Monday, March 8, 2010

Magnificent Monday

Lunchtime Run
Today Jason got up to go swim at 5 am. While I was awake, I opted not to do my workout. I've got some serious DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) going on from my workouts this weekend. My legs just felt too have and too stiff to attempt a step workout. I'm glad I didn't try to push through because we ended up going for a 30-minute run at lunch. We had perfect weather again today. It was sunny and 70 degrees. The lunchtime run was great for loosening up my legs and giving me an energy boost.

We did, however, do a trial run run with the dogs. Jason has been talking about wanting to take them running with us for ages. They can be a bit spastic though, and I am sooo afraid of getting tripped up and falling when one of them makes an emergency potty stop or stop and smell session. I am plenty klutzy on my own thank you very much. We have a route mapped out that is 1.5 miles from the start of our house back around. So we took them for a jog the first lap. They really did pretty well considering this was their first true run and not a leisurely stroll. I'm hoping they'll still be worn out tonight...who am I kidding. I know them all too well! 

I also did abs from Ab Circuits after work plus a good stretch.
First Grilled Dinner and Sweet Treats
Since the weather was still nice (thought rain is in the forecast over night) I decided to get out and fire up the grill for the first grilled meal of the year. I decided to do a Grilled Veggie and Tofu Salad.

Grilled Veggie and Tofu Salad
1 package extra-firm tofu* (squeezed and patted dry)
2 tbsp no-sugar strawberry preserves
Extra-virgin olive oil (enough to loosen marinade, approximately 1 tbsp)
Balsamic vinegar (to taste)
Port-wine vinegar (to taste and to loosen marinade)
Fresh veggies of your choice:
1 zucchini, cut into strips
1 yellow squash, cut into strips
3 baby portobellos
1/2 green bell pepper
1 small sweet potato, cubed

* Freeze tofu for minimum three days, then thaw in refrigerator for a spongier texture that absorbs marinades more readily.

Make marinade by mixing preserves, oil, and vinegars. Layer on tofu and let sit 4 hours or longer.

Grill all veggies to your liking. I use a small baking sheet to cook the potatoes on. Grill tofu approximately 20 minutes on each side on lower heat. I usually grill everything large and cut it down into smaller chunks for serving. I serve on a bed of red leaf lettuce and spinach with drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and side of toasted whole-wheat bread or pita. 
In the mail today, these fabulous treats were waiting for me. Amie from The Healthy Apple sent them to me as a special treat. I've never tired Larabars so I am sooooo excited (and thankful) for this awesome package. Thank you so much Amie!!! Now, everyone needs to go visit her blog for some awesome, healthy recipes and tips and tricks. Go Now!
I haven't opened them yet, but I'll be sure to post my thoughts as soon as I do. I have a few other product reviews too.