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Beach Boot Camp and Oil Disaster

Monday's Comments
Thanks for all of your comments yesterday. Sounds like the majority of you do try to do some sort of workout while on vacation and like the idea of cooking if you can. It saves so much money. Even better, I don't have to get dressed up LOL! I'm on beach time and really don't want to have to put on real clothes, shoes, or makeup if at all possible.

And, um, Jessica 2 rest days?? My heart stopped! LOL ;-)

Beach Boot Camp
Today the humidity was way down. Sunglasses didn't fog up when you stepped outside. Of course I had my breakfast on the balcony. After that I ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill then convinced Jason to hit the beach for a beach boot camp workout. Crazy? Yep. Fun? Yep. We did the following circuit twice through. Each exercise was done for 20 seconds in the soft part of the sand with a 1 minute rest before the next sprint:
Push ups
Squat jumps
Ski jumps
Push ups
Plie jumps
Walking lunges
Plyo jacks

I realize that this workout may sound a bit nuts for a vacation. But it was so much fun - intense, but fun.

More Lounging on the Beach
After the workout, we proceeded to spend the day on the beach again. As April @ The Weigh I Am mentioned the other day about redheads having to be careful in the sun, I wanted to mention that while I adore a good tan (and I do tan for a redhead thanks to my Italian genes) I do slather on the 50 from head to toe, wear my huge floppy hat, and spend the majority of the time under the umbrella, reapplying 50 every hour. I'm the Sunblock Nazi.

Tar Has Arrived
I hate to report, but the oil started showing up on the beaches this afternoon. I cannot even begin to express how sad it makes me. The shear enormity of this disaster is so far off yet. While just looking out at the water you couldn't tell there was anything amiss, once you get close, you can see. Jason took a few pictures. We have no idea what the beach will hold for us tomorrow. Here some pictures of the tar. The blobs by my shoe then the black spots in the water are all tar/oil (whatever they're calling it today).

Brunch for Dinner
I certainly don't want to end the post on an ominous air, so I'll talk about dinner. This has to have been the meal farthest from vegan I've had in a very long time. To start, I'm not typically a fan of eggs actually. They sort of make my think "ick." But in a frittata, I sort of like them (better). We really didn't have many options for dinner. It was either brunch, cleaning up and going out, or hitting up the grocery store. We went for brunch. I made a fruit salad with bananas, pineapple, apple, and strawberries. We had a Morningstar Farms Hot & Spicy Veggie Sausage Patty with a frittata made with yellow and orange bell peppers, red onion, zucchini, spinach, and smoked gouda. Oh, and we had to have a mimosa. It was only fitting right? ;-)

Take care my friends!


  1. Yum, mimosa...and um, you don't like eggs, really? That's a staple! ;-) And you look amazing in a bikini, just sayin.

  2. Jolene @ To Be Determined I've never been a fan of eggs. I did find that I can handle egg whites better so it's something about the yolk. And you're too kind girl! It's not easy posting bikini pictures.

  3. Adorable pics, and super cute bikini! Really sounds like a fab vacation so far. I am heartbroken to see the oil, and hopefully you won't have to experience much more of it :-/

  4. I have to agree it is an adorable suit and you look great in it! I love your beach workout. Sounds like fun to me, but then again I am a bit nuts. ;-)

    Sorry to hear about the oil. I hope that is the last of it you see.


  5. I can't imagine how tough burpees would get on the beach. You're hardcore, I love it.

  6. The tar is very sad. :(

    Cute suit!

  7. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    That's so sad about the oil/tar. Every time I read about it on the news or see photos, I feel so upset.

  8. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    HAHA, come on Heather - seriously, it would be HUGE if you took two rest days off while on vacation. You know you want to. ;-) And agree with Jo - that bikini shot, you look so fit, i am totally jealous!!

  9. OMG! you have major killer abs!! WOW ur looking fit like crazy :) gotta love great bikini shots. need to put u on the the cover of Shape mag <3

  10. The oil on the beach breaks my heart!!! You have amazing abs! TRULY!

  11. You look great! So sad to hear about the oil firsthand. :(

  12. You definitely needed a mimosa! Definitely!

    So sad to hear about that's such a heartbreaking situation, all around :-(

  13. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    obviously all of your working out works-you look great and your abs are amazing Heather! what great sad about the oil :(

  14. Ugh so awful about the oil. Soon there won't be any beautiful places left.

    But the brunch does look ahmaze. I never understood why you were only supposed to have mimosas in the morning when they are just so delicious all the time.

  15. Noooo bad oil Stay away!!! I am sorry to hear this!

    The rest of your vacay is looking marvellous!


  16. ugh so sorry about the oil!! that is so terrible!!

    the food looks delicious and you look liek one hot mama!!

  17. Sorry about the oil showing up...I am in total shock that this has happened to this scale! I am a huge fan of breakfast for are totally speaking my language! Totally DELICIOUS!

  18. Seriously. I love your vacation. The oil thing I'm not even gonna talk about because it will only just upset me lol but all your food looks amazing!! Brunch for dinner? Yes please!


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