Thursday, May 16, 2013

On My Mind - Running, Bagels, Inspiration

Took this as I was waiting on my running buddy
It is finally Thursday correct? Good. I thought I would do an other "On My Mind" type of post for today. Partially because my mind is slightly mush right now, but also because it's kind of a fun post.

Said during morning run - I would drink out of a toilet right about now. 
Where are all the bunnies at?  
Passing by a bakery near the end of a 10-mile run makes you suddenly crave things you never normally eat - like bagels.
Rain can feel so good during the last mile of a long, hot, humid run. Talk about perfect timing. 
Greatest compliment of the week was when my mom emailed about setting up a workout for her because she said I inspire her. 
Pinterest needs a better search option. I just want to search within a category please. 

What's on your mind today?