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Date Night Recap & Sweatastic 7,5 Mile Saturday Run

Date Night Recap
While we didn't have Pizza Friday last night, we did have Date Night. Totally made up for the lack of pizza I promise. There was an Arts Center event that we wanted to go to - it was a big bash to close out the Impressionist exhibit. They went all out with local radio station DJs, champagne cocktails, and can-can dancers (well, they looked more like hookers, but we just won't go there).

Anyway, we decided to use the event as an excuse to do an official date night. It's been a long time since we've had one actually. We didn't go eat anywhere fancy or pricy though. We did get a little bit dressed up and hit one of our favorite hangouts, Dugan's Pub. We had a discount card there so that helped the decision a bit. Plus, it's fairly close to the Arts Center. We're really classy you see: pub before artsy fartsy event ;-)

After dinner, we headed over to the main event. It was beyond packed. It literally took 30 minutes to get a cocktail. Jason and I ended up taking refuge in the gift shop. They have some really great jewelry and I always love to check it out. I ended up with a pair of earrings and a new bracelet (score). After we FINALLY got the cocktails, we sat down in the restaurant area (not open for dinner last night unfortunately because they have great food).

It did finally start to clear out a little bit, as in you could walk around...period. Being able to move is a great feeling I assure you. We ran into a friend who works there. We hadn't seen him in ages so it was nice to see him and actually get a chance to catch up for a bit.

Sweatastic Saturday Run
This morning I got up with every intention of getting my run started by 7:30. I managed to start at 8, not too bad for a Saturday morning right? The only problem with not getting my butt out there earlier is the heat. The sun is out so it's beating down on you and it's hot. It was already 82 when I set out and 86 when I finished up - not including the heat index, whatever craziness that was.

But, at least the trail is mostly shaded at that time. Shade is an awesome thing. So is wind. I went out with the plan of hitting 7.5 miles and with the goal of taking slower and steadier. I knew it was hot, and knew I needed to pace myself.

At 2 miles in, I started thinking, "You know, 4 miles is perfectly fine. I think that's a great distance." Of course I kept going, then thought the same about 6 miles. It didn't help that 4 miles into the run I started feeling the edge of one toenail cutting the other toe. I knew that was going to be ugly. But I eventually forgot about it, or the toe went numb perhaps.

I took a GU at 40 minutes into the run and did myself a favor and walked for about 30 seconds while I got it down. That was smart, the dumb part was trying to take it going uphill where I had to be on a mix of gravel/grass. The GU definitely helped me get my energy reserves back. I stopped once more to try to get water with about half a mile left. And wouldn't you know it, the water was bath-water warm. Ick.

I did have gatorade and more water staying nice and cold in a cooler in my car though. So, I managed 7.5 miles, bloody toe and all. It was a little bit of a mental run for me today, not necessarily a bad run. Mostly I was just trying to talk myself into the fact that I really could do it. My brain kept wanting to go back home and go to bed.

Low-Key Day
After I got home and stretched and rolled, I decided to wash the car. Then I enjoyed a few hours in the pool with Jason. Just floating around, listening to music, and chatting. Very nice. Very relaxing. We had planned on going to a baseball game this evening, but quite honestly, I felt so zapped from the run (more than I think I should have) that we just decided to do pizza and pool (as in the pool table not swimming pool) this evening. So kind of a date night in.

It's been nice not having any set plans for a change to be honest. Very low-key, but in a good way. I managed to get some laundry done (even folded 2 baskets), cars washed, a little bit of de-cluttering of the study (mainly because we sold the desk and had to). I didn't put on any makeup and let my hair air dry. I did paint my toenails though ;-)

Daily To-Enjoy List
I hope you're remembering to enjoy something today. I know I am.
  • Pool time
  • Free evening at home
  • Pizza Saturday
  • Painting toenails


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