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Long Run, Long Day, Perfect Weekend

Long Run on a Long Day
First of all, I won't even apologize for not posting yesterday. I think perhaps I should take more weekend breaks and just enjoy life rather than blogging about. And honestly, I wish that more bloggers would do the same. While I had slight twinges of regret, I remembered that there used to be a time when I didn't stop every day to recap the day. I just enjoyed it. And that's what I finally did yesterday, no regrets.

I set my alarm for 7:15 am not to beat the heat for a change, but because I needed to get my long run in before the day began. On tap was my niece's birthday party (an hour away), a work related stop, a neighborhood festival (Hillcrest Harvest Fest), then my sis came to stay then night and that also meant drinks with friends, then pizza night. Wow, long day right? But a good one; worth every moment.

So, got up for my run. I thought I had plotted out a 13-mile route. Apparently I was really off. My 13 mile run ended up being 13.5 miles. Proud of the miles, but worked hard for them.

It was about 56 degrees when I got started. Probably the coolest run since the spring. I started off in capris and a tank, but at mile 2, passing back by the car, I shed the tank and just ran with my short bra top. The sky was so nice and crisp, I could still see the moon. Very pleasant way to start the day.

I made my first pit stop (to refill water bottle and take gel) at about 5.5 miles into the run. I was still feeling pretty good, but my sciatica was starting to get to me. Sometimes the pain comes and goes, but for this run, it just came...and stayed. There were times when I really wanted to just stop and find a way to call Jason to pick me up. I had to really think about picking up my feet as I found myself shuffling and stumbling several times. Thankfully, no run ins with geese, gorgeous day, and somehow I managed to zone out (or hallucinate or something) and made the 13.5 mile trek.

In some ways I was a bit disappointed. I guess I assumed that the run would be like last week's long run - runner's high all the way. Plus, I had done over 13 last week, so 13 wouldn't be so bad today. Wrong. I forgot to account for the fact that each and every single run is different. Period. I definitely fought with myself internally and physically. But, I did it. So for that, I am proud. Oh, and these are the views I was able to enjoy along the way (thank you Jason for taking these!).
This is view of Pinnacle Mountain from Two Rivers Bridge

Also from Two Rivers Bridge, I run around this point on my loop back

Part of the river

Another view of Pinnacle Mountain

Close to area where I had run in with geese

Post run, I actually felt pretty good. I stretched and rolled out on the Triggerpoint Therapy Kit, but not as long as I should have as we had to hit the road for my niece's birthday party. I did bring an ice pack and sat on that most of the drive to the party (an hour).

Other than the sciatica issues, I felt really great. I think the half marathon training plan having me run so many long runs is paying off in terms of recovery. My body is getting used to the mileage, well, with the exception of the pesky sciatica/piriformis issues.

Birthday Party, Harvest Fest & Patio Time
Anyway, the birthday party was pure chaos. I gaggle of 7-year old kids running, screaming, running, playing at a facility built just for running, screaming, playing. I swear they should serve alcohol for the adults ;-) My niece got tons of gifts, had a ball, and that was the point.
A hates to be the center of attention - so being sung too = uncool
We left the party, and made a quick work stop before heading to the Hillcrest Harvest Fest. It just keeps growing each year. I love to see that for neighborhood events. I ended up buying a cute, red glass ring. Jason finally got to try the food truck food he waited in line for so long for at the Food Truck Festival, and it was a gorgeous day to be outside.
The food truck fair came from and Indian truck called the Banana Leaf. I couldn't even tell you the names of the dishes he got. They were pretty good. But my tummy hasn't been quite right since Thursday's buffet ordeal. So a few bites and I just didn't feel right so I stopped. But it was good what I had.

My sister came up to stay the night and friends wanted to get together as well. So, we opted for Cajun's Wharf because they have a fantastic deck overlooking the river. Such great views, though as the sun started the set, the breeze off the river made it rather chilly.

When we got home we made pizzas for dinner. I made a socca crust for my sis and regular for me and Jason. We just sat and chatted over good food the rest of the evening - while in PJs of course. So it was a very long, very busy day. But a great one that I wouldn't trade.

Gym & Errands
This morning I had hoped to sleep in a bit, but Maddie had other ideas. And of course she woke up Sarah and her dog Lilly as well. Sarah and I enjoyed our breakfast and just chatted while mustering up the energy to get ourselves to the gym. She did legs and abs while I did chest, shoulders, back, abs.

Chest flye into press - 3x8

SS#1 - 3x8
Shoulder press

SS#2 - 3x8
Lateral raises
Single-arm row

SS#3 - 3x8
Front raise overhead open to T
Underhand barbell rows

It was an ok workout. I was feeling a little fatigued. I am assuming that's most likely due to the long run I had yesterday. While I'm feeling pretty good today, I do recognize the energy levels aren't back to normal yet.

After the gym, she needed to pack up and head back home. I needed to get to the grocery store. Very exciting stuff happening I know ;-) Of course, I think yesterday was enough activity for the entire weekend. One completely down day is good so no complaints.

Daily To-Enjoy List:
  • Gym time with sis
  • Breakfast with sis
  • Relaxing day
  • Sunshine
  • Mimosas


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