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Pool, Sorry, Movies & Fun Facts Friday - I Get Annoyed

Pool, Sorry, Movies
Just a follow-up on the babysitting. It went off without a hitch other than A wouldn't let me brush her tangled mess of hair. She has an incredibly tender head (just like me), and basically refuses to let anyone brush it. At the same time, she wants her hair long because her friends have long hair.

When they first arrived it was a barrage of questions and chatter. They could make your head spin with the questions alone. You can't possible answer them all even! They quickly changed into their swimsuits and jumped in the pool with their Uncle Jason while Sarah and I visited a bit before she left for her date.

I finally got in the pool with them with the stipulation that we had to get out to eat in 15 minutes. Pretty said that to get them out of the pool I had to get in the pool. I didn't get our dinner done before they arrived so it was just sitting their taunting me. A had not eaten dinner yet either.

We got them bathed, dried, changed and then they wanted to play Sorry. I think there is another game with sorry in the title so this wasn't exactly what they expected. When C started losing he decided he was done. A kept thinking she was losing, but won against Jason. Sort of...she did count 2 spaces for 1 to make herself win but Jason was beyond ready to eat and absolutely didn't care LOL.

We went through a few shows/movies and arguments (A wanted only princess movies) before settling on A Wrinkle In Time. They weren't exactly up for watching the season premier of Big Brother for some reason. Anyway, we all had a good evening. Nothing was broken, no one cried, all good.

Today & Tomorrow
Today is my much-needed rest day. I really hoped I might just wake up on my own for a run this morning but didn't really think it would happen. Tonight we're going to a baseball game with some friends. Really looking forward to that as we haven't been to a game yet this season.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day for us. We're heading to the lake with my family then I'm having a late lunch with a dear friend that moved away. We haven't seen each other in probably 7 years or more. And to top that all off, it's another friend's birthday, so we'll be heading over to her house to celebrate. I'm already tired thinking about the day, but I know it'll be a good one.

Fun Facts Friday - I Get Annoyed
I must start off saying that I debated on this list. I didn't want it to be taken negatively. I want it to be read playfully, with a sense of humor. Because really, sometimes annoyances are just comical if you think about it. Yes, some can be serious of course. You can't make them all go away regardless. And maybe sometimes it's the reason why you find something annoying that makes it comical.

Anyway, we all get annoyed by things. I don't care how happy go luck you are either. Sometimes it's big things, sometimes little things. Sometimes it's something totally odd and random. But sometimes it's just something that seems to annoy most everyone, except the very few causing the annoyance. How does that happen by the way?

Here's my list of what annoys me:
  • People who smoke right at the entrance of a building - Thank you for making me walk through your bad habit. 
  • Tailgaters - seriously, get off my ass. I already speed thank you very much. You're just an accident waiting to happen.
  • People who honk unnecessarily - don't honk at me for backing out of my driveway when my freaking break lights are on. I'm easing out so I can see just like you would. Or don't honk unless someone really almost causes an accident. 
  • People who honk at runners/cyclist - do not do this. It can startle the runner/cyclist and cause and accident. 
  • Birds - sometimes birds can be loud and obnoxious. 
  • Mean people - there's really no reason to just be mean and ugly. Period. Even if you're annoyed by someone, you don't have to be mean. 
  • People talking or texting on their phones at the gym - unless you're on call or waiting for a very important call/message, you should be there working not chatting. 
  • People not wiping down benches at the gym - you just sweated all over it, please wipe it down.
  • People who toss trash into a can and it misses but they leave it - if you didn't notice, that's one thing, but someone else has to pick it up. Wonder if they do that at home?
  • Pedestrians having a party in the crosswalks - I stop for you, I promise, but when you take an hour to get across the street because you're chatting it up with friends, I suddenly don't want to stop for you. Once the light turns, I can't go anymore and I'm stuck waiting through another light. 
Ok, I know the list could go on for days right? I want to hear some of your annoyances. Grunting at the gym? People not stopping for pedestrians? What about the person pushing the buggy right up against you while waiting in line?

Daily To-Enjoy List
  • Rest day
  • Baseball game
  • The fact that it's Friday


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