Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Facts Friday - 10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago Today...

1.  My father walked me down the aisle.

2.  I married this man.

3.  It was a record high of 105 degrees and the wedding was outdoors on my mother's property.

4.  We threw the whole wedding for under $1200 (that also included dinner, wine, champagne, and beer).

5.  Jason and I catered the sit-down dinner for 78+ guests making homemade manicotti (and sauce), side salad, baguettes (those were frozen & heated).

6.  I have not made manicotti since.

7.  I decorated my own cakes: I bought four Italian Cream Cakes for $13 each from an awesome bakery then decorated with silk flowers, lace, and faux pearls.

8.  My mother made my dress, veil, and bouquet (she also made my sister's who was married in June of the same year, hence only having $1200 for the wedding).

9.  There was lots of dancing.

10. There was lots of drinking (and more dancing).

11.  We had friends (who happened to be photographers) photograph the wedding. The only cost to us was film. There were no digital cameras being used so all pictures are scanned in, hence the poor quality. Sigh.

12.  It was not a lavish affair, but it was "us." The idea was simply to celebrate. 

Happy Anniversary Jason!

So, what were you doing 10 years ago? OR tell me some fun facts about your wedding.