Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun & Kick Butt Workout

Kick Butt Lake Workout
This morning we got up and drove down to Lake DeGray (about an hour away) to meet up with my sister and her kids and my dad and stepmother. Sarah and I decided to do a HIIT workout before we went out on the boat. She's a glutton for punishment too as you will see from the workout. We started with about a 12 minute run. The first half mile is all up hill ;-)

After the warm-up run, we did intervals of sprints plyo and/or push ups. Each exercise was done for 20 seconds with 20 second rest in between:

Set 1
Push ups
Plyo Jacks

Set 2
Line taps
- rest 60 sec -

Set 3
Squat jumps
Split jumps

Set 4
Wide-arm push ups
Plie jacks
- rest 60 sec -

Set 5
Spider push ups
Squat jumps

Set 6
Split jumps
Speed skaters
- rest 60 sec -

Set 7
Air jacks
Walking lunges

We were literally jumping for joy when it started to sprinkle. Sweaty mess!

Lake In Pictures
After that bit of insanity, we hit the lake for some fun and skiing.
Lake means no makeup and lake hair.

After skiing, we headed in for a quick lunch and to let the kiddos rest up.
 On the second trip out, my niece decided she was ready to brave the tube, but only with her Uncle Jason. She's a bit shy and timid about things. Last year she only tubed a few times and demanded that her Papa go VERY slow. This year, whole new ball game She was all about "monster waves."
 My nephew was the one to demand to go slow this year and would only go with my stepmother (grandma). Of course, when they he finally decided he was up for it, it started to pour AND hail! Ouch.

We managed to get out of the rain, heading a different direction and finding sun. This gave us a chance for some sister shenanigans.

Tonight my sister is staying with us and we're going to head out to the ballgame. I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the rest of our Super Summer Day. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!