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Plan B Saturday

Friday Follow Up
I loved reading your 5 (or sometimes 4) facts! Love getting to know you guys and love that you take the time to play along. I really look forward to your comments.

Last night we enjoyed our Pizza Friday night then decided to go chill out in the pool. It's so peaceful at night - just floating on the mats, listening to music, not a care in the world. The only thing that would have made it better is if the stars had actually been out. It was a bit cloudy. We definitely need to take advantage of nighttime pool time more often. Do you like swimming at night?

I had wanted to run this morning, but I didn't get up early enough and by the time breakfast had settled enough to safely run it was already 83 degrees with heat index of 89 (at 9 am), so that was a no go (it just really didn't sound like a fun way to spend my Saturday). So today is Plan B day.

Plan B(ackside) Workout
I decided to break up my leg workout into backside and front side (very official sounding I know). I worked backside today: hamstrings, booty, calves and followed it up with a HIIT workout.

Stiff legged dead lifts (on bench) 3 x 10
Front leg elevated lunges 3 x 10
Single leg dead lifts 3 x 10
Plie squats with low-end pulse 3x10
Single leg calf raises (on bench) 3 x 20
Rear leg slide back lunges 3 x 8
Step ups with rear leg lift 3 x 8
Calf raises 3 x 20 (feet turned out, feet parallel, feet turned in) 3 x 15
Donkey kicks (weighted) 2 x 18
Glute roll ins on stability ball 2 x 10
Glute raises on stability ball 2 x 10

I did Cathe Friedrich's HIIT Pyramid and my legs were SPENT. I stretched for a while and that felt great.

Plan B Pool Time
Today was supposed to have been a totally different day for us. Jason had planned to do a triathlon. However, he has been pretty sick all week, so that was a no go. I was going to go to the lake with the family, but then my sister was put back on antibiotics for strep. That means no sun for her, so the lake was a no go. But, some friends (Troy and Karla) invited us to join them at their community pool so we enjoyed a day poolside with great friends, a few drinks, and some tasty snacks.

I made up a quick Vegan Spinach & Sundried Tomato Dip and Karla brought along some hummus. It's always fun to hang out with friends who do try to eat healthy as well.

Vegan Spinach & Sundried Tomato Dip
1 package extra firm silken tofu (firm would work too)
5-6 sundried tomatoes, rehydrated
Artichokes (about 1/2 a can?)
1 10oz package frozen spinach, thawed and drained (fresh would work of course)
Fresh basil
To taste: sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, lemon juice

Puree all ingredients in food processor.

This made for a really nice, creamy dip that would also be perfect in a wrap or as a spread in lieu of mayo on a veggie burger.

We really had a great day despite the intense heat. Actually, it was more the humidity than anything. I actually ended up just a tad pink because I kept sweating off the sunblock (pretty picture right?). Oh and you go. Please ignore the pool/sweat hair ;-)

As of right now, dinner is TBD...


  1. Dang woman...look at those abs! You look awesome! Your legs have got to be hurtin' after that workout! Enjoy your evening!

  2. Looks like fun at the pool! I so wish I had your body, and love that recipe!!!


  3. Daaaa-yum! Your abs...wowza! Also, that dip looks delish! How do you come up with these wonderful (and easy) concoctions? You need to write a cookbook, lady! Happy Saturday!

  4. Glad you had a great day. I hope tonight and tomorrow are just as good.

    Great abs, I am so jealous.


  5. I love the booty workout you did! And I've never used tofu in dips but I hear it's so yummy.

  6. I just got a gym membership! You're inspiring me to make sure I use it :)

  7. Even though today was not as planned it sounds like you still had a fabulous day! I agree, you look amazing!

  8. Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen *blushing* My legs are most definitely talking to me.

    Erica @ Fashion Meets Food Oh girl, don't wish for mine - enjoy what you have!!!

    Laura @ B Foxy Fitness Thanks girl - I take that as a huge compliment - I just find some basic recipes that seem to work and keep building off of those.

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean I hope you're having a great weekend too. No ab jealousy - I know how you workout!!!!!

    Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries My booty isn't loving the workout at the moment LOL. Tofu works soooo well with "creamy" dips and sauces.

    Tess @ Tess Loves Food Made From Food I must say that I truly take that as a compliment.

    Bela @ It's Life, Max it Out Thanks so much for the kind words. Plan B isn't always a bad thing!

  9. Heather, I didn't get to my workout today, either. We had our first garage sale ever! Too early to workout. Anyhow, ditto on your fitness from everyone else's comments. I like how your fit and not just thin. Great job.

  10. Your more ripped than a thought! Daaaaaayummmm!
    I worked out today, but I wasn't "in it" ya know...I only did cardio and I was in and out of the gym. I did something I was super comfortable with, broke a little sweat and left. It almost felt useless, I didn't give it my all. I think I should have rested today, I just wan't feeling it. Ur officially my new body role model, I want to go to a trainer and say, "make me look like this" and hold up your pic!

  11. AnonymousJuly 17, 2010

    WOW - you have an amazing figure! Definite inspiration for me as we have a similar body type. I can't wait to try the vegan spinach dip - spinach dip was one of my favourite foods but it would always upset my stomach.

  12. Mmm, that ESPECIALLY sounds good on a burger. And yes, I agree - you look great!

  13. AnonymousJuly 17, 2010

    Holy abs girl! You look fantastic!

  14. And regards to the Whole Foods comment - I wrote this on my blog comments, but in case you don't see it - I completely forget that it was Beans & Grains & Things. I'm going to edit my story. I think it was even called that when I worked there. I think I remember our manager having a meeting with us and telling us it was going to change. Then for the longest time I kept calling it Beans, then I got used to it, and only now have we gotten used to calling it W.F. instead of Wild Oats.

  15. Sounds like y'all had a fun day, even though things didn't go exactly as planned! Your abs are rockin' in these pics!

  16. Ab envy, I've got it! And arms, and...yeah. THANKS A LOT! Kiddding ;) I didn't wake up early enough to go running either (it is hottt in NYC!), so I just may have to use your Plan B workout at the gym for a little inspiration!

  17. Blessed Mama So how did the sale go??? I have a love/hate relationship about garage sales. Love getting rid of the stuff, but hate all the work and how earl you have to get up LOL.

    Eden's Eats It does sound like maybe it should have been a rest day. But, hey, you tried at least. And you have me blushing now.

    Sarah @ Run Sarah Thanks so much for you kind words. I appreciate them. Let me know if you try this dip. I think balsamic vinegar would have been good in there as well.

    Jenny @ Vegan and So Forth LOL - We always just said "Beans" too! And thank you for the compliment.

    Madeline @ Greens and Jeans Thanks girl!

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Just goes to show that good things can and do happen when you learn to roll with the punches ;-)

    Ellen @ Fired N Fabulous Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know if you try out the workout!

  18. you KNOW i have to comment on ur killer abs!! holy crap lady- u look GREAT! <3

  19. That dip sounds SO good!! And your swimsuit body is amazing! Jealous? Uh definitely am (:

  20. I definitely want to try that dip! It sounds amazing!!

    And I'll be the millionth person to tell you - you look awesome!!


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