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Philadelphia Day 2 - Lots of Walking & Eating

I had fully expected to be able to sleep in Monday morning. Unfortunately, we ended up with an east facing window so the sun was streaming in bright and early. I did stay in bed until after 9, but wasn't really sleeping, just sort of dozing in and out. Guess that's better than nothing of course.

I had fully planned on going down to the gym for a short cardio stint - Jason emphatically said no way. He forced me to rest - though we did spend the entire day walking around Philadelphia. Unfortunately there was no microwave in our room so I couldn't heat up oatmeal. We had to go out to eat. We found a fantastic vegetarian and vegan eatery called Basic 4 Vegetarian Snack Bar. I seriously could not make up my mind because I could eat every single thing on the menu. I was really dumbstruck. Jason wanted breakfast food (it was 11 am) so we shared several things: a tofu scramble topped with soy cheese with a side of a vegan sausage patty and potatoes, whole-wheat pancakes, and a vegetarian panini with vegan bacon, tofu scramble, spinach, and soy cheese.

Holy Vegetarian Heaven!

After stuffing our faces, we spent about 3 hours walking around the city. It was fun and tiring. Thankfully, the weather was pleasant and it wasn't too warm and no rain. We did stop back at the hotel to rest our feet for a bit before heading back out. We made a stop at Monk's Cafe for a drink and "appetizer." Jason was wanting to try a vegetarian Philly Cheese Steak and they had one made with seitan. So, we split that. We hadn't eaten since our super late breakfast/early brunch. The sandwich was really quite good. It's been fun trying so many vegetarian menu options. I'm very lucky that Jason is so open and willing to try them too.

After that, we did a bit of shopping, more window shopping than anything. I did make my way into a Lululemon store. We don't have one anywhere near us, so this is the first time I have been into one. I behaved and only left with 2 headbands. Kind of a dorky purchase, but I was really excited. We made our way through some more residential areas, which was sort of fun. I am loving all of the old architecture (we're in the Center City area by the way).

For dinner we ended up at a pizza and wine restaurant called Zavino's. It was so good! We started off with a grilled zucchini "salad" and an eggplant and tomato "salad." We got their mushroom pizza with a red sauce instead of the bechamel (called the Kennett). One word: yum. 

After dinner, we did indulge in some gelato. Neither of us had ever tried it before and there was a gelato place right across the street - it was fate. Oh wow, it was so good. I am not going to feel the least bit guilty either. I never ever get things like that, so this was truly a treat. In fact, this whole trip has been one huge treat that I will never forget.

What has been your best vacation or even just a quick getaway? Do you allow yourself to indulge? I rarely do and now I feel like maybe I've been missing out.


  1. Ooh that eggplant! I really need to start cooking more with eggplant. They're so flexible. Hmm might be my next project.

    I indulge. A little too much maybe! Enjoy the rest of your trip and I hope you allow yourself to indulge again. And again. :)

  2. That vegetarian snack bar sounds amazing!! What a find!

    I'm glad you tried (and loved) gelato!! :-)

  3. That all sounds great! I indulge when I go on vacation and I did this past weekend in Miami. I believe in making the most of trips, which means doing and eating what you want!

  4. I am just so happy for you with this trip! I am glad you stepped outside of the box and enjoyed everything to the fullest! I indulge sometimes, but still I have restrictions. It stinks, but that is life! I hope you have a great time on the rest of your trip!

  5. not only does the pizza look bubbly and delicious, you definitely entered a vegetarians dream universe with this fabulous snack bar!! the tofu scramble looked the BOMB! geez its amazing that these places exist right! <3


  6. Never had gelato?! I LOVE it! its one of thoe things you can only enjoy out, ie you cant just buy a carton and bring it home. I'm so happy you had a fun time! nothing like some good sweatin and eatin

  7. I love Mexico!! It's so cheap and really nice and relaxing. Gelato is the BOMB! I just tried the coconut gelato from Whole Foods. It's heaven.

    I do indulge on vacays. Why not right? Then again I still work out too. You can't just let it all go!

  8. I think you definitely deserve a rest day after the weekend you've had!

  9. "I seriously could not make up my mind because I could eat every single thing on the menu."---LOVE it when that happpens!! which is rare!

    Indulging...oh girl, when something is there that's just too perfect to pass up, you have to! Espi considering you've been working your ass off in all those fitness classes!

  10. You NEEDED that rest! Glad you took it. And remember you were still active through the day. Everything sounds like so much fun. Yummy too.

  11. That grilled zucchini looks like vegetable sushi! What a gorgeous presentation!

  12. I shouldn't see these now! I m so hungry :)

    Everything looks so delicious.

  13. You're making me salivate with all your yummy vegetarian food pics! :) Gotta love big cities for the abundance of awesome veggie-friendly restaurants!

    The best vacations I've ever had have been the spur-of-the-moment kind. There's something exciting and adventurous in waiting until the last minute to go somewhere. Oh, and I definitely indulge on vacation. That's what vacations are for! Plus, you deserve it after all those classes! :)

    Hope the rest of your trip is fantastic!

  14. Wow that all sounds so good. I'm amazed you found so many veggie options in Philly. Enjoy the rest of vacay.

  15. Looks like such a fun time and you have earned it!!! :) SOAK IT UP!

  16. I love vegetarian and vegan restaurants too. So glad you found a few you enjoyed.

    You have to indulge a little on vacation. ;-) I used to always get gelato in Italy. Who knows maybe I can find a vegan version the next time.


  17. HOLY YUM!! LOVING all of the food in these last posts :)
    I MUST know how they made the vegetarian philly cheese steak sandwich, I would love to re-create it one night for dinner :)

  18. My trip to New York has been my favourite so far I think. I always let myself indulge - but in moderation ... that is KEY!

  19. You so earned that indulgence! Everything looks amazing!

    I'm not sure which trip has been my favorite - I love them all for different reasons. It's so nice to just get away and relax and experience new things.

    So happy for you!

  20. Mmmmmmm oh my God all those restaurants sound so good! I'm making pizza on the grill tonight and am hoping it will get that awesome crispy charred-ness like your pizza in that picture!

  21. Wow! Sounds like such a wonderful time! :) the food sounds and looks absolutely delicious!

  22. Some great eats! I love gelato. When I went to Italy, I ate it all the time!!!
    That is so nice there are more vegetarian options popping up. It makes it so much easier to have healthy options when eating out.

  23. Yum! So glad you treated yourself! See - balance!! And you got all the vegetarian dishes you didn't get on the RT ;-)

  24. Never had gelato?!! BOUT time, woo hoo. It's ok to balance, life's too short.

    Glad you are having a blast!

    Vacations are the best, I've been spoiled this summer.

  25. Tough to choose which was the best - probably the trip to NYC last summer with just my husband.

    I love vegetarian Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.

    Sorry I can't remember this - is your husband a vegetarian?

  26. My best vacation was Hawaii for my honeymoon! I definitely indulge on vacation - I find I usually am walking around tons so it balances out.

  27. Gelato= love. And that mushroom pizza is very photogenic.

  28. somebody just found my blog by searching for Cathe Road Trip - random, right?

  29. finally catching up on your whole road trip.....this is for all posts since friday:
    love the face before flight!
    love the pics of you and all the girls!
    love what an adventure this has been for you.
    and love that you are enjoying time with hubs on a mini vacation :)


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