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Weights, Plyo, and Smoky Tempeh Fajitas

Weights and Plyo
Wow, Monday sure came fast. How'd that happen???? I went to bed pretty early last night (asleep by 9 pm), when my alarm went off at 6:18, I could have easily slept another 2 hours. And yes, I set my alarms at off times. No rhyme or reason.

Today I went home and did weights at lunch. It's supposed to be upper body focus with plyo legs. I didn't have time to do a full plyo workout, but did managed to do 5 exercises. Weights were 3 sets of 8 reps:

Back - Double-arm dumbbell rows
Biceps - Dumbbell preacher curls (these are the bane of my existence)
Chest - Flat bench flyes
Shoulders - Military press
Triceps - Overhead extension
Biceps - Hammer curls

I did add an extra back exercise - pullovers.

Plyo: Wide jumps on 12" step, explosive running man, crossovers with 8#, split jumps

After work I did 30 minutes of Cathe's Imax 3 for additional plyo work, then stretched.

Accidental Mexican Monday
Tonight's Mexican Monday Meal wasn't really planned as such. I was feeling very lazy about cooking to be honest. Jason requested fajitas, so it was by chance that we had Mexican-style fare tonight. I just did a simple Smoky Tempeh Fajita.

Smoky Tempeh Fajitas
1 package tempeh
Liquid smoke
Soy sauce
Lemon juice
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
1/2 green bell pepper, thinly sliced
1/2 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 zucchini, thinly sliced
To taste: sea salt, black pepper, cumin, chili powder, red pepper, garlic powder, lemon or lime juice.
Whole-wheat tortillas
Shredded cheese and/or sour cream (vegan or non-vegan, optional)

Slice tempeh in half and marinate in liquid smoke, soy sauce, and lemon juice. In non-stick pan or grill pan, sear the tempeh and set aside. In same pan saute onions and peppers until soft, then add in zucchini and spices until soft. At the last minute, add in the tempeh to reheat.

I used the Daiya Cheddar to top. We're loving this "cheese" option. Fajitas really are a nice, easy, quick dinner. You can change up the flavors as well from smoky to spicy, or both.

Now here is a giveaway I can't pass up the opportunity to post about! Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something is hosting a Clif Family Winery giveaway (yes, as in Clif Bars). You gotta checkout the Clif Family Winery & Farm site too.


  1. You are so funny doll! This dinner looks like a pretty good one for it not to have been planned! I need to find vegan cheese I like so I can add it to veggie fajitas.

    I love your workout enthusiasm :)


  2. u should have accidental mexican mondays more often! espeically after seeing those delishhh fajitas! yummersss. have a great night <3

  3. YUMMY! So I finally figured out why you call your blog "where's the beach" TOO CUTE! Glad I found your blog. Lots of good eats and workouts. :)

  4. Those look super yum! I want to track down the cheddar Daiya. I should also invest in some liquid smoke because I'd like to try my hand at making tofu/tempeh bacon sometime.

  5. those mondays sure are sneaky! great workout :)

  6. Accidental Mexican Monday, LOL, how do you come up with these things? But it sounds delicious. I really need to pull some tempeh out of my freezer soon.

    I am not a big fan of preacher curls either.

    talk to you later,

  7. glad to hear you love the daiya too
    now i am truly the last vegan alive to have yet to try the stuff LOL

  8. I hate those nights where you should have gotten enough sleep, but you still feel tired. Thank goodness Monday is over now!

  9. good call on the applesauce. i actually have no idea why i didnt use apple sauce in the cookies in the first place! i have a whole jar sitting in my fridge... i think i was just so routinely used to adding oil. since the recipe already contains peanut butter.. it wouldve made sense to use apple sauce and omit the olive oil. MmMm and i think it wouldve tasted even better too! THANKS <3

  10. Kris @ iheartwellness So far the Daiya is the one we have liked the best. Some of them just don't have a great flavor or texture.

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel It's always nice when dinner comes together easily. Glad the apple sauce suggestion sounds like a good plan. I was just curious if it changed the texture too much or not.

    Krystina @ Organically Me We just picked up the liquid smoke a few weeks ago. It's one of those things you have to consciously put on a list LOL

    Janetha @ Meals & Moves You're so right about Monday being sneaky!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean You definitely need to do something with tempeh - can't recall that you have. I think you're holding out on me ;-)

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga I doubt you're the very last - maybe 2nd to last??? ;-)

    Tina @ Tina Bit of Faith Fitness and Fun It's like you're cheated somehow without knowing you were being cheated. Completely with you on the Monday being over part!!

  11. Lindsay @ Cotter Crunch Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to checking out your blog(s). My husband has gotten into Triathlons (thought definitely not a pro like your husband).

  12. Who can pass up wine!? what an amazing thing right.

    my tip for you is to go for the free Haagen-Daz today! link is on my post if you're confused

    PS: openID is being a pain, my blog is:
    Thanks! Katherine

  13. I love fajitas! You are right, they definitely are easy to whip together. I should throw them in my rotation.
    I wish my "thrown together" dinners looked as good as yours.

  14. I'm having mexican tuesday tonight! :)

  15. girl, you make tempeh look i just have to get the hubby on board! ;)

  16. AnonymousMay 18, 2010

    thank you for the shout out! yay for wine! love your tempeh tacos-soooo yummy looking!

  17. Katherine @ What About Summer You aren't going to believe this - but I've never had Haagen-Daz!

    LOL Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian Guess that's what starts happening when you photograph your food all the time. Though, sometimes it's cold before I get to eat it! ;-)

    Lindsey @ Cardio Pizza I'm all for Mexican Tuesday too!

    Heather @ Heather's Dish Oh, must get the hubs on board!!

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something You're very welcome. I can't wait to try this wine - when they decide to carry it here that is.

  18. Love the workout!!
    & that dinner- YUM YUM! Mexican is one of my favorites. So funny that you set your alarm for an 'off' time- I do that as well...just always have :)

  19. Your eats look fabulous! I just found your blog and I am so glad that I did! I look forward to reading more! You have a new follower :]


  20. Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices So glad I'm not the only person to do that. It's like 6:15 is too early, 6:20 is too late, but 6:18 is a nice compromise!

    Erica @ Fashion Meets Food Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to checking out your blog too.


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