Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Hill Day or Sandwich Day

Hill Repeats and More Kickboxing
This morning I got up to run again. I really didn't have the heart to run my usual route twice through (3 miles). Sometimes it just gets soooo boring. And, there is one stretch that is a steady incline (not steep mind you) that seems harmless on the first lap, but by the second lap it starts looking really steep. So, I decided to just do 1.5 miles as a warm up then do hill repeats. I did try to push myself and took the first lap at a faster pace. Oh, I have my crack...I mean heart rate monitor back.

I did 20 second sprints up a hill then recovered and repeated 8 times and finished with another .5 miles It took right at 31 minutes to complete. Hill repeats have a way of sneaking up on you, or they do me. The first few sprints feel great, then I start feeling it the legs. I would say that I'll be sore tomorrow, but that's a given as I'm already sore.

Today was rather stressful and busy at work. It was a long 9-hour day because we had to conduct some usability testing through lunch. Also, I just have some big projects that keep dragging on and on and a few difficult people. Oh, and it was a super bad hair day too ;-)

Even though my legs were tired, I did want to get in closer to 60 minutes of cardio today and thought that a second workout might help workout my legs, give me a boost of energy, and act as a stress reliever. What\'s a better stress reliever than a good old Kickboxing workout???? Surprised aren't you. I just did 3 combos from Cathe Friedrich's Kick, Punch and Crunch (about 20 mins).

Sandwich and "Chips" Night
After work, I was really not feeling very creative or enthusiastic when it came down to dinner. In the end, I took a cue from Kelly @ Healthy Living with Kelly who reminded me that sandwiches make the perfect summer meal. So, I opted for a sandwich with sweet and baking potato "chips" (grilled of course). I made a Grilled Portobello Sandwich with Sundried Tomato & Basil Veggie Dip. I made the "chips" the same way I do my "fries" only cut as rounds. The sandwiches were topped with baby spinach, roasted red bell peppers, bacon tempeh, and provolone.

Baked "Fries" Tip Recap

Speaking of fries...So many of you seemed really enthusiastic to try out my tip/trick. I appreciate that and hope that you will let me know if and when you do. Also, I want to thank you for the additional tips and tricks and some have already tried out my fry tip:

Bela @ It's Life, Max It Out gave it a shot. Check out her reviews.

Eden @ Eden's Eats says: "a little trick that helps is too bake them at a high hear (like 400) then turn the oven off and let them sit in the dry heat for about 30 min. The dry heat really helps!"

Nichole @ Live for the Run suggested: "dipping them in a little balsamic and tossing them back in the oven makes a savory crust."

I truly appreciate your additional tips and tricks and feel honored that someone has tried my tip out already!