Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Talk Music for Fun Facts Friday

Rest Day
Well, today is an official rest day. I definitely need it after yesterday's weights. I am definitely feeling it in my legs and back (which is rare, but good). We had a storm blow through yesterday afternoon, and it really cooled things down. So, this morning would have been sooo nice for a really easy, waking up type of run. But, I behaved and didn't get up to run.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be doing a 5K (Rock 'n Stroll), and I am really hoping for another cool, pleasant morning. I know we're in for sunshine for the long weekend at least.

Speaking of, long weekends, mine already seems filled up. Of course, it's mostly fun stuff so I can't complain:
  • Tonight we're going to a baseball game at 6.
  • Tomorrow morning we have the race - it's the first year for this one.
  • My mom and sister will be coming up around noon for some girl time. I plan on making lunch then we'll do a bit of shopping.
  • Saturday night we will be attending Riverfest and seeing the Black Crows play. Really excited about this. This will be the first time in several years that we get to go to Riverfest. Typically we schedule our beach vacation over Memorial weekend and miss the festival.
  • Sunday we desperately need to attend to yard work and may had back down to Riverfest (it goes from Fri-Sun). I do plan on a little patio lounging time of course. That's a must for a long, holiday weekend.
Do you have any big plans? Do you prefer to be busy or just chill out and do nothing on extended weekends? 

Fun Facts Friday
So I hope you aren't getting bored with Fun Facts Friday yet. I think it's rather fun. I love to hear your fun facts (hint hint). Since we'll be attending a concert (maybe a couple since there will be many bands playing all weekend), I thought today I'd do some fun facts about concerts:
1.  Def Leppard with my first concert. It was December 1992; my senior year of high school. Can we say contact high? The place was nothing but a dense haze if you catch my drift.

2.  I watched the Black Crows perform in 1993 from the 2nd row of the orchestra pit. This is why I am so excited to get to see them again. Of course, I am certain I will be nowhere close to the front of the stage this time around. I will not be with 6 other females (which is how we ended up in the front mind you). I'll also not have been chugging beers in the parking deck minutes prior to the concert...

3.  Got to sit in 4th row to see Aerosmith in 1993. Apparently '93 was my year for awesome concerts and getting to sit up front. For this concert, we had seats really far away and high up. We got there early and someone "with the band" actually traded out our tickets for the 4th row seats. Those seats were all giveaways and could not have been purchased. Woohoo for having super cute girlfriends! 

So let me hear it. Got a good concert story? What was your first concert?