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Running, Lifting, Final Packing - Chicago Bound

Running & Lifting
I just couldn't peel myself out of bed for a morning run. And the fact that the heat index was already 85 degrees by 6:30 am definitely made me feel less guilty for not getting out there and sweating into a puddle. So, I went with my backup plan and hit the gym.

Yep, the dreaded treadmill. But I used it to my advantage for some intervals. It's really the only way I can deal with the treadmill because it breaks up the focus. I ran 1 mile then did 2 x 2:00 minute intervals, 2 x1:30 minute intervals, 2 x 1:00 minute intervals for a total of 3.1 miles. (note intervals were run at tempo recover still running, just slower, so no walking as recover, good for endurance).

I know I have said that you shouldn't do weights after cardio, but sometimes you have to break the rule when you have no other choice. I guess I could have skipped the run, that's a fair statement. But I really wanted to do some intervals. My speed has taken a nose dive. Anyway, as I'm leaving tomorrow, today was last chance for weights. I needed to hit back, chest, triceps.

GS#1 3x8
Chest press
Double-arm overhead triceps extension

GS#2 3x8
Double-arm row
Chest flye
Double-arm kickbacks

Wide-grip assisted pullups - TF
Pushups with feet on bench - TF
Triceps dips - TF

This was a pretty good workout for me. Though my elbow always seems to bother me when I combine triceps and chest.

Packing & Fridge Cleaning (aka random rambling)
Last night I pretty much finished up my packing with the exception of shoes. I have the most difficult time narrowing down shoes and accessories. I mean, what if the shoes I bring end up not matching the outfit quite like I had thought? Or because of all the walking we'll do, I need to change? See...problems here. I think I have it narrowed down to 2 pairs, 1 running, and then whatever shoes I actually wear on the trip. If not, good shopping excuse right ;-)

I'm also having to remember that Chicago is about 25 degrees cooler than it is here. Tomorrow's high is 75. Today it was 102 here with index of 110. Yikes. It's going to feel like the North Pole! Oh but that means I don't have to get out for a morning run at 5:30!! Woohoo!!

Thankfully, Jason was able to fix the dryer so I could finish up laundry. I really didn't want to leave dirty laundry for 10 days. I also needed a few pairs of running shorts that were dirty. I guess I need more running shorts huh? Shopping excuse! LOL.

The fridge is almost bare other than food my sister will use while she's at the house doggy sitting. Tonight was sort of a Tex-Mex hodge podge that included corn, black beans, vegan chorizo, bell peppers, slim pickings of lettuce, Daiya Pepper Jack, and wraps. Sounds good huh???

Actually, not too shabby for hodge podge refrigerator special.

More Food Talk
Speaking of food, I am getting excited about food options in Chicago. Not only is my hotel only half a mile from a Trader Joe's. I know for those who have a TJ's nearby, this probably doesn't seem like such a big deal. But, this poor gal doesn't have the luxury of a TJ's. I finally visited one for the first time during my Chicago trip and am utterly jealous of you guys who are near one.

Besides TJ's, I've been eying some suggested restaurants and trying to narrow down the menu options ahead of time. I am NOT used to have more than one or two options on the menu so it's a bit overwhelming to be honest. Do you ever get overwhelmed by menu options being much more varied than you're use to?

The Chicago Diner. I mean just look at this menu! How on earth am I supposed to choose? Guess I'll have to go at least twice right?

Karyn's on Green. Again, how can I even narrow it down. I want a bite of pretty much everything. 

Karyn's Raw. A slightly cheaper version of Karyn's on Green.

Other suggestions are most definitely welcome. It doesn't have to be all vegan/vegetarian either. But, I would prefer that it had options for me and a fun factor as well.

Last bit about food...I received an awesome package waiting on my doorstep today. I recently won a giveaway from Tiffany at Love, Sweat and Beers for five bags of Food Should Taste Good chips. Now that's one awesome prize!

At first I thought they were sample bags. Um, nope. Full sized bags my friends. I love these chips because they're all natural, whole grains, and gluten-free. Do you have a favorite flavor? I recently discovered the Olive flavor. YUM. Thanks again Tiff for hosting the giveaway!!

Daily To-Enjoy List
  • Being about 95% done with packing ahead of schedule
  • Enjoying couch time with the pups
  • Watching a movie (if Jason gets his packing finished)


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