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No Purse Wednesday, Run, Weights, Rant & Stir Fry Thursday

Wednesday Night Follow UP
Sigh, I had hoped to have pictures to share of my awesome new purse and/or jeans. I'm sad to report that I came home empty handed (not that that upset the hubs mind you). They didn't have jeans in my size and the tops (burn out tees) aren't my style. There were 2 purses I had my eyes on. But, in the end, I just couldn't decided and figured that was a sign. Neither of them called out to me enough that I just HAD to have them. I still had fun getting out of the house and visiting with my friend for a bit. 

I took the easy way out and replied to everyone's comments as a whole. I apologize, but since I didn't start replying last night, I just couldn't keep up. That makes me happy in a lot of ways because it means I have more friends commenting. The bad part is that it's getting harder for me to reply to everyone separately. I do appreciate everyone's comments. You guys always make me smile!

Run & Total Body Circuit Fun
This morning Jason and I got in a 3 mile run. There was a time when I would have been annoyed at running through sprinklers, today, I was praying that every single person would have theirs on and be over spraying onto the sidewalks! It was also one time that I was wishing for gusty winds during a run. But, not to be a Debbie Downer, it was a pretty good run actually. It's definitely more peaceful running at 5:45 am. There's hardly any traffic so it's just a nice calm as the sun is coming up.

It was a good thing the run was pleasant because I just flaked out after. I had one of those "can I start over" mornings the second I left the house. I forgot my oatmeal and the peanut butter I had put in a container to bring along. Thankfully we live so close to our offices and Jason was kind enough to bring my breakfast to me. I was starving after the run mind you. I was also running about 5 minutes late, just couldn't seem to get my act together getting ready. Anyway, thankfully most mornings are not that way.

After work I decided to try something different as a 2nd workout. I did a total body type of workout using compound exercises with higher reps and lower weights. I was just playing around and having fun (I know most wouldn't consider this to be"fun"). I know that this type of workout can get your heart rate up there too. Since I will be lifting heavy with my rotation, I just wanted something that was light weights, but still weights (if that makes any sense as I am officially rambling now). Here's what I did:

Side drop squats off 12" step with overhead triceps extension- 16
Side drop squats off 12" step with leg raise (keeping the weight used for triceps) - 16
Alternating rear lunges with low-end pulse and biceps curls - 16
Squats with shoulder press - 16
Rear lunges off 12" step with lateral raises - 16 with lateral raise, 16 without

Alternating rear lunges with low-end pulse and hammer curls - 16
Side lunge with single arm shoulder press - 16 each side
Plie squats with low end pulse and hammer curls - 16

Push ups - 24
Side drop squats off 12" step with overhead triceps extension- 16

Side drop squats off 12" step with leg raise (keeping the weight used for triceps) - 16

Alternating front lunges with low-end pulse and biceps curls - 16

Squats with shoulder press - 16

Rear lunges off 12" step with lateral raises - 16 with lateral raise, 16 without

Side lunge with single arm shoulder press - 16 each side
Plie squats with low end pulse and hammer curls - 16

Push ups - 24
Donkey kicks with weight - 2 x 18
Firewalkers - 8 (4 steps right, 4 steps left equals 1)
Lying inner thigh lifts with ankle weights - 32
Lat band pull downs - 2 x 16

This took 40 minutes total (not including my stretch after). Normally I do not like high rep/low weight workouts. But this one was, dare I say, fun today. Maybe it was because I was just doing what I wanted, maybe it was because I have not done anything like this in a very long time, who knows. I was a sweaty mess after all was said and done though. I may do this one again next week. 

Soapbox Moment
Ok, bit of a rant. Today we celebrated a co-workers lunch at a new-ish restaurant downtown. It's a tad bit pricey for starters, but the atmosphere is super fun and eclectic. I ordered a Greek salad minus chicken, mozzarella AND parmesan (who puts that on a Greek salad WITH the feta?). Sounds like not much left right? Well, it did have romaine lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, artichokes, and a wee smidge of feta. Knowing what I was going to be getting, I brought a baggy of cannellini beans to add for the protein.

So, my gripe? Typically vegetarians get charged full price for eating a salad sans the expensive ingredient (the meat). Also, a vegetarian salad very rarely ever comes with a protein source (like beans) other than 3 kinds of cheeses globbed on. Unless a salad is truly loaded with fibrous veggies, they typically aren't terribly satisfying. However, vegetarians are expected to accept this and enjoy it??? I used to feel odd about carting in my own proteins for salads, but I certainly don't any longer. I also don't feel bad about asking for a price reduction.

Do you bring your own protein sources (I know this has been mentioned before)? Do you ever ask for price reductions when you ask for the meat to be held?

