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Triple Workout and Tofu on Thursday

Lifting, Boxing, Running
This morning I got up and got my workouts out of the way. It was a great way to start the day I must say. I did biceps and triceps as supersets - 3 sets of 8 reps except as noted.

Alternating curls
Overhead triceps extension

Hammer curls

Concentration curls
Lying dumbbell extensions

Dumbbell biceps curls - 1 set of 21's
Triceps dips with weight - to failure (16 reps)

After the weights, I did about 15-ish minutes of Cathe Friedrich's MMA Boxing while waiting for it to get light enough to safely run.

I didn't have time for the usual 3-mile route. I ran a little off route so I don't know exactly how far I went, but it was probably a bit over 2 miles. I know that the first lap put me around 1.75 miles at an 8:18 pace. I must say that I am pretty happy with that pace and how good I felt, but I know that I couldn't have maintained it for a longer run. I did keep going another few blocks trying to round out to at least 2 full miles before admitting I had to head home. It felt good and I wish I had been able to run longer actually. Love it when it all seems to fall into place nicely.

What to Eat?
After work I was planning to head over to our new local market that carries local produce. I'm really frustrated with our garden. About the only thing that I have an abundance of is jalapenos. Don't get me wrong, love jalapenos, but they don't exactly help me make up a meal. We had some animal that kept eating down the plants when they were first put in the ground, so everything is really behind. I have tomatoes, but not enough at one time to do much with other than a few to toss on a salad even.

Anyway, I say all that because we are fresh out of fresh veggies. I feel like we're out of almost everything all of the sudden actually, and I'm not sure how that happened exactly. Jason actually offered to go for me though so I could go home and try to finish painting the trim in the living room. We had some patchwork to do on one of the door frames.

I had him pick up zucchini (been really wanting zucchini pasta lately), squash, tomatoes, portobellos, asparagus. I figured I could get a few meals out of this produce. I don't know if the heat has sucked the creativity right out of me or what, but I have been feeling a bit like a slacker in the kitchen lately. I have all of these recipes that I had so wanted to try, now I just want something super fast and super simple.

I finally settled on Veggie & Tofu Sandwiches with baked sweet potato "fries." I was going to grill everything, but seeing as how it was 100 degrees (not including the heat index) I opted to bake it. I did use a grill pan for the squash and white (yes white) eggplant. The white eggplants are one of the things that are doing really well in our garden. This is the first year we've grown them, and we've been looking forward to trying them.

For the tofu marinade, I used a habanero and mango marinade I had on hand. I love the hot and spicy combo of this particular marinade and am sad that this was the last of it. I guess what it really boils down to is that I am going to have to make my own.

Oh, as for the white eggplant, it pretty much tasted like the Japanese eggplant as in it was milder than a regular eggplant.

Do you find that you go through lulls in the creativity department?


  1. My whole life in the kitchen is a lull in the creativity dept. I have no cooking sense.

    Glad you were able to get some things to put together a great meal.

  2. Heck yeah...I definitely go in lulls. That is not a settling kind of meal. That is a perfect summer meal! The critters always eat my veggies that I plant, so until we come up with a solution, I am not bothering.

  3. Awwww, so sorry for the garden frustrations!

    I definitely go through lulls in the kitchen...I think especially in the summer, when I'm so reluctant to cook at all!

  4. My gardening is always hit or miss and more miss than anything. I have great luck with herbs not so much with other stuff. I feel you garden pain. ;-)

    We had tofu tonight as well.


  5. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    Awesome AM workout! I go through lulls as well, sometimes I can get inspired by other bloggers or by new items I've picked up. This week I seemed to have bought not enough produce so am a bit lacking now by the end of the week which makes creativity a bit more difficult.

  6. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    I absolutely get into lulls. I'll use the ingredient search on the allrecipes website to help give me new ideas for the same old things I always buy

  7. Well im a chef, and I have "chefs block" all the time. I pick a vegetable and think of a way I have never cooked it before! for example, making a dessert out of a vegetable, or savory dish out of fruit! I make "apple" tartlets with chayote squash by dredging them in cinnamon and baking them in fillo dough. Or I'll make sandwiches with thin slices of watermelon and basil. I just stick them somewhere unexpected, usually tastes great!

