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Fun Facts Friday - Vacations

Cardio on my Rest Day
Today should have been a rest day for me. Quite honestly, I really needed it to be too. However, I will be on the road most of tomorrow and know that I won't be able to get a workout in. So, going against what I normally preach about taking mandatory rest days, I did cardio this morning.

I chose to do an easier, shorter cardio and abs. I did just 30 minutes of the cardio only premix from Low Impact Circuit and the abs that are also on that DVD. My legs felt like bricks to be quite honest, and it was hard to get going. But, I made it through and will very much enjoy my rest day tomorrow (with the exception of sitting in a car for 8 hours mind you).

Almost Ready
We're mostly packed and ready for the vacation. I need to finish cleaning the house so it's clean when we get home. The last thing I want to do after a vacation is clean. I'll have to do plenty of laundry as it is. I also need to write out instructions for my sister for the dogs and for watching TV and playing DVDs. When did it get so complicated that we can't just turn on the TV or stick in the DVD and it plays? Now you have to hit this button, turn it to this station, use the other remote for's crazy. But, I digress....

We'll definitely be making pizza tonight. We have some veggies that we still need to use up. Plus, it'll make leftovers for my sis to have for dinner, which she was very excited about. Making sure she is well-fed is the least I can do since she's taking care of the pups.

This will be my first long vacation since I started blogging. I do plan on unplugging as much as possible (but within reason of course). I don't plan on going MIA entirely, so no worries there. I will be blogging and posting pictures and meals, but the posts will likely be shorter. I may actually miss a day...maybe...we'll see. Also, I may not be able to stay caught up on everyone else's blogs. For that I do apologize (thought I know most of you will say no need to apologize). I wholeheartedly appreciate everyone who takes the time to ready my blog (whether you comment or not). It means so much to me. So, I want to let you all know that I also love reading your blogs as well, even if I can't comment as much next week. I hope you stick with me! 

Fun Facts Friday
Since I'm about to head out on vacation, I thought the fun facts should revolve around vacations. Very creative right?
1. I have been to Washington D.C. once. It was January 1993 to march in Clinton's Inaugural Parade. I graduated from the same high school and was on the drill team. We (along with the cheerleaders and band) were invited to march. It was a very interesting experience, but I didn't really get to enjoy the city because it was such a whirlwind trip that included a 22 hour (44 total) bus ride, practices at 5 am in the parking deck and rushing through only a few historical spots.

2. We were evacuated from Daytona one year because of a hurricane. The nearest airport to transfer our flight to was Savannah, GA. While missing out on half of the beach vacation, spending 5 hours in traffic, and other frustrations, Savannah turned out to be the best part of the trip. It is such an incredibly gorgeous city, drenched in history. I absolutely fell in love with it.

3. My only adventures outside of the US have been because of cruises. I have been to Nassau, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel. All beach-related of course ;-) I have been snorkeling twice, climbed a waterfall (not recommended), and lazed on a beach (in order of the locations listed)

Now it's your turn. Tell me some interesting place you've been, your favorite trip, or a crazy vacation story.


  1. Have a great vacation! My best vacation was my honeymoon in Maui...nothing has ever come close to those 11 amazing days! :)

  2. enjoy ur pizza night before the trip! .. hopefully cleaning wont take up too much time and u can get that out of the way :)

    wow cruises for all ur trips!

    i wish i had some cool adventure stories but i have yet to travel outside canada. and th eonly real trip i went to was on a motorhome with my family lol

  3. Ha, see, I stress about posting when on vaca or traveling too and totally clean my house before I go for that same reason. Wow, we all are really alike ;-) As for any random things about me tying into yours? I haven't gone to VERMONT and I live in New England - ha.

  4. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    Have a great time on your trip! Looking forward to hearing about it while you're away and back.

    I love to travel. Five years ago I spent about a month volunteering at a home for adults with disabilities in India. It was far away from any cities, and about an hour walk to the closest village. Quite an incredible experience, caused some homesickness, but I'm glad I went.

  5. Crazy vaca story: during a cruise we left the ship to do an excursion and on the way back to the boat got stuck in traffic and nearly missed it! Our excursion person had to call the ship and tell them to wait for us! SO scary. I hope you have an amazing vacation! :)

  6. UNPLUG AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

    do not blog, do not comment, enjoy your time away! Everyone will still be here for you, and most of us wont have changed much so just enjoy your time away!
    I learned that early on (after wasting many precious hrs of caribb vacay time)...guest posts arent what your set of readers want, and readers do get vacays.

    crazy trip stories. 5 weeks in costa rica in the jungle with howler monkeys throwing their doo-doo on my hut all night. for 5 weeks. i dont like monkeys anymore!

  7. Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly Oh, that sounds like an awesome vacation!

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel Ok, you need to make a trip my way! How fun would that be??!!

    Jolene @ To Be Determined Vermont??? where's that??? LOL just kidding. Funny how traveling to the places closest to you are the least appealing somehow.

    Lisa @ Lisa's Foods on the Move How cool. I wish I would have traveled and done something like that when I was younger!

    Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries Ok, that would be my biggest fear on a cruise!

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga Ok, your story takes the cake!

  8. Ahhh have a fab trip love! Just unplug from us ;) We will understand!

    We travel to California usually twice a year and last year missed our flight :| so we had to pay extra to transfer...yuck!

    The best trips for me are always to Maui....goodness I love it there!

    Have a blast!


  9. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    You should definitely visit Greece as well!
    There are some amazing beaches on the islands.
    Have fun at your trip and enjoy every moment of it.

  10. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    I would do the same thing if I was in your position! in the grand scheme of things you are STILL getting your rest day, just a day later :)
    enjoy your vacation!

  11. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    You are so funny - don't worry about not commenting or reading up on our blogs all week while you're away! We still love ya! :) Have an amazing time, I can't wait to hear all about it! And to answer your question - my favorite vacation has to be my honeymoon to St. Lucia...amazing, though wine country comes pretty darn close, hehe ;)

  12. Have fun on your vacation!

    My vacations have mostly been to tropical places, but I took a really interesting trip to Newfoundland with my family one time. The whale watching was so neat!

  13. My travels have all been limited to the US unfortunately ):

    I had a pretty fun time in Baltimore though - but NYC is my favorite place. I just love that you can find anyyyything! I hope your vacay is great babe (:

  14. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    i love colorado been there many times skiing and riding!
    i am like you i love to come home to a clean house. have a great trip heather!

  15. My crazy vacation story is an airplane story. We were flying from the Washington D.C. area (where I live) to the West Coast and were going through Minneapolis. Well, this was right after that bridge collapsed in Minneapolis (like 2007 I think?) and who should be behind us in his plane but the PRESIDENT. And then they were like "Um, you're not allowed to get out of the plane while the president is in the airport". And this was back when George W.'s approval ratings were reallllll low and people were realllllll mad.
    But looking out the window I saw Air Force One roll up behind us and the president (like the size of an ant) step out on the tarmac. So that was kind of cool, if inconvenient.

  16. Heather,

    Don't know how I missed this post yesterday.

    I have a couple of weird vacation stories. The first one was being in Perugia during an earthquake in 1997. My first earhtquake was in Italy, go figure. But it does sound like me doesn't it? ;-)

    The second one was Osama ruined a trip to Italy in 2001. We were scheduled to leave on the 12th and Dulles was closed and we couldn't get out or reroute for weeks so our vacation got cancelled. I have said many times if I find him I will kill him for ruining our trip to Italy.

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation!



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