Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Run & HIIT Workouts and Grilled Veggie & Tofu Salad

Credit/Debit Card Comments
I must say, I am a little shocked at how many of you have experienced credit or debit card fraud too. It's really scary isn't it? You just never know when it might happen. We were very lucky that our bank apparently monitors all transactions with an eagle eye. Since we have almost completely stopped using that particular card, it probably made the crazy expensive purchases stand out more too. Thank you all for your well wishes with the matter. I'm pretty sure it'll all be resolved. WIth any luck at all, the fraud department with pinpoint the super nice person (or persons) who did this.

Running & HIIT
I slept really soundly last night until about 2 am, then I was up every hour until 4:30 and crashed hard. I didn't even hear Jason leave for swim at 5 am, but I did hear my alarm at 5:26 beckoning me to get up and get my workout done. I knew I wanted to get in 30 minutes this morning, but was totally undecided on what I was going to actually do. I typically have it completely planned out with whatever equipment, attire, DVD ready to go.

It was still too dark to head out for a run, so I thought I'd at least start with the warm up from MMA Kickboxing and take it from there. After a 9-minute warm up, it was light enough to head out for a run, so that's what I did. After the rain yesterday, the humidity levels dropped and so did the temps. It was a nice, dry 74 degrees with a light breeze when I headed out at 5:50. I had a really great run. It wasn't just over the top fast (too early for that), but I averaged an 8:34 pace.

I will admit that I am starting to like my solo runs a little bit more. I am learning to pace myself better rather than relying on Jason to pace us. He has all of the fancy gadgets on his watch/shoe. not. I have been trying to watch my heart rate as one gauge (though I realize that does fluctuate) as well as paying more attention to the time at certain points on my route.

After work I was planning to finish up the MMA Kickboxing workout. Instead, I decided to do Shock Cardio HIIT Pyramid and abs. I haven't done any of Cathe's HIIT workouts in a while, and my endurance has definitely gone downhill! Wow. It was a great workout, and I'm so glad I changed my mined. I also stretched really well. My legs were feeling rather tight, almost as if I'd been lifting (not made better by the HIIT workout mind you). Sometimes I forget how strenuous running truly is. I know that probably sounds silly - how can you forget something like that right?

More Grilling

Since the weather was so pleasant today, grilling was a must. We still had plenty of squash, zucchini, new potatoes, and bell peppers to use. Jason picked up some portobellos from the Argenta Market on his way home. I also marinated some tofu in the Strawberry Marinade (recipe) I made on Monday and grilled that to go on the salad.

I did find out a neat trick if you forget to put the potatoes on the grill. Yes, I totally forgot about them. Cut them up and season as you would for grilling. Microwave for approximately 5-6 minutes then put on the grill with heat on high for about 4-5 minutes until crisp. Voila, fast grilled potatoes.