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Rock-N-Weekend Continues

Riverfest Recap
Last night really seemed like a grilling type of night - a must for Memorial Weekend. I grilled up some sweet and baking potato "fries" along with green bell pepper and onions and Tofurky Kielbasa. I didn't have any hot dog buns, so I ended up having to cut them in half and putting them on sandwich thins. I topped with spicy mustard, sauerkraut and the grilled bell peppers and onions. It hit the spot.

We had a sudden rain storm and were a bit worried about that as we were supposed to be heading down to Riverfest to see the Black Crows. Thankfully, it didn't mess up the grilling and it blew over very quickly. Even better, it cooled things down a bit. Around here, afternoon showers either make it steamy and unbearable or cool it down. Thankfully we got the cool down. We got down to Riverfest around 7-ish and headed directly over to the stage where the Black Crows would be playing. Gotta get your spot saved. We got to see a local band called Lucero. We'd never seen them before and were pleasantly impressed.
Notice the 2 kids with the "devil" fingers. They did that almost all night.

It felt like we were standing there forever, well, 2 hours might as well be forever after a 5K and no seats. They did start promptly at 9:30 and rocked out until 11. It was an awesome concert. We had such a great time. What's sort of sad, however, is that as I looked around, I realized that many of the teens dancing around me were likely not even born the last time I saw the band play!

Pyramid and Kickboxing
Today we got up and ran a few errands: Home Depot and Whole Foods. I got in my workouts, of course. I decided to do Pyramid Upper Body today along with MMA Kickboxing then stability ball abs. My arm were shaking after the weights. Pyramid styles always sneak up on me. The concept is that you start at your lightest weight for 12 reps, increase weight for 10 reps, heaviest for 8, then back down the pyramid. Here are the exercises I did:

Chest - Chest flye into chest press
Back - Pullovers into double-arm rows
Shoulders - Rear delt flye into lateral raise into front raise
Biceps - Hammer curls into biceps curls
Triceps - Kickbacks into overhead extension

It was a good workout, and I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

Funday Sunday
After the workouts, I did indulge a bit and sat out on the patio with my books and magazines. We felt that we should do some sort of traditional BBQ meal for Memorial Weekend at some point. So we decided that it should be today. I made a Vegan Potato Salad, Carrot & Cabbage Slaw (recipe here), Grilled Corn on the Cob, and Grilled BBQ Tempeh.

Vegan Potato Salad
1/2 box firm silken tofu
Spicy mustard (to taste)
2-3 tsp nutritional yeas flakes
Splash of apple cider vinegar
1 baking potato, cubed
1 sweet potato, cubed
To taste: salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley

Boil potatoes until just soft then drain and place back in pot to let remaining liquid cook off.

In food processor, blend tofu, mustard, nutritional yeast, and vinegar until smooth.

Combine all ingredients in large bowl and refrigerate. If you like heat, add a dash (or two) of red pepper.
In all honesty, this potato salad would fool even the biggest mayo-lover!

Tonight we had some special VIP passes to watch the firework show (always done on the Sunday night of Riverfest) from the Peabody Hotel. I am not a big fireworks person, but Jason loves fireworks. The passes included free wine and dessert. I was most definitely going for the free wine - all about honesty. I'll be sure to post a recap of this event tomorrow.

Wow, this has been one super filled, super fun, rock-n-busy weekend so far. I honestly hope everyone is having a great weekend too!


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2010

    looks like you've had a great weekend so far!! hope it continues through tomorrow :)

  2. sounds like you had a jam-packed but awesome weekend! The pic of you and your husband is super cute too :)

  3. I'm glad you had fun at the concert!! And your eats look PERFECT for a relaxing summer weekend!

  4. What a great weekend you are having. Glad you are enjoying yourself. I could relate to the kid comment at the concert, been there!

    I love the idea of your tofurky dogs and sauerkraut. Sounds like a great combo!

    enjoy your wine and fireworks,

  5. Sounds like fun!

    Your meal looks amazing - especially the grilled corn on the cob. I've been obsessed with corn on the cob lately, but we don't have a grill so I just have to heat it in the microwave. Boo:(

    Hope you're having a great rest of the weekend!