Stir Fry Kind of Night
Still not in the mood for full out cooking, so I opted for stir fry in our electric wok to keep from heating up the kitchen. I used a variety of frozen and fresh veggies with my homemade Chikn' Seitan (recipe) and served over soba noodles. So, nothing fancy, but it was perfect for a fast, veggie loaded meal.


  1. Aw sorry you came home sans purse! And I never thought to bring my own protein, but what you said is SO true about vegetarians paying the same price when they shouldn't have to. I usually get the meat, but sometimes I will ask for things without bacon and it would be nice to get a price reduction!

  2. Sounds like a great workout thanks for sharing. I love compound exercises. ;-)

    Bummer on the lack of a new purse. =(

    I guess we are very spoiled by having a chef friend. We never get charged full price for our vegan variations of his omni dishes. I am shocked that that happens elsewhere. That is ridiculous if you ask me.


  3. sorry the shopping was a bust. sigh. i hate it when i have a burning desire to shop and spend $ but that there's nothing that's truly exciting me and buying would be just to buy, notb/c i really wanted it

    from sarenas site and avos, i told her this too:
    Avos. Please try my raw vegan choc mousse recipe. Half the recipe and just try it. You will LOVE avos.. Promise!

    have a great nite!

  4. Sorry you didn't find anything you liked-- but better to find something you love, right?

    That gripe-- yes, I totally understand. It always pisses me off when I have to order a tiny little salad sans chicken and still pay 8 bucks for it. Grrrrr.

  5. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries Glad even a meat eater can understand!!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean Let me know if you ever try this workout. I really had fun. Crazy I know. I wish we had a restaurant like that still. :-(

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga I think that's the worst when you're ready to spend the $$$. You sent me the link to that recipe, I just haven't tried it yet. I need to....I have it saved!

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Oh and it's usually iceberg around here! The salad today would have been freaking 10.99!!!

  6. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    If i'm trying to lose weight I do bring my own chicken etc...Plus sometimes restaurant food is iffy.

    There's nothing better than a fun workout!

  7. mmm yay stir-fry night!!

    im glad to hear more and more people are finding and loving your blog!

    oh i always feel so bummed when i got shopping and cant find anything that i like or that fits right. if thats the case i always find myself out the next day still searching lol

    xoxo <3

  8. Aww that sucks about the salad! Since culinary school, I'm such a restaurant snob, and I totally side with you! You should have asked the manager to sub different veggies. Here in L.A, there is always a fiber and protein loaded entree/salad on menus, and even vegan options. I would have thrown a fit, you bit the bullet, well done.
    But at least your stir fry looks delish!

  9. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    sorry about the jeans and purse. like you said, it was a sign!

    nothing easier than stiry-fry. love it. it's always so good too. have you tried adding baby corn, straw mushrooms and chestnuts? they're in cans in the asian food aisle. they are sooo good!

  10. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    I get so annoyed about that too when it comes to veggie dishes! I havent tried bring my own protein source, I usually just have something else when I'm at home if there is no good option. Sometimes I ask for the meat on the side so that someone else at the table can have it. I have vital wheat gluten on my shopping list so I can finally try making seitan!

  11. No purse? :( I agree if you couldn't decide it wasn't meant to be. I bet the right one jumps out at you this weekend. Since I do eat meat I've never thought about this. You have an awesome point. I do order salads without meat, but usually the restaurants here have a price for the salad and then an additional charge for the meat. It does not make sense to have to pay the full price.

    You're comments always make me smile too!

  12. Ugh, I am so on board with that gripe! Seriously, why does cheese have to be the only source of protein??? I totally take hummus when I can. When we go to the wing place, I take a huge thin of hummus and order extra celery and carrots from the wing order. I don't feel bad about it either. You don't offer anything I can eat and my family is there to eat.

    Sorry about the purse and will find the perfect match soon! I have a rule, I never buy a purse or wallet for more money than I would have in it at any given time. If you know me...that's not much!

    Have a great day, Heather!

  13. April @ The Weigh I Am You're right about the food being iffy from time to time!

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel I was tempted to hit up the mall yesterday I'll admit. But the workout saved my wallet ;-) Hope you're feeling better!

    Eden's Eats Sadly, the mentality around here all Meat Meat Meat makes a meal. And people still think vegetarians live on lettuce and tofu and vegan??? Vegans may as well have 3 heads.

    Jessica @ Living in the Kitchen, Gym and Mall Oh I adore the baby corn! I also like the mushrooms and the water chestnuts too, I just didn't have any of that on hand. So instead I add squash of all things LOL.

    Sarah @ Run Sarah I've never thought to save the meat for someone else. May do that if the don't knock off the price for holding it. I was pleased that they did that at least. Please let me know how it turns out!

    Lindsay @ Pancakes N Pajamas I wish more restaurants around here priced the salad sans meat then charged additional for adding it. That makes more sense to me. But what do I know ;-)

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen Oh, hummus is a brilliant idea. Not sure why I hadn't thought of that one. Duh. Love your rule for buying a purse. I need to remember that one!!! Take care!

