Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fear: How Much Should We Have?

Klutzes Unite
Ok seriously, I feel like I need to do a giveaway for bandages and/or helmets. Perhaps a few ER passes as well. Maybe all the klutzes in the world read my blog or everyone is a klutz at heart. Thanks for sharing in life.

We did indeed enjoy our Pizza Friday as usual. It's such an easy (and yummy) routine. Jason stuck with his BBQ and hot sauce combo and topped with sauteed Quorn, bell peppers, onions, and portobellos. My half included spinach, squash, sundried tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers and Quorn and the whole thing was topped with Daiya Vegan Mozzarella.

Running and Lifting
This morning I was determined to get in a run come hell or high water (or high temperatures). I got started around 8:30 and it was 82 degrees. The kicker was the humidity and dew point levels. The air felt like water. The run itself, 4 miles, felt great. It was seriously and "I can run all day" type of run with the exception of the heat and humidity. I was soaked head to toe and hallucinating about sprinklers. I actually got giddy at one point when I saw someone's sprinkler going and made a zig zag dash through it.

After the run, I did my scheduled chest/back/abs workout. No, I do not recommend weights after cardio, but I did this because the run was more important for me today. I knew my weights wouldn't be super heavy after that run so I stuck with supersets, higher reps, lower weights.

Chest flyes into Chest press - 3x10
Double-arm rows into Band pulldowns - 3x10
Incline chest flyes into Chest press - 3x10
Pullovers into underhand rows - 3x8
Pushups with toes on ball - 24
Y band pulls - 10
T band pulls - 10

And a variety of stability ball and weighted ab work with a long stretch at the end.

Fear - Good or Bad?
I have to talk about something that happened today though that was a bit scary for me. I normally feel very safe running in my area. I stick to a route or routes that I know and that are typically populated with either drivers, other walkers/runners, or lots of homes. Anyway, around mile 2, I noticed this car coming up behind me and then slowing down. They had their windows rolled down (2 men, color does not matter). They proceeded to drive up next to me (meaning they were driving on the wrong side of the road) and were pacing with my speed. I had just passed several people, but I was now on a stretch where no one seemed to be around. I tried not to look nervous and just kept my gaze ahead and my pace steady. I thought it was safer to stick to the route I knew rather than starting to veer off to unknown streets. This went on for almost 3 blocks when they finally sped up and turned off.

Oddly, I wasn't shaken up like I probably should have been. I never felt panicked, but I was very very aware. Not sure if that makes sense. But I will start running with mace now just to be on the safer side. I will admit that perhaps I have let my guard down too much recently and become too comfortable. I had a very dear friend who was murdered coming up on 14 years ago. I was so traumatized that for years a wouldn't even carry a purse. I was always on guard and always afraid. Eventually, I realized I couldn't go through life that way and slowly began to relax. Perhaps I went too far to the other side? Do you think you can either be too fearful or too unafraid? Do you think we should always have our guards up ever so slightly? I don't want to be afraid to run in my neighborhood, afraid of every car that passes or unsavory character stumbling down the road. That's not a life to me. But at the same time, perhaps I should be just a tiny bit more wary.

Have you ever had anything bad happen while out on a run or walk? Are you fearful enough?

Taking it Easy
After the workouts, I opted for some patio and pool time. A girl deserves that right? I love my patio time for just relaxing and reading. I did feel a teensy bit guilty for putting of chores, but they will always be there waiting. I did get some weeds pulled up and some of the rose bushes deadheaded. I swiffered the floors and did a load of laundry so that has to count for something. I am really upset with my garden and yard right now. Everything is dead and what's not dead is very sad looking. This heat we've been having is literally burning everything up. It doesn't matter how much watering you do or don't do at this point. Sigh....

Dinner tonight will be Grilled BBQ Tofu Sandwiches with a Carrot and Cabbage Slaw (Salad) and likely a side of grilled sweet potatoes. I think I have an addiction. I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow. But for now I am going to log off and enjoy the evening. I hope you all do the same!