  6. Sounds like you're having an awesome weekend! What a great potato salad recipe. I just had some german potato salad and while it was very good it was by no means healthy! Love those sweet potato fries too :)

  7. AnonymousMay 30, 2010

    oh i love outdoor concerts! how fun.....and i love your slaw sandwich-it looks so good!

  8. oh i am beyond happy for you heather that the concert was awesome and the weather held up!!!!!!


    i was thinking about you all day wondering how things went down. so cool!

    and love that last pic of you and the man! you are so pretty. put your mug on your blog more often :)

  9. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    wow the concert seems like it was a ton of fun!! mm those baked sweet potato fries look fab & so does the potato salad! who knew you could make a vegan version!? love.

  10. The concert looks like a blast even with the devil fingered kids! funny.

  11. You've definitely been busy having fun! I love how you piled high on the coleslaw..I adore it in sandwiches!

  12. Lizzy @ Fit Lizzio Thanks so much!!

    Jolene @ To Be Determined Thanks! It's been a good one that's for sure.

    Thanks Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg . Hope you're feeling better!!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean I swear it made me feel so old when I had that realization!!!! Hope your weekend has been a good one!

    Candice @ ChiaSeedMe Oh I love grilled corn on the cob. Maybe try roasting it????

    Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries I hope you're having a good weekend too. I must say I was not exactly sure how the potato salad would turn out, but it was so good. Even Jason commented on how great it was.

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something I completely forgot how much I enjoy outdoor concerts. We haven't been able to hit Riverfest in years as we're usually already on vacation.

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga You are too sweet!!

    The Rabbit Runner Thanks girl! Sometimes a little creativity can pay off - like with the potato salad. ;-)

    Lindsay @ Pancakes N Pajamas The kids were too funny. I wish I had videoed them really rocking out!

    Sophia @ Burp & Slurp What's funny is that maybe a year ago I never would have put slaw on a sandwich! Now I love it. YUM.

  13. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    Looooove the people pictures in this post!! Sounds like a fab weekend so far :-)

  14. Oh my fun! I want your weekend!! :)

  15. u look amazing btw! so glad the rain didnt dampen the festivities. i get so worried when a storm cloud comes through when i have plans of outdoor events. luckily the weekend turned out fantastic!! BBQing all the way! woo

  16. Look like you guys had a great time! I love weekend like this full of events and excitement :)

    LOVE this potato salad doll! Can't wait to make it!


  17. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I know you mentioned wanting to relax some too so I'm glad you got a bit of that in as well as other fun things.

  18. Wow the weekend sounded fantastic- love the vegan potato salad recipe! I've got to try it! Hope Monday is just as fun!

  19. Jessica @ EatDrinkBreatheSweat Thanks girl! Hope you've had a fantastic weekend!

    Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly I'll share, but won't give it up ;-)

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm glad the rain hasn't ruined anything as well. Love BBQing weekends!

    Kris @ iheartwellness Let me know if/when you try the potato salad and how you like it.

    Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fitness and Fun Thankfully I've been able to enjoy both the fun and a bit of relaxing. It'll be so sad when it's all over!

    Andrea @ Can You Stay for Dinner Thanks so much for stopping by. Can't wait to check out your blog now.

  20. Love the tofu kielbasa! I tried some turkey kielbasa that I really liked- I'm thinking I'm going to have to try some tofu some soon. And those sweet potato fries..YUM! Glad you had a good night @ the concert!

  21. Dang you have lived it up this weekend! I am so jealous of the Black Crows!!! I would have loved to see them! So glad you had a great time and enjoy the fireworks!

  22. Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices Really like the Tofurky products. I try not to rely on meat subs, but sometimes I just have to! Hope you've had a great weekend.

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen I must say that I was so happy with the concert. I saw them so long ago and had such a great memory. I was worried that it might not "live" up to those memories.


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