  14. Bummer no jeans or purse! Seriously I need you to be my trainer! You're like the workout goddess! I have been going back in your post to try to get some tips of how I could possible be able to drop 17 pounds by the first week an august or I will NOT be fitting in my wedding dress.... yikes! I am not a vegetarian, but I get things at restaurants without meat often. Sometimes I just can't handle the meat and other times I can. I had considered bringing my own salad dressing when going to restaurants, but have never done so.


  15. I usually get the meat that comes with a salad because I need the protein in order to feel satisfied. But if there were other protein options at restaurants, like tofu or beans, I would definitely get those instead! Restaurants aren't usually very good about providing vegetarians with meals that cover all of the nutritional bases (carbs, fats, AND protein). :(

  16. Bummer about the purse and jeans!

  17. Those Soba noodles look great.
    I agree with you about the salad- although I am not a vegetarian, I do sometimes feel like NOT getting chicken on my salad, even if it comes with it. I will ask if the price is different & if they say it's not..then I just order the chicken on the side anyways & either take it to go or give it to Craig. I think it's great that you brought your own source of protein- good for you!!! Way to think ahead. I think they should have different options rather than JUST the chicken or whatever- like have different beans you can order instead. (since I know not all restaurants will have tofu)

  18. AnonymousJune 25, 2010

    good morning heather! first of all good for you for not buying anything-what a money saver and smart! i agree about the veggie options.....honestly they don't care about us at reataurants-so sad. love the idea to bring your own beans. will have to try that for sure!

  19. The one thing about doing an early workout, it is so peaceful and quiet out. Even though I am not outside for spin, when I get back, the weather is just beautiful (at 6) and it is still so quite outside.
    That is a bummer that they don't automatically decrease the price of your salad. Some places charge extra for meat, chicken, etc., so it should be reversed. Have a great day!

  20. Heather, I agree with you 100%, SO frustrating. Why do entree salads ALWAYS have meat??? Drives me crazy. I have been leery of asking for a discount for leaving off the meat and cheese, so actually I usually just go for something else on the menu, because I refuse to pay $12 for lettuce and a sprinkling of veggies. I totally love that you brought beans with you, great idea! Depending on the setting I might do the same :)

  21. Erica @ Fashion Meets Food I think I like that title: Workout Goddess ;-) I'm glad that you are finding some sort of inspiration from my postings of workouts.

    Chelsea @ The Healthy Munchkin That's exactly it - they don't balance the dish at all.

    Dawn @ Florida Coastal Cooking I know right? And I was so prepared to spend $$.

    Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices Soba noodles are pretty delish. Love the nutty flavor. I think if they just offered beans that would be better than nothing - and beans not cooked in bacon or lard mind you.

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something I do sometimes feel a little awkward pulling out a baggy of beans or Quorn nuggets, but it's mostly just weirdness from co-workers, not so much the restaurant staff. I'm getting used to it and my co-workers are too LOL

    Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian I agree - if they can charge extra then surely they can charge less when you don't add it.

    Sarah @ The Ordinary Vegetarian Yesterday was the first time I finally had the balls to just flat out ask. I was NOT going to pay 12.99 (yes 12.99) for lettuce and, as you said, "sprinkling of veggies." Half the time it's only iceberg lettuce anyway.

  22. Sorry you left emptyhanded but now you have an excuse to hit the mall ;)
    Your stirfry looks yummy. I haven't had soba noodles in a long time, I will need to pick some up.

  23. Looks delicious. I've found that shopping in Asian groceries makes for a healthier shopping cart and healthier meals. Easy on the budget, too.

  24. I'm sorry your shopping trip was a bust! I always get super disappointed when I look and look for something I want and come back empty handed. But at least you saved yourself some cash (:

    I've never brought my own protein for veggie salads before, but that's only because I never thought of it as a possibility until now! I might have to try that next time. Thanks for the idea!

  25. AnonymousJune 25, 2010

    I've never asked for a restaurant to charge less for ordering a vegetarian meal without protein, but I hate when I get charged full-price. I know exactly how you feel, and it's happened to me a few times.

  26. Stir Fry over soba noodle is one of my favorite easy meals! You can just give me a big pile of cooked veggies almost any night and I'll be happy. Yours looks great!

    You have a great point about getting charged full-price when asking them to hold the meat. I don't usually get salads at restaurants, but from now on I think I definitely might ask for a price reduction if I do order something and ask to hold the meat. It just doesn't make sense to pay the full price!

    I've never brought my own protein either, but it's definitely a good idea. I usually go to the same restaurants over and over, and most of them have beans as a protein option. I'll definitely think about that in the future though. Great post!

  27. I am not a vegetarian but I will say that I hate it when resturaunts do not offer vegetarian entrees. In today's world that should be mandatory!


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