD here this weekend. I would have really enjoyed a bowl of your chili!

  17. Jess @ The Domestic Vegan I'm a chili fan too. So easy too. I didn't really have any expectations of the movie either. I was pleasantly surprised. Really glad we went to see it.

    Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly That's such a sweet thing to say! That's the only downfall of "meeting" so many blog friends that don't live close enough. We would love to get to Austin though. That could be so fun.

    Dawn @ Healthy San Diego Living Definitely go see the movie. It's worth it. Sounds like it's cooled off for most everyone.

    Sarah @ The Ordinary Vegetarian It's like summer was just pulled out from under us like a rug. So not cool!!! ;-)

  18. the one thing I LOVE about chili is that its so dang filling.

  19. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    chili can never get old! such a great recipe heather!

  20. Lisa @ I'm an Okie It really is isn't it. The perfect comfort food!

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something Thanks girl! I love chipotle peppers and the smoky undertones.


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