Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Facts Friday - Jobs

Friday Rest Day
Not only is today Friday, but it's my rest day. My biceps are still talking to me from Tuesday's workout. Not sure what that's all about. I don't ever remember my biceps being this sore, this long. I didn't think I even went all that heavy - maybe it was the slow rep count. Anyway, I do wish I had it in me to get my Saturday workout in today and Sunday's tomorrow. I really need Sunday off because we are supposed to help my dad and step-mother move, so that means I need to figure out when and how to squeeze in the workout (legs). I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Thank you for the cardio suggestions. I do enjoy running outside, and would prefer to do that, but the heat is just too much right now unless I can manage the run around 5:30 am (and remember, I am not a morning gal). I may have to just start making myself get up though for the summer months if I want to run.

Fun Facts Friday - Jobs

Since there was so much discussion this week on careers, I thought it might be fun to share some jobs we've all had over the years. By the way, I truly appreciate everyone's comments. I was very surprised that the topic would generate so much interest and love it!!

Before going to the fun facts, I did want to quote a terrific idea that Kris @ I Heart Wellness suggested. I thought this was fantastic: 
"A good trick to find out your true passion is to walk into a book store and see what magazine section you naturally go to first? Fashion, Fitness, Food?? This will tell you where your true passions lie."
I go straight to fitness then home decor. Where do you go?

Fun Facts - Past Jobs

1. Worked at a souvenir shop called the Duck Port. The city I grew up in is famous for lakes, natural hot springs, and is a big tourist destination. A friend's father owned a souvenir shop on lake where the "duck" tours would stop. Can I just say tourists can be soooo mean.

2. Worked for Waldenbooks for 5 years to pay for school. I am a HUGE reader so this worked well, except for the random nasty customers.  Don't ever think that a cashier is just some high school kid someone who didn't make it through college. I worked with people with MAs, who spoke 5 languages, etc. I say that because sometimes customers would talk down to us as if we were beneath them. Sorry for that rant.

3. Waited tables at a "Hooters" wanna-be-bar in Auburn, AL. Yep, short shorts and all.

Your turn.