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Was it a Run or a Swim

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Many of you are lucky enough to be off work today. No bragging please. It was another good weekend. Mostly low-key. Saturday morning I got in a crazy run with Amy.

I wasn't sure how far I could go because of my knee. When I've run, I keep it uncovered and that sort of helps ease any pain. Anything that touches it hurts. And it might sound crazy to get out and run after that fall, but it does actually help to loosen my knee up. It gets really stiff and achy fast. It's still a little swollen, but the road rashes are really the worst part. And running doesn't seem to aggravate it any more. So...

I met up with Amy at her mile 3. We were enjoying a really good run. It was about 65 degrees, with a cool-ish breeze. Heading east the skies were gorgeous. We stopped at one point to get a picture.

To the west, however, the skies were growing dark and ominous. I had looked at the radar before the run, and was sure we had about 2 hours before the rain moved in. The radar lied.

I don't even recall what mile it was when the rain started. Maybe somewhere around mile 5. It felt great at first. But then it started coming down harder and harder. The winds picked up from a light breeze, to full on gusting driving the rain harder at us.

Just when you thought, "It can't rain any harder," it absolutely did. Water was rushing in the streets. Amy actually commented how cool it would be for a kid to have a little boat to play with in the rolling rivers. Attempting to avoid puddles was futile.

All we could do really was laugh. It was pretty funny. We're just trucking down the street and if you didn't see us, you could most definitely hear us squishing along. It was turning into a swim instead of a run.

Amy ended up with 11 miles and I finished out 10. My goal had been 12, but my knee wasn't going to allow that. Plus, we ran really fast. It was definitely not a long slow day as it should have been. In fact, I was about 15 seconds faster than my race pace. Maybe I need it to rain on my next half.

Jason and I got a late lunch then went over to some friends' house to hang out on their patio. The rain cleared out for a gorgeous afternoon.

Sunday, Jason had a 10-miler on tap. I decided to run part of the run with him. I knew he would be better at making sure it was a slow run. Afterwards, we got cleaned up and had lunch at a pizza place we enjoy. They've got a great patio.

Speaking of patios, the weather was incredible. So we spent the rest of the day on ours. I started reading an advance copy of Tom Venuto's newest book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. I plan on doing a post about this one soon.

Heath Man was enjoying the patio day as well. I did manage to get a few chores done as well as baking some bread. But otherwise, it was fairly relaxing and lazy.

This morning I decided to skip a run in favor of a rest day. I have been missing the sunrises during my morning runs since the sun doesn't start to really come up until nearly 7 am. Luckily, I do have a gorgeous eastward view at my office, so I did still get to see a sunrise.

How was your weekend? Did you take time to just relax and enjoy it?


  1. My last run in weather like that made me dislike the rain a lot. Maybe because it was 40 degrees and miserable? Sounds like a great weekend!


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