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Running Woes & Fun Facts Friday Quirks

Running Woes
Today was another long run day. Jason and I headed out the door around 5:20. I won't even repeat again the heat factor. At least there was a breeze. And, I won't bore you with all the details of the run either. It ended up being one craptastic run.

The first 5.5 miles were fine. I was doing fine with my breathing. But something just sort of happened and I started to fall apart. It felt like my heart rate was really high, so I tried to check it. And of course the battery was dying so it'd say like 91 or 77. Um....sure thing. If I like I was exerting that much effort and that's how low my heart rate really was, then we have big big big problems. 

So of course that ticked me off because I just wanted to try to gauge what was going wrong. Sadly, it was too cloudy to see the usual sunrise over the river. I always look forward to seeing it. We stopped for water and our GU (Peanut Butter yummy) and got back to it. My legs felt like dead weights. 

I purposely did leg weights on Tuesday just so they'd have time to recover. It felt like I had done leg weights just before running. I stopped to walk an embarrassing number of times. Many times I told Jason just to go on because I felt like I was holding him up. I mean, I'm the one dragging him out of bed and ungodly hours to go run and then I fall apart. 

Around mile 7.5 I started telling Jason I was hearing a whirring sound in my ears. He thought it might be sinuses. I've been having headaches all week. Then I started feeling kind of dizzy - something I've never experienced during a run. I couldn't just stop though, still had to get home. Walk breaks didn't really help at all. Dizzy is dizzy.

So, 9.5 miles done. I spent 15 minutes lying in the floor with my feet up the wall and a cooling towel on me when I got back to the house. Gatorade: check. NUUN: check. And I did start to feel human again other than being angry about the run itself.

I feel like something is really going wrong with my runs lately. Even my "good" runs feel harder not as enjoyable as they always used to. I still love getting out there, I just feel like I'm struggling more and working harder (like it feels harder but I'm not really going faster).

Yes I'm beating myself up. Yes I'll get over it. 

Fun Facts Friday - Quirks 
In an effort to try to turn the post around (and my mood), I thought I'd just do something kind of silly for Fun Facts Friday. I "borrowed" the idea from Mom's Little Running Buddy - she did a guest post for Pavement Runner talking about the 5 quirky things she does when running.

Let's just say I do lots of quirky things, not just running. So, here are some of my silly quirks (some are repeats from previous posts so I apologize for those):

Counting - I am not a math person at all, but I can get caught up in counting. Sometimes I'll even count my foot strikes for a certain part of a running route. I just can't stop myself.

License Plates - I read them and repeat the numbers/letters in my head.

License Plates Expirations - I know the sticker colors for each year and can spot expired tags like a champ. Can I get paid for that please?

Picking Cuticles - I was always a nail biter, but once I got over that, I took up picking at my cuticles. And the more I'm told to stop, the more I keep on picking.

Water Bottle - When running, I always hold the water bottle in my right hand, but recently started having to try to switch because of tension in my shoulder. Don't try drinking out of the wrong hand.

Hats - I always have to wear a hat working out. It keeps the sweat off my face and hides just how sweaty my hair is.

Running Clothes - I cannot stand something to feel tight, which is one reason I like running in a sports bra. Tops can feel sticky or restricting. When I have to wear capris or tights, I almost rip them off when done, near panic attack kind of feeling.

Movie Theaters - I don't like going because I worry about what's on the seats.

Thumbs - I have a habit of tucking my thumbs in (like hand in a fist with thumbs tucked in). It's sort of comforting somehow and I think it stems from having weird thumb joints that don't bend but pop in and out. If they pop out when I'm asleep they can swell up.

Baths - I like baths but I like the water HOT so I can't stay in there more than about 10 mins tops because it's like a sauna effect (and I'm red as a beet).

I know I'm missing a boatload. If you know me, please feel free to add to the list. But, I want you to make me laugh please - share your silly quirks!

Daily To-Enjoy List:
The fact that it's Friday
Happy hour with hubby
Relaxing evening


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