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Running, Lunching, Hugging

8 Miles
This morning started off with a run. I didn't get up as early as I would have liked, but it is Saturday after all right? However, that just meant a hotter run with the sun fully up. I hit the pavement at 7:30 and it was already 80 degrees. I was thinking it felt less humid though with a slight breeze (humidity was "only" 74%).

I went into the run thinking I would just shoot for 6 miles. It was hot, I had only had part of a banana, it was hot, I was tired. Anyway, enough whining right. Just get in there and get it done. I actually felt great once I got going. The breeze helped keep the sweat out of my eyes for the most part, my legs were on my side this morning. Everything was just clicking.

When I hit the turn around that would have given me 6.2, I thought I'd just go to the next turn around, then the next, and so on. Until I managed to extend the run to a nice 8-miler when all was said and done. If it had been just a a little bit cooler and I had another bottle of water, I think I could have cranked out 9 to be honest. I felt that good. The GU even went down better today. Sometimes I can get a little dizzy right after I take it. Anyone else?

I was grinning like a fool all the way home (and sweating like one too). I did try to roll out extra long on my Triggerpoint kit as my IT band was sort of throbbing, not bad, but I could feel that twinge. I am probably a little hypersensitive to it now. But better safe than sorry in my book.

I've decided that the absolute ultimate way to recover from a long run is to float in the pool. I mean, what can be better for tired muscles than weightless floating in cool water to reduce any swelling. Yes, it's a reach, but work with me here ;-)

Ladies Who Lunch...For 3 Hours
After floating around for about 2 hours, I got myself ready. I needed to hit up Whole Foods and treated myself to a trip to the mall (which was insanely busy, like Christmas busy). I brought an ice chest with me because I knew I was getting cold items that wouldn't survive the 100+ degree temps and I was going to be out and about for a while.

After the short trip to the mall, it was on to a very very late lunch with 2 awesome ladies. It was sort of to celebrate my dearest friend's birthday, which was the 18th, and also just an excuse to get together and have a good time.

We met at a place called Canon Grill. It's not just super grand, but they have good food, good atmosphere, and all-day Saturday happy hour. Of course the meet up started with a round of hugs then on to non-stop talk for 3 hours. And to be honest, we could easily still be there chatting it up.

Kori (birthday girl) is my oldest and dearest friend. We've known each other for 32 years easily. I went to school with Wanisia, a super sweetheart of a person. I typically don't regret not living in my hometown until I realize that I miss getting to spend time with friends like these 2 ladies.
Waitress sweet, but terrible photographer

Me and Kori

Kori and Wanisia

Me and Wanisia

Speaking of not getting to spend time with friends, Jessica and Jolene live in in the Boston area, obviously nowhere close to me. They posted a picture on Facebook hugging and made the comment about how they rarely hug. They've mentioned that before so it wasn't news to me. But seeing that picture made me think of my sister and our hugs. And ladies, when I see you two next month, you better get ready for one hell of a hug!!

Not much makes me happier than a sissy hug (which is what we call it). I find myself (and tell Sarah too) missing my sissy hugs. Sometimes, on a bad day, I will email her and let her know that I need a sissy hug in a bad way. There's just something about hugging each other that is hard to explain. It's love full force. I smile just thinking about it, can almost feel her hugs.

While running today, I started thinking about all the different types of hugs and how much meaning such a simple gesture can have. Hugs can convey so much support. Sometimes all you need in the world is a hug. Here's what I came up with:

  • Sissy hugs - unrivaled, deep down, support, love, admiration, honest
  • Husband hugs - support, earnest love, comfort, can make the world right again
  • Mom hugs - I can feel the love and pride in my mom's arms
  • Dad hugs - Again, pride, respect, joy
  • Friend hugs - Kori is one hell of a hugger I must say. I feel so much love and support from her. No words needed
  • Congratulatory hugs - these are those one armed hugs that indicate a high five or slap on the ass, atta girl
  • Love you anyway hugs - that hug from someone who is determined to make you smile, to make you not so pissed off, they melt away icy anger 
  • Reunion hugs - when you see that friend you've not seen in ages, all past memories are just wrapped up into that hug somehow
Do you think hugs can heal the world? Are you a hugger? 

Daily To-Enjoy List
  • Long run
  • Pool time
  • Shopping
  • Lunch with friends


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