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Fun Facts Friday - Running Quirks and Tidbits

Did Not Lose My Head Shopping
Well, I didn't come home with as much loot as I'd hoped. Guess that's good for the wallet though. I still had lots of fun and enjoyed hanging out with my co-worker and seeing all the fun gifts and goodies. I did find two soup mixes to start a food basket with for one set of friends. I also found the hot pickles for my dad - snagged two jars this year for good measure.

There were so many treats and trinkets, even clothes and jewelry, that caught my eye. But the practical side of me snuck in and held me at bay. Sometimes that's good, but sometimes I wish I could just say bugger off and enjoy a bit of frivouls spending (other than at Ann Taylor Loft or The Limited

Weights and Windy (cold) Running
This morning I was wide awake at 5:30 am. I decided to be productive for a change and get out of bed and get chest and abs done. My left elbow is really bothering me, so I went a little lighter with weights and supersetted the flyes and presses. So without rest, I would do 8 flyes then immediately 8 presses. This seems to be fairly effective and by the very last rep I was struggling despite the lower weights I was using (26# dumbbells if you're curious).

Wide-arm pushups - 24

SS#1 - 3x8
Flat bench flyes into presses -

Pushups - 4 2:2 count, 4 1:3, count, 4 3:1 count

SS#2 3x8
Incline flyes into presses

Pushups with toes on stability ball - 16

I finished up the workout with abs from Cathe's Power Hour. I stretched the legs briefly before hitting the shower to get ready for work. I really wish I could get into morning workouts because I always feel so pumped and energized to start the day when I can actually do them. But I just am not a morning workout person no matter how hard I try. I don't have time to get up and really wake up because I go in so early. So I have to get up and immediately get going and am simply not awake and fully functioning yet. Thank goodness I can get in lunchtime workouts though.

Guess that leads nicely into my lunchtime run today huh? How conveeeenient... So, this morning we had a wind chill of 36 degrees with a predicted warm up to 55 degrees. I knew that our lunchtime run was going to be both chilly and windy. I will admit that I started to dread it actually. I do have cold-running clothing. I think it's more of a mental issue really. It'll be cold for all of 5 minutes. But the wind. What is it with cold weather and it having to be windy? It was gusting up to 24 mph. The temps were a brisk 50 degrees as we set out on the run. Thank goodness it was sunny or I would have totally bailed I do believe.

The 4-mile run wasn't too bad except for the wind and the cool air hurting my lungs. It really felt like they were on fire. The cold air really aggravates my asthma so my perceived exertion is much higher than my real exertion level. My heart rate was around 162, but it seriously felt like I was running a race with my heart rate up in the 182 range. I don't know if that will ever change even trying acclimate to the cold air or if it's just a side effect of my asthma. I do think it played a big role in my race time from the Race for the Cure though - I felt like I was pushing so much harder than I really was. Anyway, guess I'll just have to keep trying and figure it out.

Fun Facts Friday - Running Quirks and Tidbits 
Speaking of workouts, this leads me to Fun Facts Friday. I know we ALL have our quirks and odd habits. We have them for cooking, cleaning, organizing, and working out. I have many oddities when it comes to my workouts - like having to have matching top and bottoms even at home. I was thinking of a few that I've picked up since running that I wanted to share, along with just a couple of tidbit facts I have meant to mention.
  • Remember when I mentioned that I took 2nd place overall for women in the Little Rock Rock N' Stroll? And I mentioned that the winner should not have even counted - the girl in the cow suit who had already run one race earlier that morning. Well, her name is Leah Thorvilson  and she took first place for women in The 2010 NIke Marathon.
  • I have slowly been trying to add miles to my long runs to see if I can for starters and also because I may be toying with the idea of a half marathon. But I refuse to make the statement because then it means I'm committed, and that scares the shit out of me more than running 13.2 miles.
  • I am worried about the winter weather taking a toll on my running. It has become my cardio of choice, but only if I can run outside. The thought of having to run on a dreadmill or only to be able to do step or kickboxing inside really makes me panicky. 
  • My leg workouts are suffering from my running because I don't want my legs to be sore for a run, so I keep putting of the leg workouts. Not good. Not smart. Must find balance.
  • I want my running shoes to match the running duds I wear. I want blue shoes for blue tops, pink for pink, even black for all black days.
  • If my socks have color on them, I want the color to match my shoes too. Can they just make white please - no pink bands or blue bands. This stresses the OCD side of me.
  • I need more running hats (helps keep sweat out of my eyes) but they never ever seem to fit right and make my ears stick out. So, I only have 2.
  • I seem to be completely incapable of drinking water while running. I either seem to choke on it, gulp in air, spill it, or have to spit it out.
  • I like rap and hip hop, but it makes me tend to bounce and bop along if I listen to it while running. But heavy music makes me just want to tear ass down the street like a bullet (while playing air drums).
  • I still have only had a true runner's high once. Starting to think it was a fluke. Maybe dehydration...
  • I worry that I am going to burn out on running just like I would when I get bored with a workout DVD that I've done too often.
  • The way I tend to approach my runs is by saying I'm going to at least go X miles and take it from there. I have this fear that if I state, "I'm going to run 9 miles," then I'll psych myself out. It'll seem unattainable. So I might say 7 miles, then get to 7.5 and say, "Why stop now, it's soooo close to 8." I know this drives Jason nuts because it's all in my head and he has no idea what's going on up there. He really thinks it's 5 miles and it ends up 8. Sorry honey.
  • I love being a cheerleader for others and congratulating them when they tell me they were able to run 2 miles straight, or 3, or 4 for the first time. It wasn't that long ago when 4 miles seemed impossible to me. I love to see others try and succeed.

What are your workout oddities, habits, quirks? Do you play any mind games to keep you moving, to get moving, to trick yourself into setting up a challenge?


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