Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Facts Friday: How Jason & I Met

Much Needed Rest
So three mornings of waking up close to 5 am and getting in my workouts totally caught up with me. I was exhausted yesterday. I did not set my alarm early this morning. However, in the back of my delusional brain, I thought that if I automatically woke up early enough, I would at least get in my chest and back workout. Instead, I slept soundly, only waking up once during the night (which may as well be like sleeping for 8 straight hours for me). Apparently I needed the rest.

So, today will be my rest day, and I'll get back to it tomorrow feeling refreshed and ready to go (or that's the plan).

Fun Facts Friday - How Jason and I Met
I always feel like my Friday posts are super short since I typically don't post workouts or dinner. You already know that it'll likely be Pizza Friday unless my sister requests that for dinner tomorrow (she's supposed to be coming and staying the night). I don't really have any exciting plans to talk about other than some more pool time (hopefully with sis as I just mentioned.

Anyway, sometimes short posts are ok though right? Certainly beats inane rambling just to fill space. Like I told Averie, sometimes my posts might be boring and lame because sometimes I'm kinda boring and lame ;-) But that's endearing right?

I usually have all sorts of ideas for Fun Facts Friday posts. Today, I was stumped. But, I finally figured it out. In one week Jason and I will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary. I thought it might be fun to share how we met (in facts form of course).

How it all started:
  • We both grew up in the same town but attended different schools (same year though) and didn't know each other.
  • I knew and partied with his sister though.
  • Jason took Akido from my ex-boyfriend's father (frightening).
  • We met in our current town in February 1995 because my sister needed a navigator to take her to a party where her then-boyfriend would be (it was me, Sarah, and another friend).
  • It was not love at first sight. 
  • Our friend actually decided she liked Jason and told me, "You can get whoever you want so stay away from him." Me: all attitude, "Fine, I don't ever want to date another Jason again."
  • We ended up back at that same apartment over the next several weeks during which time Jason and I talked more and more - mostly because I was the last girl standing.
  • We ended up on spring break together in Panama City Beach, FL where we partied too hard but somehow ended up leaving more like a couple than friends (and no, nothing happened more than a kiss).
...and have been together ever since.

So, how did you meet your significant other? Love at first sight? Blind date? Do tell!