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Mother Nature Forces Unplugged Evening

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because of a crazy wild storm that ended up knocking out our power. It wasn't an exciting day exactly, well, maybe the storm part. Here's how it went down:

I decided it would be safer to stay home again (and I'm sure my co-workers would agree). So more work from home. Which is mostly fine. I would love to work from home to be honest. However, I am just not properly set up to access everything I would normally need.

I did get up for a morning run. It was about 74 degrees and the humidity seemed to be a little lower. Or maybe I'm just beyond noticing any longer. It was still dark when I set out for my run with the exception of the stars and lightening off in the distance. No rain of course.

I wanted to just do an easy 4 miles. Not really pushing it. I did get negative splits, but kept the run fairly slow and taking a slightly easier route, meaning fewer hills. That's my version of being lazy ;-) It was a really pleasant run, and I think it helped loosen up my legs from yesterday's workout.

For my lunch break, I did head upstairs and knocked out weights. I went with a similar set up to Monday's weights but for back, shoulders and chest.

TS#1 - 4 x 6
Underhand rows
Overhead shoulder press
Flat bench chest press

TS#2 - 3 x 8
Lateral raises
Chest flye into chest press

TS#3 - 2 x 10
Double-arm rows
Front/side raise (front raise, open to T, back to front & lower)
Pushups with toes on bench

I thought it'd take longer than it did. But it was about 25 minutes start to finish.

Again, no grocery trip because I was staying in just in case. I did have everything to make a curry dish minus the rice. I did have quinoa though. So, I ended up making a Tofu Peanut Curry with Quinoa for dinner.

I pulled out all the ingredients (I had baked the tofu earlier so it was all ready for me) and started to get ready to prepare the dinner. I noticed the sky was dark, thunder rumbling, Heath shaking like mad. I looked outside and it was gale force winds. Insane. I don't know how any tree was standing afterwards to be honest.

Even the biggest trees seemed to be completely listing over. The rain and hail was coming sideways and the wind was rattling the doors. If the sky had been greenish/yellow, we would have been taking cover for a tornado because that's how intense it was.

The wind died down, but the thunder and rain continued. I got back to dinner and then the lights went out. What's crazy is that we live in the oldest part of the city and almost never lose power. Luckily we do have a gas stove, so I could still make dinner. But it does get more complicated when attempting by candlelight. Perhaps a little Extreme Chef? Ok, it wasn't that bad.

While dinner simmered, Jason and I played cards. Luckily the storm dropped the temps from 99 degrees to a chilly 74 degrees within minutes. For the first time since March, we opened the windows and screen door.

Tofu Peanut Curry 
1 can lite coconut milk
2-3 tbsp red curry paste (depending on heat level)
1 tbsp agave nectar
2 tbsp PB2 powder (or peanut flour or natural peanut butter)
2 - 3 carrots, chopped
1/2 yellow onion, diced
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1/2 green bell pepper, diced
1/2 cup frozen peas
Baked tofu - cubed (or other protein source)
Basil (Thai basil if you have)
Prepared quinoa (or rice)

In large non-stick skillet, saute carrots, onion, bell peppers until soft, add in tofu, coconut milk, curry paste, agave nectar, and basil. Let simmer for approximately 15 minutes then add in the PB2, stir well and allow to continue to simmer until carrots are soft.

Serve over quinoa or rice.

No picture because it was getting dark and I was getting hungry.

We enjoyed dinner by candlelight along with a glass (or two) of wine. Guess Mother Nature can force an unplugged, relaxed dinner sometimes. And I must say, it was quite nice. 

Today I did go into work. I really don't think I'm contagious at this point. Today is also a rest day for me. I really feel worn out so it's perfect timing. While I love to exercise, sometimes I just need a mental and physical day off. 

I ended up making a wonderful Creamy Wild Mushroom Rice for dinner. I was going to post the recipe, but spent 1 1/2 on the phone with Garmin support trying to fix my watch. So the recipe will have to wait until tomorrow.

And I guess I get to test out the Garmin updates tomorrow morning. As much as it was a pain to sit through, they were very helpful once I reached the right person. The right person is always key isn't it?

Daily To-Enjoy List:
Rest day
Trying new recipe


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