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Simple Sunday - Shopping, Lifting, Boxing, Lounging, Cooking

Fear Follow Up & No Grilling 
I wanted to thank you for your sincere concern regarding yesterday's post. It means so much to have people genuinely concerned with your well-being and safety. I also appreciate those of you who opened up with some really bad situations that you have gone through. It breaks my heart to know that any of you have suffered like that. No one should ever be so violated, no one. It's really sad to live in a society where we can't feel safe running alone, taking a peaceful stroll, or even enjoying the comforts of our own homes. Hugs to you all!

Regarding dinner...So I had mentioned yesterday that dinner was going to be a Grilled BBQ Tofu Sandwich with Carrot and Cabbage Slaw (salad) and sweet potatoes. Well, we apparently are some grilling fools and emptied our 2nd propane tank so far this summer. Tomorrow we must get that replaced of course. So, we ended up having to bake everything. It was still tasty of course. No complaints - other than the dogs complaining that they didn't get anything ;-)

Groceries, Legs, Boxing
This morning I got up and decided that hitting up the grocery store sounded more appealing than the impending leg workout I had on tap. I love going to small grocery stores like our Argenta Market or Whole Foods, but the "real" grocery store (Kroger) I hate. Anyway, we went, we shopped, we conquered.

After putting away the groceries, I got to my leg workout. I don't know why I always dread them so much, because they usually end up being good workouts for me. Today was a quad focus workout.

Narrow stance squats - 3x8
Static lunges - 3x8
Wide stance squats - 3x8
Rear leg elevated lunges - 3x8
Squats with pulses - 8 single, 4 3-count pulse, 1 7-count pulse, 8 single
Firewalkers - 8 total (4 steps right and 4 steps left = 1)
Static lunges with pulse - 8 single, 4 3-count pulse, 2 7-count pulse
Single leg squats - 2x10
Outer thigh raises with ankle weights - 16 single, 8 3-count pulse, 16 single twice through
Wide jump ups on 12" step - 16
Squat jumps - 8

I finished up with Cathe Friedrich's MMA Boxing and a stretch.

More Pool & Patio Time
Of course I felt that I had earned some pool and patio time (after stuffing my face with lunch first of course). I alternated between reading and lounging on my raft when it got too hot. Then my pool time was foiled around 3pm by a thunderstorm that rolled through. It got pitch black with lots of thunder and lightening. I was beginning to think it was never going to rain, but it finally did. We really need the rain. Plus, if it hadn't rained I would have been a bit peeved. I mean, if my pool time was going to be interrupted, it had better be good.

Tonight I decided to get a bit creative in the kitchen for a change. Garlicky Tomato Basil Spinach Barley with Garlic Tomato Tempeh.

Garlicky Tomato Basil Spinach Barley
1 package grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
3-4 tbsp minced garlic
Fresh basil, rough chop just before adding in
Sea salt and fresh black pepper, red chili pepper flakes, to taste
1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
Fresh spinach
1 cup cooked barley
White wine (to desired consistency) 

In large skillet, saute tomatoes, garlic, salt in small drizzle of olive oil until tomatoes begin to soften. With a fork, gently mash tomatoes to release juices. Add in black pepper, chili flakes, and wine and let simmer a few minutes. Add in chickpeas, spinach, and barley. Let spinach wilt then add in fresh basil and re-season if needed.

Garlic Tomato Tempeh 
1 package tempeh
2 tbsp tomato paste
Minced garlic
Dijon mustard
Sherry vinegar
Rice wine vinegar
White wine
To taste: sea salt, pepper, red pepper, dried parsley

Whisk together all ingredients minus tempeh. Add into large skillet then add in  tempeh and simmer approximately 10 minutes then flip and simmer another 10 minutes.

This dish turned out really well. The sauce used for the tempeh would also be really great as a sauce over a grain or pasta as well. I did end up adding a sprinkle of nutritional yeast flakes. For a non-vegan dish, feta or fresh mozzarella would have been really good as well.


  1. Love those rear leg elevated lunges and squats with pulses.

    Your tofu and tempeh look great. I may have to make something similar this week. Your tempeh always looks so good and I have quite a bit in the freezer. I am going to defrost it now before I forget again. Thanks for the gentle reminder. ;-)

    hugs back to you,

  2. This dish looks SO right up my alley. Yum!

  3. Oh man, with feta this would be perfection!

  4. I'm a tempeh virgin and I might "pop my tempeh cherry" by usuing your recipe. It looks so yummy! I seem to go to like seven different grocery stores cause certain ones carry certain things, some are cheaper than the other etc. You really need to make your way to L.A. so you can cook for me!

