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Still Lagging Mojo & Protein Power Pasta

Eked Out Morning Workouts
This morning I had my alarm set for a little after 5. I slept fairly well, only waking up twice, but the second time (around 4) I started to rethink getting up for a morning workout. I knew that I could easily fall back asleep for another two hours if I let myself. I think that it's also getting harder to get up early since it's starting to stay dark so much longer. I probably should have slept in, but ended up dragging myself out of the bed for weights and cardio.

I did 3 supersets for shoulders and triceps (odd combination) for 3 sets of 8 reps then finished off with 2 exercises done to failure (just for funzies).

Shoulder press
Overhead triceps extension

Lateral raise
Double-arm kickbacks

Upright rows
Lying triceps extensions (on stability ball)

Front/Side raise - 10 reps
Weighted triceps dips - 16 reps (probably could have hit 18)

I was feeling a bit weak again today. Of course, lifting in the morning always seems harder for me. I did end up having to drop down 1# for the last set of lying triceps extensions, but it's better to drop the weight than lose the form like I was doing.

After weights, I opted for Cathe Friedrich's MMA Boxing. It was a great way to finish shoulders that's for certain. I was thinking about a run as the temps were only 70 degrees this morning. But, I really didn't feel like a run at all. I was doing good to get the weights done this morning, so I wanted a lower intensity cardio or it wasn't going to happen at all. I do feel just a bit guilty for not taking advantage of this sudden cool down with a run, but the thought of getting out there and running that same route sounded more like torture this morning. Guess my mojo is still on break, but I'm trying to remain positive.

Relaxing Lunch

I will say that I was glad to have the workouts done. I got to actually just sit on the couch and relax during lunch today. We watched Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. I think she can make almost any location seem appealing. I say almost because I'm still not completely sold on Uruguay, but I did learn some interesting facts at least.

The temps were only about 90 degrees when we went home. Sure made it that much harder to get back to work. It was almost like the first warm day of the year feeling when you're itching for it to be warm enough to shed the sweater and just park it outside. We're supposed to have low temps the rest of the week actually. Perhaps a noon run might actually be able to happen?

Pasta Night
Jason has been wanting me to make my "Creamy" Lemon sauce for a pasta dish recently, so I finally decided to make it tonight making the Creamy Spinach & Asparagus Pasta version. Basically, the lemon sauce is just the base and whatever veggies you add is your call. I think that both spinach and asparagus go really well with the lemon flavor. I also added in some of my homemade Chikn' Seitan as well.

This is a nice protein packed, veggie laden, vegan dish.


  1. Maybe you should just let yourself sleep in if you feel like it tomorrow? Then your body will be rearing to go again!!!

  2. I love lemony pasta... this looks delicious!

  3. I hear ya on the mojo. I am so tired of waking up 3 or 4 times every night. I hope you get some rest. I think the heat is a large part of it for me! I love Samantha Brown! We watch her shows and you are so want to go! Dinner looks delicious. I hope you get some rest tonight!

  4. Yum! This pasta looks so creamy!

    I love Samantha Brown :-) I want her job!

  5. Maybe it there is something in the air. Because I have been having a really hard time getting to the gym. I have been going but it has been tough. Check out my blog I cook with the seitan tonight!

  6. samantha brown is such a perky little thing. almost too perky for me. not almost, she is. LOL. but yeah hot temps = ruin the workout mojo for sure! but glad you got it in :)

  7. That's too funny! I was just thinking about your creamy lemon sauce earlier today, and how I want to have it again. That's a good one!

  8. I've been feeling weaker too! I think its the full moon or something, at least thats what I'm gonna blame it on. I overslept today by accident and was NOT feeling it at all at the gym. I totally watch the travel channel all the time. But the line up changed a bit. Its weird that they show old episodes of 40$ a day now! I love Anthony Bourdain but that Man v. Food show scares me a little...Anyhow, I'm rambling again...glad you had a yummy looking dinner!

  9. I will fully blame the full moon for the missing mojo that seems to be in the air recently. I actually pulled up the lunar calendar on Sunday to check things out because I could just FEEL it in the air!

  10. I'm loving your food in the last few posts! Especially the grilled veg salad. And the pictures of you and your sister are cute!

    I'm sorry that you've lost some of your mojo; that sucks. Do you think sometimes we can be too driven that we set our goals too high and then become disappointed with ourselves for not reaching them? I know I do, and it def affects my mojo! I'm too much of an idealist/perfectionist for my own good sometimes.

    Lots of love and hugs, hope you feel better soon x

    PS you inspire me with your dedication to exercise :)

  11. Maybe it's the change in seasons. I'm sorry your mojo is still not there. I'm sending some of my new found energy your way girl! I don't mind sharing with you. :)

  12. April @ The Weigh I Am Hey girl - that's exactly what I opted to do!

    Kristina @ SpaBettie Believe it or not, it was a very modified adaptation of a Paula Dean Recipe.

    Sarena @ The Non-Dairy Queen Oh the heat most definitely hasn't been helping one bit. Hope you guys are getting the cool down we finally got.

    Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Oh girl I want her job too. How cool would that be.