  8. lulls...well, i am a high raw vegan w/ food allergies. i have about 10 foods that i eat daily and sometimes go for weeks! with only eating those things..and i happen to love it, rut, groove, whatever it is, it's fine by me :)

  9. Tina @ Faith Fitness and Fun That's not entirely true - I read your blog ;-)

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen Thanks girl. I am not sure what the deal was with the critters this year. It's the first time we had this big of a problem. We even had to cage the parsley (which they killed after 4 years)

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Maybe it's summer then - too hot to cook. I like that excuse ;-)

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean Guess great minds think alike - Tofu Thursday!

    Sarah @ Run Sarah I always love to see your eats. They always look sooooo good and so incredibly healthy.

    Madeline @ Greens and Jeans That's really a good idea - I like Duh - thanks for the reminder.

    Eden's Eats Glad to know that even chefs get creativity blocks! I do like trying new things and went through a really long stretch of trying a million new recipes. So maybe I just got a wee bit burnt out too.

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga Doesn't that make it easier though sometimes? Kind of like going to a restaurant and there is only one vegetarian dish. Voila, done, no hemming and hawing!

  10. my garden is having some problems here--i think its the EXCESSIVE heat here in DC this year.

    I DEFINITELY go through creative lags. Im so happy when I find it again. Have a great weekend!

  11. I don't mind getting tofu somewhere but I am not courageous enough to make it on my own yet.

    Bummer on the fresh veggies, ours are really starting to come in.

    Your pace....amazing!

  12. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    this sandwich looks so good! yes i go through lulls of creativity. i think i have been in one for a while now......great job getting your workout in in the morning. i love morning workouts. gonna head out on a run very soon.....have a great weekend! when are you leaving for your cathe weekend?

  13. I'm in a lull right now. I'm blaming it on the fact that it's 100 degrees in my non air conditioned kitchen.

  14. I most definitely have lulls. When it comes to food, I'm a creature of habit, so if I like something I eat it every meal until I get sick of it (for me right now it's portobella mushrooms).

    That's so awesome you have a garden! I wish I could have one, but apartment living isn't well-suited for growing veggies. I tried growing tomatoes and beans on the porch last year, but they just died due to lack of sunlight :( Have a super weekend!

  15. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    I do it also...fresh vegs look good

  16. Oh I definitely go thru 'lulls'- I have a stack of recipes that I still need to try. This week I've been on top of my game, but the prior week I was just NOT up for cooking...I just wanted quick, easy stuff the whole week. Thank goodness I had the quick, easy stuff on hand- lol :)
    Lovin' all the veggies in the pictures- & I LOVE portabellos- saw you had Jason pick some up- YUMMM.

  17. Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose The heat probably isn't helping with our garden either - heat and zero rain.

    Nichole @ Live for the Run Oh you gotta give it a shot at least once. You may surprise yourself!

    Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something Hope you had a great run. The Cathe trip is next weekend. My flight is at 6 am on Friday morning (ouch).

    Fit Chick in the City Kind of hard to find the motivation to cook when you're going to have to heat up an already-hot kitchen. We have AC in ours and it's still 83 by the afternoon.

    Laura @ B Foxy Fitness Love portobellos, not sure I would get tired of those ;-) Definitely have to have lots of sunlight for gardening. I love having one - when things grow.

    Tanya @ Tanya's Daily Product Reviews Thanks!

    Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices I plan on some sort of grilled portobellos early next week. LOL - kind of sucks when you're lazy and don't even have the "lazy" food on hand!

  18. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    oh. my. gosh.
    that tofu sandwich sounds amazing. Not to mention it looks pretty darn tasty! love me some tofu & veggies.

    I love working out first thing too! Gives me lots of energy for the day!

  19. Great triple workout :-)


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