  5. What a great leg workout. That tempeh looks fabulous! The kind I used to buy now only comes in a marinade, it's not nearly as a good as adding my own seasonings.

  6. i never cook tempeh at home. i actually havent even bought any in like 3 years?! the only vegan who doesnt eat it, im sure LOL

    Thanks for the amazing emails the past are one in a million and an amazing friend!!!!

  7. Those darn afternoon thunderstorms. It seems like they always roll up when I'm it full relaxation mode. How have I never tried tempeh?

  8. Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen Yes ma'am you sure can!

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Thank you ma'am.

    Madeline @ Greens and Jeans Feta is almost always a good addition isn't it?!

    Eden's Eats I can't believe you haven't tried tempeh yet. I figured you would have come up with some interesting recipe with it!

    Sarah @ Run Sarah That's kind of funny b/c the only ones I seem to find here are sans marinades!

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga You're very welcome and I appreciate your kind words right back!

    Lindsay @ Pancakes N Pajamas Yes it totally snuck up on us and we had one scared pup on our hands to top it off.

  9. We should workout together sometime. ;-) I like your style!

  10. Please can you come round and cook me one of those sandwhiches! hehe, it looks delish!

  11. I swear it looks like your pictures are straight out of a magazine, delish.

    Cabbage slaw is the perfect bbq topping. And sometimes afternoon thunderstorms are a good and a bad thing:)

  12. I just read your post on the weird running situation, whoa!!!! Glad that nothing else came of it, but how weird and scary!
    Your sweet potato fries always look soooo good!

  13. That barley sounds like a great combination of foods. I'd probably top it on a bed of greens, along with some feta or other cheese. Thanks for the great idea. Since I usually only cook and eat barley in the winter, I'll probably save it until then.

  14. that tempeh looks good, will have to try it

  15. Joanna @ Fitness and Spice I would love to work out with you any time!

    Laura @ Box, Run, Eat... If I am ever across the ocean, I would be glad to cook for you!

    Nichole @ Live For the Run Awww thanks for that compliment. I appreciate that!

    Kara @ MyWellnest It was definitely not the most ideal running situation at all. Makes you rethink doing anything alone.

    Lisa @ Lisa's Foods on the Move Yes, it would be really good on greens actually and will probably be using the rest for a salad on Tuesday actually.

  16. mmm i LOVE barley. I forwarding this recipe to my Mom as well- I made a barley salad one time when they were visiting, & she fell in love with it :) I really think we will all enjoy this one!

  17. i love tempeh! and your meal looks fantastic! it is getting difficult to feel safe without being naive really is sad.

  18. Joanna Sutter @ Fitness & Spice I would love to work out with you any time!

    Laura @ Box Run Eat If I am ever across the ocean, I would be glad to cook for you!

    Nichole @ Live for the Run Awww thanks for that compliment. I appreciate that!

    Kara @ My Wellnest It was definitely not the most ideal running situation at all. Makes you rethink doing anything alone.

    Lisa @ Lisa's Foods on the Move Yes, it would be really good on greens actually and will probably be using the rest for a salad on Tuesday actually.

    Tanya @ Tanya's Daily Product Let me know if you do!

    Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices Let me know if you or your mom give it a shot and how you like it.

    Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose Thank you ma'am, I take that as a compliment. And you are so right about it being sad that we can't feel safe.

  19. Boo for foiled pool time! I love being able to just relax by the pool. Hasn't happened in a long time though. Not too much relaxing with an almost 2 year old. Haha!

    I love being able to go to the nicer grocery stores. I wish it could happen more. Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and basically anything besides Kroger, Publix, and Walmart are at least 30 minutes from our house.

  20. Joanna Sutter @ Fitness & Spice Girl I would gladly work out with you any time!

    Laura @ Box Run Eat If I am ever across the ocean, I would be more than happy to cook for you ;-)

    Nichole @ Live for the Run Awww, thank you girl! I take that as a huge compliment

    Kara @ My Wellnest Thanks girl - very very glad it was minor compared to what others have gone through.

    Lisa @ Lisa's Foods on the Move I guess I think of barley along the lines of rice and don't really seasonalize (word?) it. Let me know if give it a try!

    Tanya @ Tanya's Daily Product Reviews I enjoy tempeh and think the key is a wetter sauce.

    Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices Oh, let me know if you or your mom try it out and how you like it. You could easily cook the barley in a stock as well.

    Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose It really is sad that we can't feel safe just to get out and enjoy being outdoors.

    Tina @ Faith Fitness and Fun I imagine you're non-stop go with "M" LOL. I am soooo glad we have at least a WFs nearby (about 10 miles from my house).


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