Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finished Weight Rotation!

Two on Thursday
I managed another morning workout today. I did one of the premixes from Cathe's Step Blast. It's always a fun, sweaty workout. I love it when cardio can be fun as well as intense - makes the time go so much faster.

I went home for a late lunch and did weights. It was my final day of the 8-week rotation. Can't believe I'm already finished with it! Today was 3 sets or 12 reps done as supersets with the goal of increasing the weights.

Biceps - Zottoman curls
Triceps - Weighted dips

Legs - Squats
Inner thighs - Plie squats

Chest - Flat bench dumbbell press
Back - Underhand dumbbell rows

Legs - Alternating lunges with pulse
Calves - Calf raises

Shoulders - Upright (dumbbell) rows
Shoulders - Rear delt raises

So the rotation is officially done. Wow. Now I need to figure out my next lifting rotation. Suggestions?

Happy Hour on Thursday???
I'm very glad I was able to get my workouts done earlier as we were meeting some friends after work for a Thursday Happy Hour. I don't typically go out during the week to be honest. I need to try enjoy the weekdays more to be quite honest. Typically, I just work, workout, go home. I'm in PJ's by 5 at the latest. I don't know why I have it stuck in my head that hanging out and catching up with friends is somehow reserved for the weekends. Of course we had a good time. It was at a Mexican restaurant and I did good and only had a few chips with salsa. Normally I can't keep my hands out of the chips/dips!

Do you like to go out during the week?

Since we were home a little later (or a lot, 7pm) than normal, dinner was simple. I reheated the last of the Black Bean & Beet burgers (last of all of my frozen stash of veggie burgers actually) with Sweet Potato "Fries." Guess this weekend I'll be making more veggie burgers...

Now it's almost time for the 3-day weekend!