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Fun Facts Friday - Sugar Doll Award

Weights in the Morning?
This morning I managed to get up and do weights as well as my cardio. I typically don't feel awake or strong enough first thing in the morning. But I wanted to get it all done and out of the way. I treated today like Saturday since tomorrow I will likely not be able to get weights done.

So, I worked biceps, triceps, shoulders doing drop sets of 4 sets of 8 reps starting with the heaviest weight and dropping in about 10% increments with each subsequent set. The exception is for the the last 3 exercises, which I did to failure.

Biceps dumbbell curls
Hammer curls

Overhead triceps extension

Dumbbell shoulder press
Lateral raises

Alternating curls with twist at top - 8 reps
Lying dumbbell extensions - 10 reps
Upright rows - 12 reps

The key to drop sets is to make sure you know what weight increments you will need and have them set up and ready to go. You start with the heaviest weight and quickly drop down in weight with as little rest time as possible for each set (example: 20 lb, 17 lb, 15 lb, 13 lb).

Because my legs are still pretty sore from the hill repeats, I opted out of the run I was planning and chose a workout that was not leg focused: Cathe Friedrich's MMA Boxing (shocked aren't you).

Happy Dance
This has been one heck of a work week. It's gone by quickly at least. Since I did work extra on Wednesday, I opted to work through lunch today and leave at 2. I cannot even tell you what a treat that feels like. Though, I'm sure you likely understand my joy. So, workout is done, I get off early....hello shopping. Ok, so it'll likely only be groceries, but still. I need to get that done today, because tomorrow we probably won't have time for it. As long as the rain holds off, we're supposed to go to the lake with the family.

Sadly, we have not had a chance to go yet this summer. Very atypical. We usually are on the water the first weekend in June, weather permitting. But this year my dad and step-mother bought a new house and were in the midst of packing and moving. If we make it, I'll be sure to post pictures and a recap. We're also hoping to go to a baseball game. So, it'll be a full day of summertime activities.

Fun Facts Friday - Sugar Doll Award
Lindsey @ Pancakes N Pajamas gave me this fun award. She received the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award and passed it on to me!  Thanks so much Lindsey!

The rules to this award are to tell 10 little known facts about myself and pass it on to three to five other bloggers. So, in this will take the place of Fun Facts Friday.
1. I am a gum addict. I get panicked when I am down to the last stick in my purse and there isn't a back-up pack.
2. I am a huge klutz. How I ever danced en pointe is a shock to my family. My nickname was Grace if that gives you an idea of my agility.

3. I hate watermelon. Actually, I hate all melons. I want to like them. They look refreshing.

4. I hate PB&J sandwiches. The jam/jelly makes me think of this gelatinous goo that I used to clean the rust off of my bicycle once as a kid.

5. I do like jam in my oatmeal though. Possibly because it's warmed up and melty.

6. I have super short, fat feet. I wear a 5.5 or 6 but wide.

7. I have never had a pedicure. I don't like people touching my feet.

8. I am painfully shy. But, once you get to know me and I'm one-on-one or in a small group, I'm like a whole different person.

9. I curse like a sailor. I have to really watch myself and the F bombs. I think I even offend my husband at times.

10. I am not a fan of chocolate. Now, white chocolate...bring it on.
I must say that trying to decide on only three or five people to pass this on to was really difficult. I think all of you deserve the award! I decided to choose five people that I don't know quite as much about. 

So, I pass this award on to these five fabulous ladies:
Lisa @ Lisa's Foods on the Move
But, that doesn't mean you guys are off the hook. It's Fun Facts Friday so give me at least one little known fact about yourself (more if you're so inclined).


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    What a fun award - it's always nice to find out about new bloggers!

    Fun Fact: Although I like being at the beach, I'm not the biggest fan of the ocean. It kind of creeps me out and I'm always afraid I'll get attacked by something! :)

  2. Okay, now I know we are somehow related, LOL. I am klutz, have short wide feet, am shy, have never had a pedicure for the same reason and curse more than my husband. While I didn't dance I was a cheerleader for 8 years and my family never could figure that one out either. Yet more things we have in common. ;-)

    Enjoy your family time at the lake,

  3. You don't like watermelon?! REALLY? I could eat the whole thing, I swear. Just got one today and can't wait to crack it open ;-) And totally with you on the gum thing...and chapstick. huge addiction. fact, fun fact...I am incapable of organized sports. Of any kind. Just not coordinated for it. AT ALL. How's that?!

  4. Yay! You're so sweet. Thanks for the award:)

    So fun to learn more about you - I can't believe you don't like watermelon!

