Monday, July 12, 2010

Fall Meals Mid-Summer

Soup and Sandwich Sunday
Last night we ended up going for soup and sandwiches for dinner. My tummy was not going to handle anything very heavy. Soup just sounded right, even though it was 95+ degrees out. I opted for Butternut Squash Soup (only changes were omitting carrots and using all rice milk as I was out of stock) with Grilled BST Sandwich.

Grilled BST Sandwich
5-6 strips tempeh bacon
Whole-wheat sandwich rounds
Fresh spinach
Fresh basil
1 Roma tomato thinly sliced
Soy Kaas Montery Jack "Cheese" (or other dairy or non-dairy cheese)
Sundried Tomato & Basil Veggie Dip (could also use a mayo or hummus)

Spread dip on both sandwich rounds, then layer: spinach, basil, tomatoes, tempeh, top with "cheese" and grill both sides until crisp and melty.

Legs & Boxing Beat the Blues
This morning my eyes popped open at 5:27, but I was seriously not in the mood to do any exercising, so I dozed for another 50 minutes or so before getting up and heading off to work. To be quite honest, it was a very blue day for me. I decided that I definitely needed to get in a workout at lunch to help with my mood. I went ahead and did legs (get 'em done early before talking myself out of it). I did the following as drop sets of 4 sets of 8 reps unless otherwise noted:

Plie squats
Static lunges
Calves - 3 x 15 feet turned out, feet parallel, feet turned out
Step ups
Squats with low-end pulse - 1 x 8
Plie squats with low-end pulse - 1 x 8
Donkey kicks with weight - 2 x 16
Single leg calf raises - 1 x 20

It was a good, heart pumping workout. Drop sets always keep my heart rate up there. After work I opted for Cathe Friedrich's MMA Boxing as my legs were already feeling the noon workout. I know it probably seems like I'm about to OD on boxing and kickboxing workouts lately, but I'm really enjoying doing workouts that are lower in intensity levels on days when I do weights or do a short run. In the past, my workouts were always high-intensity like running, step aerobics, HIIT, get the picture. So, I think this change of pace has been good for me. I don't feel totally spent all the time. Go figure right.

Oh, and back to the weight workout, I am having such a difficult time rounding out my legs and building any hamstring definition. I don't have a proper bench at home to do curls. I basically just do deadlifts (not Bulgarian though). Any better suggestions?

Bringing the Grilling Indoors
Tonight was either going to be grilling or leftovers. The rain rolled in right around dinner time though, however, I just really didn't want leftovers. I wanted what we were going to grill. So I just made it all indoors and used the toaster oven to roast new potatoes seasoned with rosemary, garlic, salt, and pepper. I also sauteed squash, zucchini, and white onion to go with Gardein Chick'n Scallopini topped a "Creamy" Raspberry Honey Mustard Sauce.

"Creamy" Raspberry Honey Mustard Sauce
Raspberry honey mustard (favorite brand or homemade)
Rice or soy milk
Spicy brown mustard (to taste)
To taste: salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, white pepper, thyme, red pepper, red wine vinegar

In saucepan, whisk all ingredients together and let simmer until sauce thickens to desire consistency.

Notes: The spices are dependent upon how sweet or not sweet you want the sauce (or how sweet the mustard was). Also, if sauce doesn't thicken as you would like (depending on the type of milk you used) you can make a slurry with cornstarch or arrowroot.

For some reason this meal felt more like a fall/winter meal after all was said and done. I think that if it had been grilled (like grilled veggies rather than sauteed) perhaps it would have somehow felt more summer like. Oh and having marinated the protein as opposed to a sauce... Maybe tomorrow I'll remember what season it is.