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Weights & Fun Facts Friday - Pet Peeves

Weight Day & Wishy Washy Plans
Well, last night I ended up sleeping partially upright. This of course meant almost no sleep at all as I'm a stomach sleeper. When I start to get congested and it starts to get into my chest, the only way I can get comfortable is to sleep upright rather than flat where the gunk starts to settle.

I honestly wasn't sure if I should really attempt my weight workout today. I had on tap, chest, shoulders, triceps and abs. With the crud getting into my chest, breathing is more difficult so even walking down the hall feels like taking the stairs.

But, I got in and got it done. I actually felt great while I was working out. I was absolutely prepared to go lighter with weights or even stop if I needed to. Oddly enough, it was a really good workout. I have no idea how to be honest. I started with my usual 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up (it was very low-intensity today) then did my workout as tri sets.

TS#1 3x6
Chest flye into press
Upright rows
Double-arm overhead triceps extension

TS#2 3x8
Pushups with toes on bench
Lateral raise
Lying triceps extensions

TS#3 3x8
Staggered chest press
Front raise
Double-arm kickbacks

I did a short ab session then about 10 minutes more on the elliptical. It wasn't until after I got cleaned up that I started feeling extra crummy again - major headache (sinus pressure).

Tonight we were supposed to do a 5K. This would be the 4th year for the race. It's kind of fun just because it's an evening race, something different. They always have a big party after. But, there really is no way I could get out there and run it tonight. It was one thing to do weights, it'd be another to do a 5K. I've seen a few recent posts from bloggers who've done 10Ks and half marathons with screaming fevers. I have absolutely no freaking idea how. My hats off to them!!

We were also invited to a going away cocktail party for some friends - who happen to be moving to where we're going for our beach vacation. So, we'll get to see them while we're down in Florida. Anyway, not really sure if I feel up to going out or not. So plans for tonight are completely up in the air. PJs and the couch sound ok to me.

Fun Facts Friday - Pet Peeves
Since I'm not feeling the best, I think things are a bit more annoying to me than they might normally be. Kind of like the spin chick I mentioned yesterday. I almost decided to do a list of things I do when I'm sick (like sleeping upright), but thought pet peeves could be fun. Mostly fun for me as I love reading your comments! So, here are some of my major pet peeves:

  • Tailgaters - makes me want to slam on my breaks and go slow.
  • People not picking up their dog's poop - you see this all the time around the neighborhood and on the river trail.
  • People who don't put away their shopping carts - seriously, it's not that freaking hard to do.
  • Whistling - I cannot stand when someone tries to whistle out songs, it's even worse when it's a half whistle (sorry if you're a whistler).
  • When people say "nom nom nom," "nommy," or "nom" - again sorry if you're one of those people, I see it all the time on blogs so I'm sure I'm offended lots of people right now.
  • Liars - I flat out hate liars. 
  • When people stand smack in front of the elevator doors ready to rush on - let me get the hell off first please, thank you.
  • Cutting fingernails in the office.
  • People talking on their cell phones in the bathroom and bathroom stalls - I know I don't want to listen to my friends pee over the phone. 
  • People who feel the need to chat it up in the bathroom stalls. Let's chat after we get out of the bathroom please. 
Ok, I'll stop before I get obnoxious ;-)

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