    Kathi @ Ever Winding Road Maybe it is something going around huh? So glad you tried the recipe and made something tasty with it! High 5's to you.

    Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga LOL - she is perky isn't she ;-)

    Sarah @ The Ordinary Vegetarian Too bad I couldn't have invited you over for dinner then. Glad you like it.

    Eden's Eats I'll be happy to blame it on the full moon too ;-) And the heat. I haven't seen $40 a day in ages. I used to actually like that one. Rambling is accepted here by the way.

    Madeline @ Greens and Jeans I've never been one to believe in that sort of thing, but maybe there really and truly is something to it. It sounds like the moon is zapping mojo right and left.

    Sarah @ Gluten-free tries Vegan Thanks for the compliments! I am totally a perfectionist but some of it is being tired and frustrated with work overloads too and then it being so hot that I am stuck doing workouts I might otherwise pass up. Just "stuff" ya know? And I am very honored and humbled that I inspire you. Hugs back to you!

    Lindsay @ Pancakes N Pajamas Girl - thanks for sharing! I appreciate that ;-) Wouldn't it be great if we could in fact do that for each other.

  13. That pasta looks absolutely out of this world, and I am not really a pasta girl.


  14. I think it's so impressive you wake up at 5 to get your work out in!!!

    I don't like that it's staying darker, it's so much harder for me to get out of bed!

  15. dinner looks really fantastic! Ill work at home next month and Im looking forward to being able to make lunch and do what I WANT TO DO during lunch time.

  16. I find it so hard to wake up really early to workout, even though I prefer to get my exercise done in the morning (just not at 5am!).

    That pasta dish looks really good. I love adding spinach to pastas.

  17. Good for your working out in the morning when you didn't feel like it. I can't do anything that early in the morning, LOL.

    I saw that same Samantha Brown episode. I am not sold on it either. ;-)

    I see what you mean about Jason craving comfort foods lately. I guess it is because the weather is starting to change seasons. It was only 67 degrees this morning here which actually felt cold until I warmed up, LOL.

    talk to you later,

  18. I am loving your new buttons at the top of the page:)

    And that pasta combo sounds insanely delish.

  19. I am totally adding that pasta to my "must try" list!
    Dan isn't a fan of lemon, but i'm going to try it anyhow, I LOVE it!

    I still struggle to wake up on some mornings to work out, especially if I don't get to bed on time. the only day I am ever bounding out of bed is Saturdays. I'm a freak, lol!

  20. Erica @ Fashion Meets Food thanks girl - it's a fave at our household. I don't eat a ton of pasta either.

    Kara @ My Wellnest It definitely makes it hard to get up when it's not light out. It's just not right ;-)

    Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose Oh now that's something to really look forward to!!!

    Lisa @ Lisa's Foods on the Move If I went in later, then I would definitely not be getting up at 5 am. Makes me rethink my hours LOL.

    Alicia @ Vegan Epicurean 67 is cold in my book ;-) Most of the places she goes I really think I need to visit too, just not that one, despite the beach even LOL.

    Nichole @ Live for the Run Oh thanks for letting me know. No one has mentioned them yet so I wasn't really sure what the thoughts were...

    Mel @ Melissa Dishes Let me know if you try it out. We love lemon at our house. But it's not a tart flavor or anything. And the lemon pepper blend usually has just a hint of heat too. What is it about getting up early on days off????

  21. A noon run?! Oh how I envy you :)
    And THANK YOU for your words of advice on my post this afternoon- your comments always rock!

  22. "I think she can make almost any location seem appealing. I say almost because I'm still not completely sold on Uruguay, but I did learn some interesting facts at least."

    You're cracking me up with this line:) lol

    I think we are similar in that we are really hard on ourselves and we carry guilt really easily. I'm trying to be better about letting go of the guilt as much as possible. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves a break, ya know? Just focus on how disciplined and dedicated you and give yourself a break on the rest:) You deserve it!

  23. Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices I know, I'm really spoiled about living so close to where I work! I hope my advice helps and that it never comes across as bossy.

    Candice @ ChiaSeedMe Thank you soooo much for your kind words. They really and truly mean a lot. Yes, I am very hard on myself, harder than I ever would be on anyone else. Thank you for understanding me ;-)

  24. Oh no!! We need to get your mojo back STAT. And that pasta is seriously screaming my name. "Alyyyciaaaaa eat meeeeeeeeeee!!"

    Oh I will. I will.

  25. Hey Doll! How are you feeling today??

    I love this pasta dish you had last night for dins!!! I love making pasta but haven't done it for a while now.....hmmm now you got me thinking ;)


  26. definitely hoping u get ur mojo back soon!!! im telling ya, its that dang full moon i think!! lol

    mm veggie ladened pasta meals <3

  27. Alycia @ Fit n Fresh I'd share with you if I could. Let me know if you ever try it out. And I'm trying on the mojo!

    Kris @ iheartwellness Hey sweetie - doing better thank you! Let me know if you ever try this. You could do it with zucchini "pasta" too. It's really good that way.

    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel I'm starting to really believe the full moon thing!


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