    I hope you get to go to the lake this weekend - take lots of pictures!

  5. Thank you! I will have to think on some fun facts. I thought about you this morning when I did my kick punch and crunch! You are freakishly like me! Except, I LOVE melons! Seriously, what is wrong with you? Cursing...I have such a potty mouth and I have two kids that have been threatened with said potty mouth not to repeat what I have said. I hate people messing with my feet. Grosses me out and freaks me out! I am not a chocolate fan either, but I love white chocolate. It has been so long since I had it last. I hope you have a great time at the lake! We were going to go to my husband's parents place on the lake tomorrow, but we can't...hopefully we can get away the first part of next week! I know you will remember...but put on the suncreen...from one sunscreen Nazi to another!

  6. We haven't been able to go to the lake this year yet either. I am having withdrawals. It is normally my favorite place in summer!! I hope you get the chance to go.

    And drop sets are amazing. They help you really push past your limit. Love them.

  7. Love dropsets! They get me everytime!

    And I used to be a gum addict but now it kills my sad!

  8. love your facts...short and fat feet?! Omg I am a ladies size 12 narrow. Skies! My own personal skies are my feet :)

    Shy. I can see that but it's good you realize that and I have loved getting to know you and how you've opened up :)

    Chest strap..lodged it underneath my bra and sort of pulled sports bra over chest strap to help hold in place..much!! better!! still a smidge big but live-able.

  9. But your feet look so cute and pedicured in the pic! Or are those not yours? haha

  10. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    I'm a bit of a gum freak too. I'm trying to cut back because it's getting a little out of control!

  11. I have short fat feet too!!! its crazy, I buy kids shoes! I would love a pedicure, but I'm too tickleish! I'd laugh my ass off!

  12. I hope you get to go to the lake! I love family days at the lake in the summertime :-)

  13. Courtney @ Three Months I am soooo with you on actually getting into the ocean. I rarely wade in past my calves!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean LOL - Yep, we're either related or it's the Italian in us!

    Jolene @ To Be Determined I'll be sure to bring extra gum and chapstick in sacks for the RT ;-) Oh, I don't do sports either. I have no hand/eye coordination at all!

    Candice @ ChiaSeedMe I look forward to reading more about you (hint hint).

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen Another unknown sister apparently! Too funny when you start finding people so similar. Hope you guys make it to the lake and enjoy!

    Tina @ Faith Fitness and Fun I really needed to shake it up so I thought I would go with drop sets. Drops or pyramids always get me (in a good way).

    April @ Foods of April I almost wish it hurt my tummy so I'd stop chewing it. I have limited myself to no more than 2 pieces a day and I seriously start getting antsy for them.

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga Glad you're getting used to the strap! It's definitely not the most comfy thing in the world. The things we do in the name of fitness right?

    Jenna @ Healthy. Happy. Well. I just paint my own tootsies! Yep, those are my short, fat feet LOL.

    Madeline @ Greens and Jeans I seriously had to limit myself. My husband used to buy me jumbo packs at Christmas and that was one of my fave gifts!

    Eden's Eats Haha - My feet are super ticklish too. I hadn't even thought about that part.

  14. What a fun award! It was fun learning random facts aboyt you! I use to be a crazy gum addict not really sure what happened there. I relate to the shy factor... I was insanely shy until I went away to college... I completely broke out of my shell and my parents were shocked as was my family! I was a whole new person. I hate people touching my feet as well, but every 5-6 weeks I am ready for my pedicure lol.


  15. AnonymousJuly 10, 2010

    Thanks for the Sugar Doll Award, Heather! I'll be sure to include my facts in my next post. Here's one for you: as a kid I used to chew gum every day, but after high school I stopped, and only chew it a few times a year. Just don't care for it anymore.

  16. Congrats on your win!! That's the cutest thing! A fun random fact about me - I've gone to raves on both the west AND east coast. Pretty classy right? (;

  17. AnonymousJuly 10, 2010

    I gotta say I'm so surprised you call yourself "painfuly shy" - I tend to doubt that based on your personality on this here blog and what I know about you from our Cathe chats and such. Buuut I guess we'll soon find out come RT time. I cannot WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! It's only a few weeks away now, I"m so freakin' excited. And PS. How on earth have you never had a pedicure?? They are like god's gift to women - especially us workout fiends who kick the crap outta our feet! My random fun fact? Hmmm...I always tell people this and they're shocked (and I bet you won't be) - I've never had a twinkie, never had a desire to, no chocolate involved, just doesn't do a darn thing for me! Now a chocolate cupcake? Come to mama! ;)


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